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  1. Can you provide a little more detail on the process?
  2. How do you use jump with an analog camera? I can't select any analog camera with jump.
  3. If the HikVision camera is IP, yes. If analog, no. Requires use of the Jump command and 2.10 whenever my doorbell rings I put the camera feed on all T3s in rooms that are occupied.
  4. 2.10.1

    What are the lock and garage door experience buttons called? Are they C4 or 3rd party drivers?
  5. I live in a pretty big market. Every dealer I contacted (except one) other than my initial dealer showed little or no interest in doing work for me as soon as it was clear I already had a system and they were unlikely to sell me a new system for tens of thousands of dollars. The one exception is a dealer that posts here (who I now consider my dealer). The only people that think that the current C4 model doesn't protect poor dealers are those that don't need a dealer in the first place.
  6. Thanks! Will give that a shot.
  7. l'll have to look at the actual line of code to see what I did. But I'm using the img src and a href exactly as you list. The email has everything up to the ; as a link with the ; UTF 8 not part of it. If you click on the partial link, the chowmain server returns an error and only returns the picture if you manually correct the URL. The img src doesn't work because Gmail intercepts it and prevents inline images. Also does something strange if you add an attachment and try to view it inside gmail. I have seen this on multiple devices, multiple OS, multiple,e gmail accounts. And turns out not an android problem, but only impacts someone using Gmail to read the email. Works fine any other way. may also be a camera specific problem. When sending a picture from a Luma camera the UTF-8 is present on the URL returned from chunk.io. When sending a picture from a hikvision camera it is not.
  8. from 12/7/17. same on iPad and iPhone. No Stay Connected.
  9. I see dedicated mode and screen saver - no stay connected.
  10. I can't find "Stay Connected" - where is it? I'd like to use it on my iPad that never leaves the house
  11. I think it's pretty clear that we already are ...
  12. Thanks to you both. The root cause was the tuners not being shown in the Stations submenu. I had changed it and still not seen it work, so I thought it must be something else. As it turns out, I had not refreshed navigators ...
  13. What does Channels have to do with audio? I'm confused. All the Rooms that have video have Channels populated. All rooms that do not have video do not have anything available in Channels. Some of the missing rooms are audio only, some have audio and video Some of the rooms that show as available to be added are audio only, some have both audio and video
  14. Nope. The sources that don't work are Tuner 1 and Tuner 2. They are exposed in every room, as all the digital sources. Both tuners are in every room. Stations is in every room.