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  1. Dune and Plex best choice?

    Are you using the plex home theater with Mr. Chow's driver? Sent from my Xperia Z3v
  2. Binary Matrix Reviews

    Do you have a time period? Was thinking of buying it in the next two weeks.
  3. Binary Matrix Reviews

    Honestly can't remember the last time that I watched something in 3D. It's not a priority for me or my family so not having that capability is not a big deal. I just want it to work so I don't have a bunch of boxes sitting under my tv's.
  4. My installer has recommended that we use a BINARY B-100-HDMATRIX-4X4 for my install. For the time being it will be hooked to a Pioneer Plasma and a Sony 3d LED, although we rarely if ever use the 3d function. What are the prevailing opinions on this matrix, one will be a direct HDMI connection only about 30 feet with a Redmere HDMI cable. The other TV is about 65 feet away and will be paired with a B-320-1CAT-HDIR. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
  5. Dune and Plex best choice?

    I saw a review of this device today. Looks like it does support TrueHD/DTS-MA passthrough and a great price too. http://www.htpcbeginner.com/vidon-box-review-android-xbmc-kodi-box/ Might think of picking it up and testing out Mr. Chows driver instead of spending $300 on a Dune.
  6. Dune and Plex best choice?

    Yeah, I think a Roku, DirecTV, Bluray player and a Dune with Plex or XBMC on the backend with control4 running it all will work just fine. Thanks everyone for all of the input.
  7. Dune and Plex best choice?

    Ah okay, I was thinking I could use the Oppo 103 as a streaming player like a Dune, as well as a bluray player. I would then install Kodi on my server that is currently running plex. But after looking around it would seem that the Oppo doesn't support push to at least that's what I have read in some of the other forums. At the end of the day, I would have to say that using a Dune and either Kodi or Plex would be the best bet for me. Now I need to install Kodi and see how I like that.
  8. Dune and Plex best choice?

    Mr. Chow what about the combination of KODI and an Oppo103. I have been itching for an excuse to get one, so instead of spending $300 on a Dune, I can get an Oppo 103 to stream to as well as play my Blu Ray movies on. Would those work well with one another?
  9. Dune and Plex best choice?

    This is mainly the reason I was looking at finding a media player. My family is already integrated into the Plex ecosystem so their pretty familiar with it and what it can do. I am considering the KODI setup now though, seems pretty powerful beyond just movies, TV Shows and the other things Plex does. The main goal was finding a media player that will not require transcoding and won't cost me an arm and a leg to purchase. At the end of the day building an Intel NUC looks to have the most flexibility and power especially when teamed up with KODI, but the Dune seems to "just work" so this is a harder decision then I thought it was going to be.
  10. Dune and Plex best choice?

    Okay so I had a look at the intel NUC last night and that looks cool. Although I would get the i3 or i5 to make sure that I get the DTSHD and TrueHD audio. I'm in tech so I can get around and tinker if I want to, but I don't want something that requires me to do that. I want it to be seamless for my wife and kids to be able to use. My current setup is I have a Plex Media Server running on an i5 laptop, a HP Microserver running Freenas sharing out about 12Tb of movies, music, and TV stuff. I have a wd tv Live hub but it takes too long to load and get started when I turn it on. We did just buy a Roku also which is nice but not good enough for the theater room, I want to be able to have DTSHD and TrueHD as options. I would prefer a player that has to transcode as little as possible which is why I was looking at the Dune or something similar since that looks like you can throw anything at it and it will play it. The android player is cheap and cool, but google has no lossless audio support so it's out. The Dune 30 3D would be nice but it appears out of stock with no hope of ever being available. So that leaves me the HD Base 3D or the NUC. With Mr. Chow's drivers this is a hard choice, with the KODI driver will I have access to the add ons as well as the movies and TV shows?
  11. Dune and Plex best choice?

    Thanks for the reply. I watch movies and TV shows mostly. All mkv or mp4. Plex works great for me. The Tronsmart box looks good, since it's android it should run plex right? Sent from my Xperia Z3v
  12. I am about to purchase a network media streamer and I wanted to get some feedback on this before I pull the trigger. I have a plex media server running at my house and a NAS where all of my data is stored. I am thinking of getting a Dune HD Base 3D or a Popcorn Hour 410 as a player. I saw the Mede8er lineup but it doesn't appear that it has a plex app on it. However, if I'm running Control4 and have the Plex driver will that work with Mede8er? Sorry for the confusion on that just not clear how that will work. Any feedback on the player you guys like best? Thanks, Erik
  13. For Sale (Need Xmas Cash!)

    Thanks for the fast shipping. I will test the router out this weekend. Erik
  14. Roku Experience

    Great, thanks to both of you.
  15. Hello everyone, I'm considering adding a Roku 3 to my environment and wanted to know if anyone has experience with it running on c4? What's the experience like with it or is there another product people recommend? Thanks, erik