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  1. Kwikset Locks / Hc-250-BL1A

    Pm sent
  2. WTB emitter IR 6 pcs

    WTB emitter IR 6 pcs
  3. He told me , sold out already .
  4. For Sale - Assorted Control4 Parts

    - Sensor security bridge - YRD210 - Door sensor ZCA-GRS - Door sensor ZCA-GMS could you please send PM price for me .
  5. C4 and Vera plus setup

    Thank you very much for your help and support . I will try to do it . Have a good day .
  6. I read forum Vera can use trigger from C4 , now I got Vera plus and setup with nyce motion sensor HA zigbee . I can set driver for Vera plus but I don't know how to trigger program . I try to add z-wave sensor but not complete setup because after set room name and device but ID device it not show complete. Could you please advise for me how I can setup between Vera and C4
  7. Vera plus driver

    I got Vera plus and nyce motion sensor for use in Vera system from my friend , posible can I use with control4 . Now my house use Hc-800 .
  8. I want to buy pressure switch for my project .
  9. For Sale HC250 and Rack Mount

    I got it , thank you very much . It very good condition .
  10. Dune solo 4K and Dune base 3D driver

    Hi Turls Thank you very much for your information , I bought Dune base 3D already because I worry can't use with C4 . Thank you agian .