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  1. jparker36

    OS 2.10 Features

    How soon can we expect native XM working? Pandora and SXM native = me doing a massive whole home AV upgrade and moving from hc800 to new EA series, so good for C4 finally getting me what i need to ditch sonos. I'll even buy into the triad speakers.... :-)
  2. jparker36

    IFTTT Alexa vs Google Home?

    Now that I've spent some more time reading, with the gen 2 dot, as only the closest one responds, I won't actually have to specify where to execute actions, as I can have each dot have its own account, and therefore commands in C4. So I can just say, 'turn on coffee house' and have that turn on coffee house on the sonos in the same room as that particular dot, and repeat the programming for each dot. In that regard, the epic driver is now superior and achieves what I want, namely being 'room-aware' to do the commands I want for the room I'm in. Brilliant..... @chopedogg88, you'll be getting an order from my dealer soon enough. Good stuff!
  3. jparker36

    IFTTT Alexa vs Google Home?

    Can it support more natural voice commands as triggers? Can I say 'play espn in the living room', or do I have to say 'set living room tv to espn'? The latter feels very HAL9000 vs natural commands.
  4. jparker36

    IFTTT Alexa vs Google Home?

    From my understanding, it gives better customization ability to name channels 'turn family room tv to espn' and access to more commands than the on/off/up/down/# of the epic. I may be misunderstanding, but the documentation for your driver is very sparse so I can't tell what all I could do with it. Other examples would be 'play coffee house in the office'. Would your driver know that's an xm station and to play it on my Sonos?
  5. jparker36

    IFTTT Alexa vs Google Home?

    Well that ruins that idea, wife will never ever say that.
  6. I like the features of the IFTTT that Chowmain's driver gives to google home, all the features and flexibility look perfect and better to me than the epic drivers implementations. My question is, does the IFTTT maker driver provide the same functionality to an Echo Dot device as it does to google home? Outside of the alternate ways to say something that google supports, it is identical in features? Much easier to buy a bunch of dots than the larger google homes when I only want the voice controls, not speakers.
  7. I have a Dune HD Smart D1 which died recently. I use it exclusively to play mkv files, so I don't need .iso support or anything. With that, can I just replace the unit with one of the new 4k HD solo units, ensure it gets the same assigned IP that C4 has for the unit, and the driver will just work with it? Using the official dune IP driver. I can have the dealer do something remote if needed, just wondering if this is an easy self-fix.
  8. By commands I meant, in composer Watch button does nothing, yet when I hit it, it acts as though I selected the roku as video source. Even when I add a function (light on) to the button, the light comes on, and it ALSO turns on the tv and switches to the roku as if I'd selected roku as video source. Everything with the roku is working fine, and using the C4 touchpad and iOS app is fine. It is the programmable color buttons/Watch button on the remotes that I have an issue with. Think I just have to get my dealer out here.
  9. Roku is working perfectly and goes to the menu. Issue is the remotes are sending commands they aren't programmed to send.
  10. Just changed it so that Watch turned on one light, Green turned on another. Both worked perfectly, but Watch ALSO turned on the TV to the Roku. What the hell. How could the issue apply to 3 separate remotes, giving roku in the appropriate room for each?
  11. Ok attached a pic that shows my game room setup. As it sits, this has worked for over a year without issue. Red still works, green does nothing, and watch does what green is supposed to be doing.
  12. Yeah I will and will attach it. It's worked for over a year without issue. Will attach screenshot when I get home today.
  13. The command is set roku as input device. Again, it works perfectly, it just is working on the Watch button rather than the green as I have programmed.
  14. Strange issue I've had for a few weeks now, ever since I had a few light switches and cameras installed by my dealer. I have the color buttons on my remotes programmed to my key inputs. Red = Directv, Green = Roku. This is in 3 rooms, 2 with SR150 and 1 with SR260. The red button correctly turns on the tv, changes inputs, and watches DirecTV in each room. However, the green button does nothing. The watch button however DOES launch the roku as if I had it mapped to the roku command. I have composer HE, and have verified that the roku is mapped to green. I've tried making Roku be on the yellow or blue buttons, but that doesn't work either. It seems to always only function with the watch button, which composer HE says is not mapped to anything. Any thoughts? I will reach out to the dealer next, but this is just so weird since I should be able to fix this in composer HE.
  15. That appears to be my issue, network driver is 8.0.6 vs 8.1.2 on the sonos end points. Any way for me to update that in HE, or so I have to get dealer involved?