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  1. I'm trying to integrate a Niles RVL-6 amp into a Control4 system. The amp can support 6 zones but i'm trying to figure out how to connect the IR. There are 6 inputs on the back of the amp, 1 control input for each zone. I will have to connect an IR from the controller to each input (6 out of the controller, 6 into the amp). Each input has 3 connections. 12v, Ground and Data. Since an IR emitter cable only has two wires I'm thinking I want to connect to the ground and data but does it matter what which wire connects to each? Here is a link to the amp. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/299687/Niles-Rvl-6.html?page=6#manual
  2. Can't Connect To App

    Got it, thanks.
  3. I have a new controller and I can not connect to the Control4 App. I put in everything correctly but it won't connect. When I go to my account on Control4.com it shows my phone in the devices. Can someone help.
  4. Need Niles RVL-6 HEX Codes

    Thanks, this will make it a bit easier. Do you know how to select what room its controlling? There are six outputs. I thought there would be codes for output 1-6?
  5. I'm found some old Niles RVL-6 Amp/Room Controllers but I'm having a hard time finding IR codes for them. I know they have a learning mode but I thought maybe someone had already located the codes. Does anyone have IR codes for this amp?
  6. So the 250, 800 and anything newer will always work with the app regardless of who the controller was originally registered to. That's good to know but if that's the case, it seems kind of pointless to say the controller comes with a license. If all the new controllers work with the app, why still mention licenses?
  7. So if I got a used 800 from eBay would it just work with the app? If it comes with a license new but someone activated it to their account, how can I use it?
  8. I have an old HC300 and was told a whole ago that I need a MyHome Site license in order to use my phone and iPad to control my equipment. Is this still true or will A 4Sight Subscription allow me to do this?
  9. I'm using Napster and I can make and use playlists in the navigator. When I go into Composer to use them for programming their not there. I go to Select Media, Playlists and it is blank. How do I get them to show in Composer?
  10. I use to use Rhapsody (now Napster) to make playlists. I let my subscription expire years ago. Can I still use Napster? Are there any others that work for playlists? Whats the best?
  11. I tried TuneIn but it doesn't seem to be pulling any new episodes for the podcasts I listen to. What is the best Source/App?
  12. What Are Some 2.5.3 Digital Music Choices

    I have an HC-300-E-B also but when I look past 2.5.3 the only driver I see is for the HC-300-C. How far can the HC-300-E-B be updated to? Can I use the HC-300-C driver for it?
  13. I have a HC-500 running director and need to know if there are digital music choices. I know current firmware has Pandora, Napster, Spotify and others but does 2.5.3 have any native digital audio apps? I know older firmware had Rhapsody (Napster) but I don't even see that.
  14. Can Not Connect To HC-500

    I read somewhere that there is no reset for an HC-500 so I'm doing a USB restore. Then I will upgrade to 2.5.3.
  15. Can Not Connect To HC-500

    You got it, it's on 2.9. How do I get it back to 2.5.3?