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  1. Thanks for the clarification Alan. Using their ap to do the SenseMe function sort of defeats the purpose of wanting to use C4 in the first place - I want C4 to be able to do everything. However, since the new Ecobee driver allows checking of the remote sensors, i nay be able to combine that and yours to do something like if temp > 75 turn on fan to level 4. Woukd be nice if you could work out a deal to use their API.
  2. They haven't sent me the info yet
  3. Spoke to Haiku this morning. They recommended caution with your driver (not against it) saying you essentially reverse engineered their IP control which might be broken with a future firmware update. True, but probably not likely or a big deal. Their recommendation was to use a Control4 fan controller and their 0-10 module which essentially disables the SenseMe technology. This seems counter productive. Why pay extra for all the smarts simply to disable them? will your driver allow me to read an Ecobee sensor and adjust the fan based on result as their ap does? is their anything their ap supports that your driver doesn't ?
  4. Thanks. I'll do number 3 tomorrow and see what I get. (as for #1 and invalid tracking, the scene hasn't changed since when the projector control was IR. Most of the lights a track at scene end, but I know there is at least one that is don't track).
  5. The AL scene that is being triggered on projector power on is a scene that has been around for a long time. One of the lights in the scene has a 20 second delay, the rest 0 sec delay. The scene is called Theater Screen Down. If what I'm seeing is related to that scene, the the driver would be triggering TSD, it would run but then for some reason C4 doesn't think it ran and then run it again. In other words, an endless loop calling TSD every 20 seconds might explain what I'm seeing. So - 1) could the call to the scene be invoked, but some how C4 doesn't think it has been invoked and invoke again as part of error recovery? 2) could the driver be constantly reporting "Projector now ON" thereby constantly calling TSD? 3) how can I see what the driver is reporting or triggering when it reports projector on? I can put a stop in the projector on code to see if the gremlins stop (if they do, it would seem like the TSD scene is being called repeatedly, then I just need to understand why/how). I have checked the code and there is nothing that would call TSD repeatedly, so it seems something in the serial Projector to C4 path is triggering it.
  6. All lights work as expected when the serial cable is disconnected from the I/O extender.
  7. I will try that this afternoon, though will disconnect at the I/O extender since I can't get to the projector end.
  8. I know with certainty there is no scene or programming in the project that, when invoked, would cause those particular lights and switches to turn off (without impacting others). The system acts as is the following is active: While Projector is on If <one of a list of specific lights or switches is turned on> Pause <some time between 15 and 25 seconds> Turn off <any related lights in above list> If you feel like it, turn on one particular light to 55% End I know I don't have any "While" code (because HE users can't write it) and am pretty sure that the dealer doesn't have any (though I need to search programming to verify). I'm guessing the problem is related to the serial cable that was constructed (15 to 25 foot Cat6 cable with serial adapters) or the port on the I/O extender causing some strange signal being sent from the projector that C4 doesn't know what to do with, but that's only based on observation of the symptoms of the problem.
  9. @RyanE it looks like you have some experience with Sony Projector drivers. Would you mind weighing in here? Can you think of any scenario where the projector being on could cause such weirdness? It's almost as if the projector is sending some sort of constant signal to the controller when powered on. Any advice on how to debug and/or modify the driver to prevent two-way communication?
  10. In doing some further PD, it seems that the light funkiness is only happening when the projector in my theater is on. A few weeks ago, the control of it was changed from IR to serial (and the driver changed). The Projector is a Sony VPLHW55ES. I think the dealer is using the serial driver for the 50ES. The basic controls work fine. I have not tried querying any of the two way communication function. assuming that the problems only happen when the projector is on (as it now seems), could this be caused by a bad serial cable (I believe the dealer used Cat6 cable and adapters to build it) or some commands initiated from the driver? How would you go about debugging this? Essentially my entire downstairs is unusable now if the projector is running which doesn't sit well with my wife.
  11. I have a 2.9.1 system. Primary controller is an EA5. Tonight some really strange stiff started happening with lights in multiple rooms downstairs. i have three rooms downstairs, each with a mixture of C4 dimmers and switches. Tonight, they have started acting with minds of their own. Whether turned on by lighting scene, iPad or wall switch, certain lights will turn themselves off in what appears to be 20 seconds. Sme lights aren't impacted, some happen every time. The programming for these lights and AL scenes haven't changed in months/years. i restarted the director and the problem persists. I have absolutely no idea where/how to start debugging this, but my rooms are almost usable with certain lights and switches turning themselves off after 20 seconds! i don't think it's a circuit problem, because impacted lights/switches share circuits with lights/switches that are acting normally. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?
  12. I understand. Just a small dig at C4. It is absolutely ridiculous that HE restricts users from renaming devices and your driver will be helpful to those that don't want to manually manipulate the XML to do it (which isn't for the faint of heart). Next time I have work done, I'll have this driver installed. I really don't need it any more, but the idea of programmatically renaming devices might be interesting for some things, especially if you can do an auto refresh of the navs. For the auto renaming of devices - how does this impact the Control4 Alexa support? If a light is renamed do you have to rediscover devices?
  13. So, is the renaming done from this driver's properties page instead of right clicking the device? Can the driver be expanded so we can reorder devices, install new drivers and change bindings?
  14. I use TIME{} in generated voice announcements and want to print the value of it in LUA. How do I do that? It seems my TIME{} is 12 hours off (says AM when it is PM) and I can't find anywhere in the project to adjust it (time on system page shows correctly)
  15. Go to the Monitering tab on the left, find the garage door and click the Properties page. Enter your userid in the correct field, hit SET to the right. Repeat for the password, repeat for the other door(s). Then go to the Actions page and click get Devices (I forget the exact text)