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  1. Automated blinds

    Use Serena Shades with Smartbridge Pro, works GREAT(Smartbridge Pro driver is free)
  2. http://www.nohassleav.com/8x8_hdmi_hdr/after_dec_15th/New_avswitch_No Hassle AV_8X8_Control4.c4i
  3. Do I need Video Distribution?

    Was on the fence 3 years ago about doign video distribution and now I am so glad that I did. Once its setup it truly is brilliant. I am slowly outgrowing 1080p and will have to upgrade, but in all fairness 4k was already out 3 years ago when I spec'd it but there was zero content, now there is actually content. With that many TVs (4 on dish) someone said, thats probably 20-30$ extra per month. Not that, it would ever add up to the cost of a video distrbution system but there is some RETURN for needing less hardware. I have 4 TVs, 1 projector, so 5 outputs. 2 Apple TVs, 1 DirectTV box, 1 xbox, 1 nvr camera, 1 kodi box setup as my inputs.
  4. Dealer tiers

    Use a remote guy. there are a handful on this site. My experience is that they make the local guys look like amateurs because they have a much wider band of experience. They do it at about anywhere from 1/2 to 1/10th the cost. I had "programming" estimated at $8,000 for initial project build and no custom programming. Just basically installing drivers for equipment I had etc. Remote guy did it for $450, it took us a grand total of like 8 hours. 3 years later everything still working perfectly
  5. Apple TV Audio with Distributed Video

    Thank you
  6. Apple TV Audio with Distributed Video

    Apple TVs are in my rack(back of theater room) HDMI into the Video matrix, HDBaseT to the bedrooms. This is my matrix: https://bzbexpress.com/VPW-280771-WyreStorm-HDMI-8x8-HDBaseT-Lite-Matrix-by-Vanco.html Audio extractor is that like a cable that plugs into the HDMI out of the Apple TV with a HDMI port/Audio out? I would need a Regular RCA out, because my 2 digital inputs are in use on my 4x4 audio matrix. Is my thinking correct? EDIT: something like this ? https://www.amazon.com/J-Tech-Digital-Premium-Extractor-Converter/dp/B00YHS5E6Q/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1520552314&sr=1-3&keywords=hdmi%2Baudio%2Bextractor&th=1
  7. So I find myself using my Apple TV(s) more and more but the audio is terrible (playing from the TV speaker). What is the recommended solution on this to leverage my c4 audio matrix. Or is the answer to get a sound bar on my TVs? Im not looking for anything crazy just 2 channel audio to leverage the speakers in the bedroom ceilings
  8. Amcrest Cameras

    +1 for the Amcrest stuff it seems pretty damn stabile and robust for its super nice price point. My wirepath stuff was 4x the cost and I dont see a single thing my wirepath stuff can do better than the amcrest
  9. Anyone integrate with https://shop.garageio.com/ ? Looks pretty simple
  10. I hear your points, "a fool and his money are easily parted", however I don't subscribe to just because I have money means I should over pay for things I buy. I always look to buy a quality product but I still don't want to overpay for the quality product just to say I paid x,xxx for it.. I had a ex-girlfriend that would of rather had a diamond ring that cost $25,000, than a ring of better clarity and size that cost $15,000. Just so she could say she had a $25,000 ring. This mentality is so fundamentally wrong to me personally. Just my .02
  11. I felt the need to Quote this. This is EXACTLY how I feel. Why are these units 5x-8x? the cost? Are the components that much higher quality? Or are we just paying for a super high-priced marketing budget, so company x can make a flashy website and over-pay for internal salaries at a company that are nothing but bloat? I want everyone to make a profit and be compensated, but do not enjoy paying someone $5,000-$8,000 for something that cost them $500. That makes me feel as a consumer at any level (dealer or end user) as totally ripped off. If No Hassle is selling these @ $925. I am sure they are making a profit at that price point. So what are these companies that are selling less of a product 4k@60hz 4:2:0 making when they are selling it for $5000-$8000?.. 1200%-2000% margin? I feel like many times people instantly write off the cheapest as garbage and the most expensive as the best. Without giving it a fair shake.. I am sure many times that does hold true. "get what you pay for" but I know for a fact it does not always hold true. I bought the one of the most expensive SUV and it has nothing but bugs/issues/manf defects and my neighbors tahoe has never had a single problem. People just like to tell others that they have the "most expensive" under the pretense its automatically better if you paid more money
  12. I truly believe organizing racks is an art, one of which I am not good at!! All these damn power blocks, weird shaped power adapters are enough to have me up in arms! Thank you for the term, horizonal lacing bars!!! I need some of those but didnt know what they were called. What do you call that big long verticle power bar, ive been using horizontal ones, but a vertical one would probably let me tiddy things up a bit
  13. subscribing. This looked great but if you run 8 hdbaset solutions, you got 8 baluns in your rack, and thats $2,000 in baluns. (eek) I guess still that puts you at $3,000 for FULL 4k@60hz 4:4:4 but all that extra wiring/baluns/power need in my rack gives me anxiety. How many are you running via HDbaseT baluns. They told me that they are 30-45 days away from releasing a 8x8 18gbps with HDBaseT earlier this week. Curious to see the price point being that you could "piece it together" with what you posted for $2925
  14. Rachio On Sale Today

    Fire alarm goes off, turn on lawn sprinklers, bit of a stretch there for a reason to integrate! I was just hoping for alexa turn off my sprinklers, during hot summer months I water 2x a day, inevitability someone wants in my backyard for something when they are on
  15. Video Matrix Switches

    Yup noticed the same thing. I have been running a 1080p Wyrestorm with great success for 3 years, I looked to see their offerings and its the same, it seems like the technology is just emerging on the HDBaseT for 4k@60hz 4:4:4. I know right now it may not be important, but when you buy something youd like it to be relevant for a few years to come.