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  1. SiriusXM

    What are the features of the SXM and the C4 intercom drivers?
  2. I have both the old Sonos iHeartRadio driver and the new 2.10 native driver. I'm trying to decide if there is any benefit to keeping the Sonos driver (as long as it keeps working) it looks like the Sonos driver still has more function - it will show favorite artists and the 2.10 driver does not. For those more familiar with streaming services - what are the pros and cons of using either driver?
  3. Where is the best place to buy this driver from that will support auto updates?
  4. 2.10 Considerations

    Aha - this may explain the new behavior of the HouseLogix MyQ driver where it reports open/close state every polling cycle instead of only if state has changed. Not sure how the 2.10 behavior can be "better"
  5. System unstable since 2.10 upgrade

    Ok thanks. Will have my dealer check.
  6. Do you see the new media in the navigator just with no art?
  7. System unstable since 2.10 upgrade

    Thanks for the info - just so I'm clear - if I go through all the C4 official device drivers in HE I should note any that have a specific IP address listed and have my dealer check them?
  8. System unstable since 2.10 upgrade

    @Cyknight Can you expand on this? Aren't a lot of older projects IDed by IP?
  9. We suspect any existing art that was displayed prior to a scan in 2.10 will still be displayed, but any new (or replacement) art will not be (including any art you try to update or rescan). So if you are seeing cover art in 2.10 now, I'm guessing you won't see art for any new albums found during a scan.
  10. Control4 support has confirmed that there are issues with media scan in 2.10. Cover art is not being updated properly during a scan. It is being found/created if you edit an item manually in Composer, but not during a scan. Cover art is also not being restored from backups to the proper directory on the controller, but it's not clear if that problem is unique to my setup or related to the above.
  11. Garage door sensor setup?

    Right. I do that today. Just didn't understand what a Vera was going to do for me.
  12. Garage door sensor setup?

    What is a Vera and what does that get me? I want to add sensors so I know the status directly in C4 without having to rely on the polling from MyQ.
  13. Chowmain Drivers

    What isn't working with notification suite? chunk.io is now obsolete (not related to 2.10) which means that using Pushover with image upload doesn't work either.
  14. In order to use this you need a Mac or PC running iTunes, right? It doesn't connect to Apple?
  15. What do I need to swap out an in-wall T2 touch screen with a T3? Are the mounting and power boxes compatible?