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  1. I have done this in the past and it was ok for a while. At one point MLBTV stopped working through the VPN and I didn’t pursue other providers when online discussions indicated that MLB changed authentication based on credit card billing address and not just IP address. That was a couple years ago so maybe it works again (though it clearly violates the terms of service).
  2. Nope. AT&T Sportsnet has a deal with MLB but doesn’t apply if you are served by Comcast, at least in the Denver market. I’m sure it will eventually change but the cable companies will not go quietly. Wish I could get Google fiber.
  3. Local team is blacked out except for some markets.
  4. If I could only get my local team (Colorado Rockies) without an enhanced cable package, I’d drop cable in a heartbeat.
  5. Does it require a specific version of the Hue hub?
  6. jfh

    Savant buying Control4

    And exactly where does that post say anything about Savant buying C4?
  7. If you do have an IR bud check to make sure it’s firmly plugged into the controller. I had this same problem once and the physical connection was loose.
  8. There are many options depending on type of lighting. I would recommend C4 switches, dimmers or dimmer keypads. More expensive than some other options, but rock solid and they don’t require an external controller/hub (like Lutron). When I first did my system I put in C4 gear in new construction but put in Lutron switches upstairs to save $. They wok fine but in hindsight I wish I had done all C4.
  9. Sounds like a god plan. Hope you enjoy. Just remember if you reconfigure anything that changes connections C4 uses a dealer will have to update your project. You can do programming yourself with HE (one time license).
  10. jfh

    System setup

    My first question to your dealer is “why two controllers?” that said, I suspect you won’t get very far on $5k. Especially if you want to switch 4K video or if you need any other equipment.
  11. Unless one of the goals to remove C4 from the house - Why bother? (And I’m not sure you could do that with the C4 amp anyway). The new controller is going to cost less than all the new Sonos gear, provide other music options other than Sonos (local and the other supported streaming services) and still allow the OP to use other C4 function in the future.
  12. This would be in a guest bedroom where the using the TV would be only used occasionally or for background TV watching. Any “real” TV/movie watching would be done in other rooms. is the PQ annoying?
  13. I am thinking about replacing a Samsung C9000 TV (vey thin LED TV circa 2010) that is mounted on a wall with a Samsung Frame TV so that it looks more like an actual picture. I like the idea of At Mode. For those that have or have installed a Frame TV - what are your impressions of it, art mode and C4 integration?
  14. I agree with most of what you say, but this case is different. The OP said he doesn’t care about anything but the audio. He literally only needs a new controller and some set up time. The amp, speakers and wiring are already there. when I sell my house, if C4 is still working for me, the C4 system and all AV controlled equipment goes with it with custom doc on how it’s set up and how to use it. Easier for me and the new homeowner.
  15. Don’t waste your time with the old controllers. Get a new EA3 V2. Based on what you said you should be able to do the physical work yourself. @chopedogg88 Is a great choice for remote dealer support - he has helped me out on a number of things and is very responsive. After your EA3 is installed you can use an iOS device to run your music, select rooms, etc. You will also be able to add support for supported music services on your own with the new Add Music driver in the latest Control4 release (which a dealer would configure on the EA3)