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  1. bumping this, have a KPZ-6B1 6 button keypad and I can't see it when I try to idenify it. all 6 are blue. when i do top button 13 botton button 4 the lights go random colors for 1-2 seconds, then all go orange for 4-5 seconds, then back to 6-blue. Any ideas?
  2. Anyone have luck integrating an Amcrest camera into a Wirepath NVR?
  3. Super necro bump but does anyone have trouble with the RECALL not working?
  4. THink its funny how they mentioned how they were going to keep his intent intact, cleary his main intent was to make it FREE and the first thing they do is break it for everyone using it, what a bunch of pricks
  5. Use to be free, found a good thing, now he charges for it
  6. I did exactly what you mentioned " Was getting quotes from local dealers from 50k-100k. Ended up piecing it together from forums/ebay/cragislist/auctions etc, used a remote dealer on this site to get me setup probably came in around 20k for everything
  7. has anyone been succesfull with this? I get the following error: 2016-11-28 16:26:48.896 -0600 home-controller-800-000FFF584E [14109] DEBUG: Attempting to load file: camera_ip_amcrest.c4i 2016-11-28 16:26:48.897 -0600 home-controller-800-000FFF584E [14109] INFO: Reading c4i file /etc/c4i/camera_ip_amcrest.c4i 2016-11-28 16:26:48.897 -0600 home-controller-800-000FFF584E [14109] INFO: Unable to read c4i - trying backup c4i /etc/c4i/camera_ip_amcrest.c4i 2016-11-28 16:26:48.898 -0600 home-controller-800-000FFF584E [14109] ERROR: Unable to read backup c4i /etc/c4i/camera_ip_amcrest.c4i 2016-11-28 16:26:48.898 -0600 home-controller-800-000FFF584E [14109] ERROR: Unable to load driver camera_ip_amcrest.c4i
  8. This is why I stayed away from Local Dealers. I am in Tulsa, OK there are about 4-5 but all of them I talked to were "noobs" compared to the guys on this forum and especially the ones who do remote integration. The remote guys have seen a TON more than any of these local yocal will in a lifetime. If I am paying $100/hr for services, I sure as hell arent paying for their learning curve. I would be pissed, but this is how these places work.
  9. Subscribing, I have my dot in my living room, far away from my rack to run audio cable to, looking to wirelessly get her into my c4 as an audio input but moving forward with much more echo integration. "Alexa play my playlist not from your shitty speaker but from the high-end stuff in my ceiling." k thx!
  10. Maybe this has been mentioned but I have my dot in my living room (no where near my rack with my c4 audio matrix) is there a way I can make alexa play music from her sources (amazon etc) but not use her speaker and make it come through a given room?
  11. If i had 4Sight already sure its a no brainer, but I dont
  12. I am on the fence on which driver to buy as well, does anyone have any success stories with the Control4 driver that requires 4Sight. I guess it comes down to spending 95$ for Epic one time or 100$/yr for 4Sight
  13. I bought all my gear 2nd hand (not from a dealer), ebay/craigslist/auction/this forum. Spent 20k, saved 30k doing it that way
  14. PM sent, and THANK YOU!
  15. I have the Wyrestorm 8x8, there was a hardware bug with the onboard LAN (once it went to sleep you had to power cycle it), thats only if you were using the IP driver. I got the new board put it in myself and the unit has been awesome wyrestorm mx-0808-pp