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  1. I understand. Just a small dig at C4. It is absolutely ridiculous that HE restricts users from renaming devices and your driver will be helpful to those that don't want to manually manipulate the XML to do it (which isn't for the faint of heart). Next time I have work done, I'll have this driver installed. I really don't need it any more, but the idea of programmatically renaming devices might be interesting for some things, especially if you can do an auto refresh of the navs. For the auto renaming of devices - how does this impact the Control4 Alexa support? If a light is renamed do you have to rediscover devices?
  2. So, is the renaming done from this driver's properties page instead of right clicking the device? Can the driver be expanded so we can reorder devices, install new drivers and change bindings?
  3. I use TIME{} in generated voice announcements and want to print the value of it in LUA. How do I do that? It seems my TIME{} is 12 hours off (says AM when it is PM) and I can't find anywhere in the project to adjust it (time on system page shows correctly)
  4. Go to the Monitering tab on the left, find the garage door and click the Properties page. Enter your userid in the correct field, hit SET to the right. Repeat for the password, repeat for the other door(s). Then go to the Actions page and click get Devices (I forget the exact text)
  5. HouseLogix driver working after update to 1.5 I have polling set at 60 seconds. What do people suggest? I have lights that show whether doors are opened or closed, which is why I poll so frequently. Does the door status automatically update when the door opens or closes? If so, then maybe I don't need to poll so often.
  6. It looks like the HouseLogix driver was updated to version 1.5 on 1/30/17 to support API changes. Looks like I am on version 1.4. Will update here after my dealer updates the driver. (Just forced an auto update check - didn't download the newer version of the driver)
  7. Would you mind asking him exactly what he did?
  8. Using the Houselogix driver, I get a similar request rejected message but with [string "Lua Code"] : 368: invalid character at value start: < (ReceivedAsynch) at the end. Sure seems like a problem with the HouseLogix driver. I've opened up a ticket, but haven't heard anything.
  9. I think autocorrect tripped you up. You have the HouseLogix MyQ driver and it's working now, but wasn't before? What did you do to get rid of the error? Is there a new driver version that needs to be installed?
  10. I have the same problem with the Houselogix driver
  11. I started doing this until I realized it was a duplication of effort. I deleted all the variables and just check/change the state directly with the specific experience. It made a lot of things simpler, though it was a lot of work because a lot of the on/off type experiences were dummy generic light switches (Chowmain driver). Now the things that don't make sense as "lights" are experience buttons under watch or listen or, for state variables I want to monitor or change, in a dummy room called System.
  12. When using Chowmain Experience buttons - when programming, does turning on a button function the same as setting the device on variable to true? If am using conditionals under Device On to see if a button is on or off, but using the on/off device specific function to turn a button on or off. Is this the proper way to do this?