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    Hi hope some one can help, would anyone in the uk have these two items. c4-ak-3m antenna kit-wifi/zigbee 2.4ghz, 3m C4- RWB57C-P
  2. 2tone


    Only getting places in the states, should have said I was looking someone in the uk.
  3. 2tone


    As title looking for three of the plastic C4-RWB57C-P
  4. 2tone

    iPod and card access

    Card access relays sold
  5. 2tone

    iPod and card access

    Sorry card access relay and contact sensor there the old ones hope that's right
  6. 2tone

    iPod and card access

    Hi have these items for sale got them with control and don't need them as every thing Im going to be using is hard wired, open to offers would like to sell all in one go but don't mind breaking. 4 iPod docks no power supply's 5 card access one had no back base Sorry should say that items are used but are working