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  1. Composer HE

    I do not know if is available on physical media, but not necessary. You will not see the download option on mycontrol4 until your dealer has activated the license, but after he does log off and log in and you will see it. I don't remember what it costs ($149?) but it's the best purchase I've made for anything related to Control4. I presume any of the dealers here offering remote support can add it to your account very quickly. As zaphod said a one time expense and ABSOLUTELY worth it if you think you have any interest in programming anything or updating lighting scenes. The new When/If introduced in 2.10 is free and ok for basic stuff, but I doubt I'll ever use it as an HE user.
  2. Thanks, but the old mechanical doorbell is disconnected and I no longer want to use it. I had an Axxcess Wireless doorbell prior to Ring and programmed off the When button pressed event. I want to duplicate that so when the Ring button is pressed a local C4 event is triggered in addition to what the Ring itself and the Blackwire driver does. i know a lot about a lot of things, but when it comes to relays and anything electrical I am absolutely clueless and reading about it never sticks. I certainly understand there are issues if one system uses 24v and another uses 12v, but have absolutely no idea what to do about it. I get very frustrated when I can't understand something I know is simple. And even if know how to do something, I'm pretty much at the point where I have to rely on others to do anything physical. I cannot stand for more than a few minutes or climb a ladder and my hands are no longer steady enough for detail work. Many days I have pain that is borderline debilitating. Stuff I used to do that I took for granted is now impossible. It's incredibly frustrating.
  3. Thanks Kevin. I'll get someone to help me to test that.
  4. From everything I read both here and elsewhere it sounded easy. And I figured I couldn't be the only person who wanted to use the function with Control4. It can trigger a standard chime. How can it not trigger some open/close contact state to C4?
  5. No, just incredibly frustrated. I need what is conceptually something simple and don't know how to do it. I like the Ring but absolutely must have the ability for the button press to generate a local event that does not depend on the cloud. If Ring fails to display, no big deal. But I need lights to trigger in sequence if the bell is pressed for a family member that is deaf.
  6. I have a Ring Elite powered by PoE Can someone please tell me where the wires from the doorbell contact terminals should be run to an EA5 so that I can program a local event when the button is pressed?
  7. Thank you. Can you give me a wiring diagram for dummies using the Ring and a contact and a relay on an EA5? What physical wires go where?
  8. I am going to use the external Ring Chine device. But I also need to connect the doorbell itself so that I can generate a local C4 event (to do other things than play a chime). Apparently I have to use a relay and a contact to do it. I apparently do not understand how they work or how to wire them. That's what I was asking how to do. Apparently the EA5 has relays and contacts, but I don't know what wire to put where. Right now there are two wires in a Cat6 connected from the doorbell chime terminals in the Ring to contact 1 on the EA5. My dealer bound them. I thought I would get an event on the contact when the button was pushed. I don't. Presumably those wires needs to connected to a relay and not a contact. That's where I'm lost. i don't understand why I need to use a contact AND a relay and don't understand how to wire it.
  9. Can you help me understand why I need a contact and a relay? We installed a Ring today also wired the doorbell chime connection to a contact on the EA5. I to,d the Ring Elite that I had a mechanical doorbell, but never got the contact to trigger. Re-reading your post it seems like it was to be Ring --> Relay --> C4 contact input on EA5. Why do I need a relay? Does that bind to the contact? What C4 part number is a relay? Does it need power?
  10. Right now renaming helps if you have multiple Ring devices in a room called Outside and you are trying to figure out which is which in programming. when they add video support and it's exposed to the navigator it will obviously be more useful.
  11. MyQ LiftMaster driver

    I use the sensors with the HL driver. I still need the HL driver to programmatically open and close the doors, but no longer use the polling to report door status. if you don't need to control the door then all you need are the tilt sensors
  12. Blackwire Ring Events driver cannot be renamed. driver file is ring_events.c4z no proxy
  13. MyQ LiftMaster driver

    The HouseLogix driver works as expected on 2.10 and has been rock solid since it was installed a few years ago. i *think* the free EDS driver worked again after the API change, but I always had problems with it and there is zero support. Deleted the driver and never looked back.
  14. MyQ LiftMaster driver

    Don't remember - $50-$70 maybe? Easy peasy install.
  15. MyQ LiftMaster driver

    Chamberlain only made one big change as far as I know (a year or so ago?). The other issues were issues with incompatibilities with the drivers and C4 releases, not any changes by Chamberlain.