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  1. Hello, I'm not sure how much interest there is in something like this but I wanted to share: I worked with my C4 dealer to create this custom branded 3D Printed Card Access cover. His home is a log cabin and these are printed in ColorFabb WoodFill a PLA Based filament which contains real wood fibers. Due to the nature of the filament, stringing is a bit more difficult to get rid of completely. A standard PLA or ABS is easier to dial in. These pictures are pulled off the printer and support material removed but no additional clean up was done. Print orientation was with the side that faces the ceiling against the print bed. This requires additional material to be used to support the top face of the print (bottom face when installed) and longer print times but creates the cleanest faces on all sides that will be seen when installed. Like all technologies there are limitations... If you have a particular logo or brand you would like incorporated as DanBridge did in this model I can work with you to come up with a design that works within the constraints of the technology and limitations of my equipment and tuning. Pricing will vary based on complexity so just reach out and we can discuss what your customization needs are and put together pricing. For anyone looking to just get a blank PLA/ABS 3D printed cover for an easy color change I can print them at $5 each plus shipping costs. (I'll get a couple blanks printed and post pictures of those also) If you're interested in some of the "exotic" filaments like wood, bronze, carbon fiber (finished parts won't have the carbon fiber weave pattern), etc. I can work out pricing for these types of special cases. Thanks for checking this out! I look forward to seeing what the interest level on this is!