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  1. LOL $1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a crock of shit. Get access to your account through the previous owner, then have a remote integrator from this site help you.
  2. Using Serena Shades with Lutron Smartbridge, 1 bridge covers my entire 1-story 3000 sqft house. They are running on D batteries, had over 1 year of daily use (timed up/down) and have yet to replace any batteries. Couldnt be happier. They add up fast ranging from 300-700$ per window but they are awesome. They also integrate via the SmartbridgePro with Alexa and Homekit, AND the control4 driver is FREE! Twice a year they do a special that is considerable, i believe 15 or 20% off
  3. not sure about VOC, but my Serena shades integrate nicely and the black-out ones work great
  4. what Sonos hardware would i need? I currently use shairbridge and stream from my sirius app, but i cant hit a button on my keypad when I walk in and it "does it all for me". Sonos Connect is $350, hardly a "cheap" solution to integrate something I already pay for (Sirius)
  5. Bump on this. Looking to get SiriusXM into my Control4 as well. What is the most cost effective way?
  6. dibs on the yale lock control4 wireless module
  7. I agree with these comments, if you are a DIY'er C4 is a TOUGH product. It can be done, but if you like Control of your system, pun intended, Control4 isnt it. If you want things to just work and stroke a check, control4 is great
  8. Sounds like some alternative facts around here! did Trump sell you the house?
  9. Sadly Missed out on this
  10. I meant the stuff you want you will spend $1000+ garage door openers/security system/door lock/blinds (depending on brands you go with). You cannot integrate these things without a driver or without a dealer. You will pay for A. License/Driver B. Dealer to install them.
  11. youll spend at least $1000 buying the "drivers" from houselogix for the stuff you mention. That of course doesn't include the cost of dealers time to install and configure it out. Nothing like buying a 100$ piece of hardware only to have to pay 200$ for a driver to integrate it, then another 100$ to have a "dealer" install it for you. My specific example was when I bought a Kodi box for $90.. The houselogix driver is $200 and then my dealer (remote) wanted $100 to install and configure. So my Kodi box went from $90 to $390..... Welcome to Control4! is $400 the end of the world, no but paying 4x the cost of something to make it work just defies logically thinking. Go buy a car for $50,000, but oh wait you have to pay $100,000 for us to move the seat for you. and another $65,000 to drive on the road thats the fastest way to you house.
  12. Good feedback, thank you. I feel like people where I live really would have no idea how much money is invested in a system yeah they may think home automation is "cool" but nto realize someone spend 25,50 or even 100k+ making it all work. Id almost feel stupid leaving it behind just from a financial loss perspective, I plan on taking as much as I can with leaving the house "functional". (lights go on/off, speakers in the ceilings is about it)
  13. Probably should of done research on control4 before hand. Yes its locked down. Yes you need a dealer if you want to add a light, or add a camera, but on the flipside to that, how often do you add a new light in your house?! There are things you can do without a dealer, set up scenes/rules. ie turn lights on 50% at 6am and ramp to 100% by 7am, or stuff like that, but adding devices you need ComposerPro(dealer only)
  14. subscribing, curious as what to leave when I move.
  15. Because they don't pop up that often and I'm looking in multiple places? The lock is $200 but the module goes for $250?? I mean that's borderline extortion in my book also someone has also tried to get rid of them on this site in the past, so I figured this site and eBay would be the best bet. Sorry that my post is putting you out