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  1. Sure, if you tell me where to find them
  2. (As they say on TV, please don't try this at home ...)
  3. Yes. Look under Digital Music.
  4. What does RMR stand for?
  5. Absolutely. But new customers / initial installs tend to be more lucrative so it's easy to see how some dealers prioritize them over maintaining and nuturing relationships with existing customers.
  6. Agreed. Unfortunately most companies really do only focus on the short term or the next quarter or year or so. Companies like Amazon who truly focus on long term are few and far between. When I did consulting, most of my clients understood they should plan long term, but they were far more concerned about the next six months than the next six years. I suspect the vast majority of C4 dealers are only focused on short term results, assuming they can pivot as necessary if required.
  7. If all C4 dealers did that, things might not be so bad. In over two years, I've gotten zero marketing from my dealer or C4. Uninitiated follow up to see if I'm happy or things need to be done? That would be nice, but not holding my breath it will ever happen. If all customers had dealers do what you do, allowing end users more control wouldn't be as significant an issue as it is.
  8. This is an extension I would love to see. I'd be very interested in a starting a business like this.
  9. In my initial testing with the mini-drivers on a BDP-103 and 105 there seems to be a timing issue in launching the application. If the Oppo is off, pushing a mini-driver icon will only get you to the main menu screen. if the Oppo is already on, the result is launch directly as expected. Perhsps there needs to be a delay in sending the launch command if made when the Oppo is off? Perhaps set in the properties page?
  10. I don't disagree with that statement. But those 10 users aren't being honest and you can't define your business model solely based on what dishonest people might do. If every business had had to filter out dishonest or stupid people as customers there would be a lot fewer businesses. i just don't understand why so many dealers are adverse to customer control - after all it is going to be the local dealer most likely fixing customer-created screw ups, billing out at full rate. Talk about a built in market with zero customer acquisition cost!
  11. @Simplyauto1 - I really don't see anyone clammoring to eliminate the dealer model. I certainly don't want to see C4 gear sold direct. Opening up Pro to C4 qualified non-dealers is not (or should not be) a threat to any good dealer. Even if such access included direct access to support (seems unlikely), non-dealers aren't going to call in at a higher rate (and I would argue they are more likely to resolve issues than on their own - since that was the primary reason they want Pro in the first place). "Work with the right dealer or don't" - I'm presume you aren't serious. Most customers won't have any idea how good (or bad)!their dealers are until there is a problem. I bought a support contract, but it wasn't honored because another dealer had touched the project. Even while it was in effect I never had things addressed in 24-48 hours (which itself is an eternity for some customers). Finding a good dealer is more location and luck of the draw than anything else. If C4 starts holding dealers to response time and performance standards, maybe that will change.
  12. You can't configure a mesh with HE. No one is advocating that untrained users should have access to Pro, onlynthose that have completed C4 certified training. I guarantee you there would be some non-dealers that would be far better programmers than some of the existing dealers.
  13. I'm sorry, but you are assuming just because someone has access to Pro means they are a good programmer and/or that the simple virtue of being a dealer assures quality of the user experience. Your argument is a propagandized version of the "only dealers can do it right" fallacy. The entire responsibility for end user satisfaction of the programming belongs at the feet of the programmer whether that be the dealer or the homeowner.
  14. I would like this too and would use it as a "Bedtime" button.
  15. If you have Pandora running in multiple zones it will change in all the active zones as long as the room you change it in isactive.