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  1. Eggz...... I've never been able to get mine VS up and running!
  2. WorkPack

    sorry autocorrect.... wolfpack
  3. WorkPack

    Has anyone used or can speak on the WolfPack Video Matrix? If so, what are your thoughts?
  4. Phillips Hue & Dimmer Control

    let me try and take out all the drivers and re-input..... Thanks Matt!
  5. Phillips Hue & Dimmer Control

    LOL!!!! It was working for a little while.
  6. Phillips Hue & Dimmer Control

    I got it working!!!!! THANK YOU MATT!!!!!! I had to set the device variables to MIN_ON LEVEL to Turn off the light in the programming section.... You have NO IDEA how long i have been trying to figure that one out!!!!
  7. Best Hue Driver

    You ever get those set up? I never thought to even do something like that.... Where can I get help to do it!!!!!
  8. Phillips Hue & Dimmer Control

    Matt, So my Hue lights when i turn them off... never really turn off. How did you bypass that? or fix that?
  9. 4Sight Error

    I get the same error! no fix I take it?
  10. SR-250B

    would you like to inform me of the other steps thegreatheed?
  11. SR-250B

    well, it did the trick!
  12. SR-250B

    As i was.... i tried it again and it worked just fine.
  13. Ok.... So i see a few things have changed!!! On the SR-250 You use to be able to hold down the C4+0 button while taking batteries out and putting back in to factory reset. Then hit Room Off, #, *, 13413 to leave the network and re-add.... i see that doesn't work on the SR-250B-Z...... can any one assist quickly? Please...
  14. Ps4 logitech ir piece.

    yeah... I haven't gotten this to work. where did you place the IR blaster in front of the BT blaster? and when you to the properties of the device I don't see all the programmable remote buttons in there.