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  1. Control4's Alexa support has had quite a few outages recently. I have stopped using it and just use the Alexa driver from Epic Systems instead. Unlike C4's, it's never failed except for when the Amazon service itself was out one day.
  2. Use join rooms under Digital music (if I remember correctly) to do this programmatically. I use this to have an option for my keypad Musc buttons to just join a source playing in a nearby zone by default.
  3. jfh

    Media Scan

    I don't remember the details, but media scan broke in 2.10.0. There was a thread on this at the time. I thought it was fixed in one of the 2.10.1 releases, but not sure if I have scanned anything new since then. However, it sounds like you have an additional local problem on your system which is that the NAS is not visible. Navigate to it in HE and click on the properties page to see if it's connected. If not, log in to connect it and then try running media scan again.
  4. Does the sale of the Ecobee driver to Control4 impact the plans for the Switch+ driver? Will the Switch+ driver be developed for C4 or will it be licensed from Black Wire?
  5. @Kevin L I never saw the email you mentioned. Thanks for the feedback. I certainly didn't mean to imply that Zones aren't working. Looking forward to the updates and hoping that Rachio starts playing a little nicer with developers using their APIs.
  6. I had some correspondence with HL regarding the driver breaking and sent them some logs. Since then, radio silence and no response to my requests for status. The driver did start working again to turn zones off and on (no change to driver version), but it still won't put the Rachio into or out of standby. However, I suspect the driver is only working until the polling limit is triggered. In any event, I had the HL driver deleted and just writing off the $200. I'm really not happy with HL. They were first with drivers for a number of 3rd party drivers for drivers I have, but their support has been spotty at best. And it was probably stupid on my part to pay almost as much for the driver as the Rachio cost, especially for a driver with such limited function. I licensed the BW Rachio driver, but they too have a number of issues. Reported to Kevin a week or so ago and haven't heard anything back yet. It seems like Rachio made more API changes they didn't bother to communicate. Assuming these bugs get fixed I think the BW driver will be the best/safest bet moving forward since they have an official relationship with Rachio. I do like that the support the sprinkler experience buttons, but until they get the other bugs fixed they too just have fairly limited function. At $75, it seems to be priced reasonably.
  7. What I do is use other means to determine which room I'm in (motion, AV events or direct "Alexa, I'm in the Living Room"), set a location variable and then program off that. So the Alexa command could be "Turn on the TV" and the related code has a series of conditions to figure out what commands to issue. I also have a variable that tracks if certain people are home and use that too so "Alexa, turn on the radio" does one thing if my wife is home and another if I am. This is certainly not ideal, but if Amazon ever does provide location info all I have to do is use that to set my existing room location variable and the rest of the code doesn't have to change. I do have some echos close enough to each other where sometimes one will answer and sometimes another which would have to be addressed if Amazon enables device reporting. I use Alexa Routines to trigger C4 macros (with the Epic driver which I prefer over Voice Scenes). The real work is doing all the logic to determine which room the desired command applies to. I'm about to write logic to add generic commands to control shades across the house.
  8. jfh

    Audio zones order

    It is not new. The device ID is used in the project to identify unique devices / instances of device drivers / proxies. They are created in order of addition to a given project so they will vary from system to system. If you look at the underlying XML file (the actual project source), you can see them. You can also see some if you look at variables (especially system variables) where you will see the device ID and then an index into the list of variables related to that driver. I suspect you could change the order in which the zones are displayed by manually editing the XML file, but that is not something for the feint of heart and something few dealers would understand or know how to do (and certainly not supported by C4) I would love to see a function in a future release that allows you to select the order in which the zones are displayed because it's very annoying in its current implementation.
  9. I cant answer the first question, but if I understand what the patch does it's not required for an HE user connecting on the local network. This is a minor point release (the point 2) primarily bug fixes with announcements and intercom support. Unfortunately, it's hard to make an assessment as to if you are having any of the related problems since we don't have access to the release notes so you need to ask your dealer. There are two thoughts - if it ain't broke, don't fix it or always keep up to date. Depends on your philosophy. A major release (the 10 part) tends to add some significant new function in addition to bug fixes. This can sometime make the decision harder. In my view, 2.10.0 introduced way too many bugs and I'm sorry I had my system updated quickly. But I really wanted a new feature. It''s not a simple process to downgrade a Control4 release, so once your system is upgraded you pretty much have to take what you get. The time and expense question really depends on your dealer. Most updates seem to take an hour or so. But then there is also the risk that something goes wrong and it will take more time to fix.
  10. Understand. But also pretty sure I could see the newer version of HE before dealer actually upgraded my system.
  11. Thanks. I did not want to consider getting the update done until I knew the corresponding HE version was available, but I guess that's not an issue.
  12. Tried Internet Explorer, whatever the new browser is in Windows 10 and Firefox. Only one selection for 2.10.1 shows up in the dropdown list. If anyone has a direct URL that would be great.
  13. Where can I find HE 2.10.2? The only HE version downloadable from the mycontrol4 page is 2.10.1
  14. Ok. So not needed for HE users who connect locally. I guess that explains why I can still get into my system. Thanks.
  15. Don't you know that if you are not a dealer C4 believes you shouldn't have or couldn't possibly understand them? A reasonable suggestion, but I'd be surprised if it happens.