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  1. Slammed1000

    OS 2.8.1

    Looks like the app has been pulled from the App Store? That can't be good.
  2. Slammed1000

    Shairbridge Volume

    I would like to have the room that shairbridge is being used to have the volume go to 100 automatically, and then when shairbrige is disconnected have the volume fall back to a default level. I've tried to to program that when current selected device is shairbridge set volume to 100, however this does not seem work.(C4 Matrix controls volume) The reason I'm looking to do so is the fact that airplay volume can then be controlled from the airplay device(Phone) side volume buttons while the device is still locked without having to unlock the phone and go to the C4 app to control volume. This is all assuming there is no way to for the phone volume buttons to control the C4 app volume while locked.
  3. Slammed1000

    Wake On Lan

    I'm trying to get Homemation's Wake On Lan driver working that I downloaded from Houselogix. Unfortunatly all I get when I test it is FF FF FF FF FF FF. Any ideas? I've tried entering the MAC multiple different ways.
  4. Slammed1000

    Trigger Amps With Controller

    Worked like a champ! Thanks guys.
  5. Slammed1000

    Trigger Amps With Controller

    Thanks guys. I'll add a couple of the 8 zone C4 amps in and give it a shot. Actually I have two 6 zone amps, but am only using 7 total zones so I should be able to get away with just one 8 zone amp added to the project if my thinking is correct.
  6. Slammed1000

    Trigger Amps With Controller

    Are they just generic drivers? Currently I'm not using any drivers for my amps as I'm using the Matrix for volume control. Was thinking some type of programming that triggered the amps when any room was active and then turned them off when all rooms shut off.
  7. So I have two Episode multi-channel amps without auto turn on connected to a C4 Matrix. They do however have 12 volt triggers so i would like to turn them on when any room is playing audio and have them turn off when the last room shuts off. My 800 will be doing the triggering. Any recommendations on the best way to program it? Thanks!
  8. Anyone have a driver for the above? No luck finding Codes for these online anywhere as the Manufacturer no longer lists them. Don't have the original remote to learn from either so I may have to resort to learning codes from a Harmony as I believe they have it in their database.
  9. Slammed1000

    Siri and HomeKit for Control4

    Working great for me!
  10. Slammed1000

    Siri and HomeKit for Control4

    Should of mentioned I already ran the legacy plugin.
  11. Slammed1000

    Siri and HomeKit for Control4

    Seem to be making some progress. Attached my config and error output when I run homebridge. Not sure I have the config setup right. Any ideas? config.txt
  12. Slammed1000

    Siri and HomeKit for Control4

  13. Slammed1000

    Siri and HomeKit for Control4

    Just tried clicking on the updated wiki link and I get a 404 error.
  14. Slammed1000

    Siri and HomeKit for Control4

    Errors mainly involved wrong version of Node. I had 4.0.0. installed at that time. I've upgraded it to a newer version and will try again.
  15. Slammed1000

    Siri and HomeKit for Control4

    Did you get errors during the Homekit install?