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  1. annex⁴ - Voice Genie (TTS)

    So do you need to be connected to the internet for the announcements to work or can they be downloaded to the controller. I ask because my current announcements are wav files and I don't need to be connected to the internet.
  2. It takes forever for my phone to connect to my controller. I noticed the "Stay Connected" toggle in the settings but its grayed out. How do I get access to toggle it on?
  3. A custom button is just a button and doesn't do what I need. I need a way for a button to do "if this than that".
  4. In the past I have programmed with relays. If x button is pushed and y relay is closed do this. If y relay is open do this. The problem with this is you have to connect the relay to something so the controller knows if its open or closed. Is there another way to do this the same way without making a connection?
  5. I'm trying to set the remote to beep with a button press so I can locate it when it's missing but it will only beep if the screen is active. How do I set it to beep even if the screen is off?
  6. Is There A Sliding Door Lock Solution

    Magnetic locks require power. If the power goes out no lock.
  7. Is There A Sliding Door Lock Solution

    Site seems kind of dead. Last update was April 4, 2016 and the Kickstarter was a complete failure. Is there really nothing available for sliding doors?
  8. Is there a way to lock and unlock a sliding door with Control4? I don't need to have access to lock and unlock it from outside the door but it would be nice. I just want to have a way to lock it when I go to bed or leave the house.
  9. Set C4 Blue Iris driver ip address to local pc, unchecked public access and refreshed navigator. Now I can see the cameras home or away. The only issue now is the speed of viewing. It's almost unusable. A lot of freezing and image jumping. But at least its working?
  10. If you mean the "Publicly Accessible" box, then yes.
  11. Everything you listed is done. I'm not exactly sure when this started. I rarely view my cameras through the C4 app but I know it was working on 2.9. I'm not sure if it was ever working on 2.10.
  12. I can see my cameras home add away on the Blue Iris app. On the C4 app I can see my cameras at home if I enter my PC address into the C4 Blue Iris driver (xxx.xxx.x.x). If I want to see my cameras on the C4 app when I'm away, I need to go into Composer and change the address in the C4 Blue Iris driver to my web address (xxx.xx.xx.xxx). I want to know how to view my cameras on the C4 app when I'm home and away without changing between addresses.