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  1. Is There A Sliding Door Lock Solution

    Magnetic locks require power. If the power goes out no lock.
  2. Is There A Sliding Door Lock Solution

    Site seems kind of dead. Last update was April 4, 2016 and the Kickstarter was a complete failure. Is there really nothing available for sliding doors?
  3. Is there a way to lock and unlock a sliding door with Control4? I don't need to have access to lock and unlock it from outside the door but it would be nice. I just want to have a way to lock it when I go to bed or leave the house.
  4. Set C4 Blue Iris driver ip address to local pc, unchecked public access and refreshed navigator. Now I can see the cameras home or away. The only issue now is the speed of viewing. It's almost unusable. A lot of freezing and image jumping. But at least its working?
  5. I unchecked it and nothing changed.
  6. If you mean the "Publicly Accessible" box, then yes.
  7. Everything you listed is done. I'm not exactly sure when this started. I rarely view my cameras through the C4 app but I know it was working on 2.9. I'm not sure if it was ever working on 2.10.
  8. I can see my cameras home add away on the Blue Iris app. On the C4 app I can see my cameras at home if I enter my PC address into the C4 Blue Iris driver (xxx.xxx.x.x). If I want to see my cameras on the C4 app when I'm away, I need to go into Composer and change the address in the C4 Blue Iris driver to my web address (xxx.xx.xx.xxx). I want to know how to view my cameras on the C4 app when I'm home and away without changing between addresses.
  9. If I enter my web address into the Blue Iris Driver I can see my cameras when I'm on cellular but not when on my home network. If I enter the address of the PC running Blue Iris into the Blue Iris driver I can see my cameras when I'm on my home network but not when I'm on cellular. How do I view my cameras when I'm home or away?
  10. So if I buy a new KPZ-6B1-W I will need to update it to zigbee pro but if I buy a new C4-KP6-ZWH I can just id it. Is this correct?
  11. I have id'ed it on 11 and 14 but when I switch back to 24 it falls out.
  12. I have a wireless outlet switch that's on channel 11 and I need to move it to 24. How do I do this?
  13. Nyce Control NCZ-3011

    I have two 800s. 1 in my barn and one in the house. The one in the house is the director. Both are running zigbee as coordinator but on different channels. When I got home it was online but when I checked this morning it was off. Is it possible that when its not triggered for a while it shows its not connected until its triggered again?