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  1. 502 Bad Gateway problem is back
  2. I should note I used to be a big Hunter Douglas fan. I don't miss them at all. Yes, they have more style options than most, but there automation support is almost an afterthought (and not that much improved in the current generation) and the construction quality seems to have gone downhill. From a C4 integration standpoint, I think I would pick almost anything other than HD at this point.
  3. I am using shades manufactured by Lafayette Interiors who are the fabricators for many Mom/Pop shops and small chains. The specific shades I'm using are Allure and Coupliataire (those are the Lafayette names; your store may rebrand them). In the Couplitaire (which has two motors), I have a Solar shade to the outside and an Allure to the inside of the room. I had also looked at The Shade Store, which offered some unique style and fabric options. They are incredible with fabric selection- take samples of anything home the same day. TSS does their own fabrication using Rollease motors. Their automation hub is the Rollease hub with a sticker on the bottom. I went with a local dealer because some of the Lafayette products/styles/colors were pretty much a perfect match for what we wanted. It also helped that cost (especially cost of installation) was noticeably less expensive than TSS. For rough idea of cost, I had 11 motorized shades (large oversized windows and a very tall sliding glass door), the hub, a signal repeater, 3 15 channel wall mounted remotes and old shades removed/new ones mounted for a little under $8k. (Lutron quote was over $20k, other options were $12-$15k).
  4. Yes. Assuming that the limit positions are set properly during installation, C4 will get notified of the position change (via the hub). There is a slight delay in getting the final position notification after the shade has stopped but I presume that's the inherent delay in sending the signal from the motor to the hub. If the limit positions aren't set correctly, the driver is smart enough to recognize fully open or fully closed, but won't know any position between 0 and 100. Controlling individual shades - very responsive. Shade moves as soon as you finish the action in C4. If you are using a slider control, shade does not start moving until you have the slider at its final position. Controlling multiple shades - they start in quick sequence and are not synchronized. In most cases you can't tell they don't start exactly at the same time (but you can hear it) They start almost as fast as Lutron, faster than Hunter Douglas if that helps.
  5. One other thing - Lafayette Interiors is the fabrication (wholesale) factory that does these for many of the dealers. Most of the dealers I talked to used the same names for the products as Lafayette does (though Lafayette doesn't reference Rollease Acmeda by name). Just have them conform that the motors are Rollease Acmeda and you'll be fine. See lafvb.com for more info. We went with the Allure Transitional Shades in the Living Room (including an oversized patio door that others couldn't motorized because of the height) and the dual shade Couplitaire in the master (Solar shade in back, Transitional in front).
  6. I have been pleased with Rollease so far. I have a total of 11 motors in three rooms and plan to add more. You have to set up the hub before you set up the Annex4 drivers in C4, but that is straight forward. I had one problem during setup of the Annex4 drivers that was head scratching. I had all 11 motors working through the Rollease hub but the drivers only found 10 motors during setup. I thought this was an Annex4 issue, but it turned out to be a local set up issue. It took some debugging using a Rollease utility to figure out that two motors had been assigned the same internal address in the hub due to an installer error. I still don't understand why the hub and phone ap don't have a problem with duplicate addresses because all of the blinds worked fine through the ap, but once I deleted the two blinds and added them back to the hub the Annex4 drivers recognized all 11 motors. There were a few bugs with the motor driver from Annex4 that showed up on blinds that did not have their limits set correctly. The support team was incredibly responsive in working with me to develop a solution so that slider controls and the icons in the Shades UI worked as expected when motor position queries don't return a valid value. I need to work more with the Rollease engineers (also incredibly responsive) to see why the direct commands to force the hub to set limits to current positions don't work. I could get around this by factory resetting the blinds not reporting properly and starting over but have not gone that route. This particular issue can be avoided entirely by physically setting the limits during initial installation. (The installer said it wasn't necessary because defaults were set at the factory. That turns out to be true if you are only using the ap to control the blinds). There is a bit of a learning curve with setting the full open/close positions during installation (mostly because the documentation is hard to find). There is a v2 of the hardware hub that should be out later this fall that will provide additional control and hopefully the Rollease ap will be updated to show the motor ID. The operation of the shades/blinds/motors themselves have been flawless. The motors allow for 2 way communication and the C4 driver allows you to set positions from 0 to 100 for each motor, open or close commands by motor or open/close commands to all motors on a hub. For the motors that don't return actual position status (because of the set up issue) you lose some programming flexibility in C4 but this hasn't been as much of an issue as I thought because I no longer use the remotes or Rollease ap to control the blinds so I can rely on C4 programming knowing where shades should be (or simply setting them to known fixed positions for a given event). It's nice to have the ability to program off current position if not open ir closed for the motors that report that status properly, but I don't really need it which is why I haven't gone through the hassle of setting up the motors again. There is direct Alexa support for the Rollease ap, but I use Alexa Routines and the Epic Systems driver to allow for much more natural voice control. The motors aren't as quiet as Lutron. They are about the same noise level as the motors in the Hunter Douglas shades they replaced though the pitch is different. It would be nicer if they were a bit quieter, but these were significantly less expensive than Lutron. I have their Paradigm 15 channel remotes in each room as a backup. Very sleek but not too small and terrific surface mount wall mounted magnetic holders. I mentioned it before, but want to say that both Rollease and Annex4 were very helpful and responsive in making sure my motors worked as expected.
  7. jfh

    MyQ LiftMaster driver

    You need to update the MyQ driver. This was a problem introduced in MyQ in 2.10
  8. Getting a 502 Bad Gateway error to server.chowmain.software today was fine yesterday
  9. Maybe they are on to something ...
  10. C4 can't get an intercom ap working on their own platform using an established product for over a year. You think they are going to tackle local VR? So, yeah. I'll go with "ever".
  11. I don't see C4 ever doing local voice control, which would be ideal and a big step up from Alexa. I'd settle for a much better integration of Alexa support. Right now, the native C4 support for VR pales in comparison to what you can do with Alexa Routines and the Epic Alexa driver (a solution which has the benefit of not requiring C4 web services).
  12. If C4 wants remotes to remain relevant, they need to support voice control and probably touch screen in a future model. But they also need to improve general voice control integration.
  13. jfh

    Apple Watch App

    So - are the optics of the ap being garbage any better than the optics of a driver being garbage? Either way, it seems like a face plant by C4 ...
  14. jfh

    Apple Watch App

    I bought the Apple Watch primarily to use the C4 ap. I would have probably used a couple other apps and the watch function, but C4 was the main reason I bought the watch. The first time I tried to show it off to a friend, the app failed. He said "this is from the same people you have to pay to change if you swap gear?" He was impressed by the level of voice control I have implemented but as a tech-geek millionaire who wants to automate his house, he is not impressed by by Control4.
  15. Let's hope whatever integration this results in for C4 works better than that for the Apple Watch.