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  1. Audio Matrix

    I've got one.
  2. Thoughts on buying C4 equipment on Ebay?

    I buy control4 stuff on eBay ALL THE TIME! As a matter of fact, I'm building my buddies stuff right now! I've even opened my own hc800 and updated both the memory and the ram! Once got extra stuff just sitting around here, updated and all.... don't worry about it, just make sure it works and connect with the right people.
  3. WTB HC-200 Power cords

    AWESOME!!! Thank you sir!
  4. WTB HC-200 Power cords

    I'm going to need a power cord for a HC-800 too....
  5. WTB HC-200 Power cords

    I need like 4 HC-200 power cords..... anyone got a few they could sell me please?
  6. EA3

    just curious..... whats the going rate on those EA3's and EA5's?
  7. Is anyone able to get a price on the new fusion media server? thanks, C4jedi
  8. video integration

    Can it pass thru other video matrix other than the Leaf?
  9. video integration

    http://www.video-storm.com/products.asp?cat=15 ?
  10. video integration

    HMMMMMMMMM!!!!....... NetPlay huh? What is involved with this solution and what is the price on that?! Any websites I can check out? By the way...... I haven't said it in awhile, but I SURE love our site! When I get stumbled on something or want some ideas.... yall are the best at stirring creative juices.
  11. I wanted to get some ideas for video integration of a IP Cam into control4 and then how to split that video signal into another location at the same time. Thanks for the thoughts and ideas in advance.
  12. HUE and flash

    What about the RGB?
  13. WTB : kodi full driver

    send my way too dcovach
  14. HUE and flash

    I wanted to find out if it is just me..... but the HUE strip lights never really go all the way off when i use C4 to turn them off. I always have go to the HUE app and turn off there too. Also, how to I program the lights to flash if there is an alarm on the security panel until disarmed? Any help with both would be appreciated!