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  1. What about the RGB?
  2. send my way too dcovach
  3. I wanted to find out if it is just me..... but the HUE strip lights never really go all the way off when i use C4 to turn them off. I always have go to the HUE app and turn off there too. Also, how to I program the lights to flash if there is an alarm on the security panel until disarmed? Any help with both would be appreciated!
  4. That's awesome! thanks a bunch
  5. Evening.... need a 4sight license and the houselogix license for the Concord security system. Thanks in advance!
  6. I've been trying to get my lights to flash FOREVER! Blue and white for cops, red and white for fire.... how did you get yours set up to do that?!
  7. There is a ring pro driver? What does it do?
  8. You didn't change your number did you? Buzz me bro
  9. Has anyone seen this and tried to integrate them with c4? Sengled light/ speaker combination....
  10. I have been wondering the same thing! I reached out for some remote services and haven't heard anything back. I sure hope he is ok!
  11. WTB

    Evening! My balum died on me and I am in need of a new one... I currently have B-320-1CAT-HDIR Receiver. I would like to get another one or some ideas for something that might be a little better. This is my second one to died in about 5 years. All products have an end of life.... just want to get ideas if i can't get a replacement. Thanks in advance! C4jedi
  12. 2.9

    It is out!!! Has anyone updated to it yet? trying to get a feel for if it is even worth the upgrade at the moment. And i really don't want to have to deal with any bugs at the moment! Thanks in advance good people! ~ C4jedi ~
  13. You have to pay for the license too
  14. Like all drivers, you only need the dealer to install it and the rest is up to you if you have Composer HE