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  1. Just curious what everyone is scouting out for Black Friday. I see the normal amazon dot/alexa on nice discount and new ecobee for $199 at lowes.
  2. OS 2.10 Features

    Could I upgrade my HC800 to 2.1 and leave my hc300 @ 2.9? and then I can use the benefits of 2.1 and keep my HC300 as IR extender?
  3. OS 2.10 Features

    So what should I be using for additional IR ports? C4-IOXV2? how old is it 8 years?
  4. OS 2.10 Features

    This is bullshit, an hc300 used for serial/ir (not as a main controller) should be allowed. I am willing to bet there is no technical limitation on this type scenario. Of course all the dealers love it. This means, hey sorry cant upgrade your software, let me replace perfectly good hardware with something else for more $$$
  5. OS 2.10 Features

    What do the * mean on the HC300? I am running a HC300 as a secondary controller for additional IR? Will 2.10 force that out of my project? If so seems like a deal breaker for me
  6. New user doesn't want 4sight

    because they could of easily made it to where it just connects directly to your house, instead they inserted themselves in the middle just to make a revenue stream
  7. New user doesn't want 4sight

    I've used VPN for approx 2.5 years with no hassle/problems at all. I too thought to PAY a monthly fee was just kind of "chinsey" on c4's part to begin with. /shrug seems like I am in the minority.
  8. New Built: Lutron?

    I have a lutron smartbridge pro integrated into my control4, I use it for my shades and some other various things works great!! i have the following in my control4 alexa lutron homekit i kind of pick and choose which system to use to integrate what I want based on functionality and cost
  9. I did c4 from ground up build and have everything you mention and home audio, and a few more bells and whistles. Because I am fairly tech savvy I ended up saving over 50,000 on my setup. For blinds I used the lutron smart bridge with Serena shades I have them scheduled up and down daily and have yet to have to replace the batteries in a single shade in over 2 years. I was worried about running wires to the windows but glad I didn't after seeing how long they have lasted. Only thing I couldn't integrate myself or "easily" was my kohler dtv shower
  10. Next Update

    with the massive boom in HA over just the last year. I cant see how Control4 cant come out with 3.0 and a major update. The market is getting flooded with new technology and companies. Control4 needs a major release to keep pace IMO
  11. Yale Real Living Lock Issues

    could be the door isnt fully "latched" so it tries to lock but cant.
  12. Equipment List

    subscribing, this would be awesome to output some sort of logical flow diagram based on a project
  13. I was on 2.0 for the 2.02 do I just need to update the dmx_domaudeo_RS232_Engine.c4z or do I need to re-add all my lights again?
  14. Switching Integrators?

    I feel like being remote you get to see so much more of a breadth of products being used. Local dealers tend to always recommend this brand or employ this setup. Remote dealers get to see it all. I think this helps them come up with better solutions overall. Just my .02
  15. Switching Integrators?

    remote dealers tend to be much more knowledgeable from my experience, you have to be doing little "ground work" (obviously) but as long as your half-way capable you can save alot of money and get better service going remote