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  1. Thank you very much MSGREENF and CYNIGHT …..
  2. I use old version door station may be can't use it right ?
  3. I have to setup Intercom anywhere , From mobile phone to touch screen and touch screen to mobile phone is no have any problem but when I push door station but on mobile phone it not respond call from door station . I asked my dealer , they don't know because never use it . Need somebody help . Thank a lot .
  4. Want to buy touch screen 3 ea
  5. nathawut_di

    FS: HC800 BL w/rack ears

  6. nathawut_di

    WTB : Door bell

    PM sent
  7. nathawut_di

    WTB : Door bell station DS2

    I want to buy DS2 ...
  8. nathawut_di

    WTB : Door bell station DS2

    I want to buy DS2 ....
  9. nathawut_di

    WTB : Door bell station DS2

    Want to buy door bell
  10. nathawut_di

    WTB : Door bell

    Want to buy door bell
  11. nathawut_di

    Kwikset Locks / Hc-250-BL1A

    Pm sent
  12. He told me , sold out already .
  13. nathawut_di

    For Sale - Assorted Control4 Parts

    - Sensor security bridge - YRD210 - Door sensor ZCA-GRS - Door sensor ZCA-GMS could you please send PM price for me .
  14. nathawut_di

    C4 and Vera plus setup

    Thank you very much for your help and support . I will try to do it . Have a good day .