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  1. Composer 2.10 fixed my audio spikes during announcements but now I get a room muting after an announcement. It's my kitchen and I can't figure out why. I checked my programming and I don't see anything that would cause it to mute. Any thoughts?
  2. I am currently using FollowMe to turn my house on and off with my and my wife's location. We are switching are phones to Android so I am now trying to program this with IFTTT. The thing with FollowMe is that I could set if one of us was still home when the other one left the system would know and not turn off the house. How do I achieve this with IFTTT?
  3. Are there any drivers like HomeNotify or FollowMe for Android users? Even better, are there any drivers that support both operating systems?
  4. Announcement Audio Spike

    Your programming worked except for whatever room wasn't on before the announcement would always turn on to the rooms default volume and not set it self to 0. The program scrip was correct so I'm not sure what the issue was. I changed all the rooms default volumes to 0 and the program works fine. I no longer get audio spikes. I just had to do some extra programming for the room volumes to set them self's to my desired volume when a source is selected. Thanks for your help.
  5. Announcement Audio Spike

    Thanks, I feel I'm on the right track but here's my new issue. My announcements are tied to motion detectors around my property. When one of the detectors is triggered the announcement is played in three to six rooms depending on what the motion trigger is set to. With your workaround if I'm playing a source in those rooms the announcement plays without a spike and returns to the previous volume (Great) but if there is no source on in one of those rooms, when the room is turned on for the announcement, it plays the source from one of the other rooms. So if Pandora is playing in the Kitchen and Bathroom and the announcement triggers. The Kitchen and Bathroom will be set to vol.0 before the announcement executes but the Foyer (these are the three rooms grouped together) will turn on and play Pandora for a few seconds before the announcement executes. Is there a way to keep the rooms that aren't on before the announcement executes from playing the current source? Like I said, if all three rooms are on before the announcement your workaround is great but the rooms that are turning on for the announcement are not being set to vol.0. I'm hoping you have a fix that doesn't require setting the room default volume to 0. That might be a bigger inconvenience than the volume spike.
  6. Looking to get a wireless contact sensor. Whats is the best one to get? I,m looking for the smallest possible.
  7. Does anyone have a workaround for the Announcement audio spikes? I don't want to adjust the level of my announcements. All my announcements are set to volume 40 so I am sure to hear them no matter what I'm doing. Is there something I can do to stop the current room from playing at volume 40 before the announcement plays? I am currently using pause/play and it stops the spike but because I listen to digital audio (Pandora, Napster) I get a long delay before the audio starts playing again after the announcement. Is there a better solution?
  8. Could you show an example of this? I'm not quite getting it and I would love to get rid of that volume spike.
  9. That was it! Thanks.
  10. When I try to add a wav file to an announcement I get an error of "the username or password is incorrect". What is this referring to? It doesn't matter where I save the file to. I have old wav files that are already in my programming but I can no longer access them. What happened?
  11. Actually I can't find anything under Broadcast Audio or Video. It's completely blank. I'm trying to add a TuneIn channel to a program but nothing is there. I have favorite channels in the app/navigator but can't find them in composer.
  12. Devices Going Offline

    Well I don't want to jinx myself but that seemed to fix it. When I woke up this morning the house turned on faster than ever. As soon as the Wi-Fi was up I checked the mesh and everything was in. It takes slightly longer for the wireless bridge to connect to the barn but as soon as it did I could see everything in there was also in. All my issues started right after updating to 2.9.0 so I have to believe something changed in the way routing is handled. Hopefully this time everything stays working. Thank you all, for your help.
  13. I see it, thanks. It says Max Quality 192/24, Active Quality 96/24. Is there a reason the Active isn't 192/24?
  14. So as long as there are no 300/200/500 Controllers or Speaker Points in the project you will get "advanced audio". Is there any way to verify you are getting advanced audio or do you just have to take it for granted that it is working?
  15. So what changes if you connect an older controller to the project? I thought there was something mentioned about the audio changing?