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  1. Alexa controlling door locks

    This is where i was, I wanted to make it sound more natural. Than "Alex turn the front door lock on" I was able to get "Alexa disarm front door lock" but couldnt get "Alexa arm front door lock" with the EPIC driver
  2. I am trying to have one in my living room, but a stereo cable that goes back to my matrix, so the music played can come on in any zone i like, the problem is even with auto-sensing on, it doesnt turn on fast enough to here her response to something like, how late is the grocery store open, or whats the temp outside. so it would be nice if i could have one in my kitchen that gave me voice feedback(because I dont have her stereo port connected), but then when it came to playing music it goes to matrix, doesnt seem like there is a good solution for my use case
  3. But then wouldn’t both in the group play? If you want the one taking the command to basically turn the one that’s connected to the matrix on, so it’s playing on some nice ceiling speakers, you wouldn’t want some shitty dot playing music and probably out of sync a few ms as well
  4. Alexa controlling door locks

    Yale real living
  5. So I would like to have alexa to control my door locks on/off, obviously there are security concerns of someone shouting through the door and opening it. So I was thinking, if i could program to verify my cell phone is present on the network (via mac address?) as a condition to performing, unlock. Is this a pipe dream? Anyone else have some ideas from a security perspective on how to handle this so alexa is only unlocking my door when I am home edit: I have native and epic alexa in my project
  6. Yeah I’m probably about to pull the trigger on it
  7. so if I dont have natvev driver (no 4sight), can i just add the dot as like a media player in my project to make it work
  8. I enabled the SiriusXM skill on Alexa, And commands like "Alexa play BPM on SiriusXM" works fine. I ordered a 3.5mm stereo cable to run from my matrix to my dot. But now I am thinking about how I could say something like. "Alexa turn on Audio in Living room", then next command 'Alexa play BPM on SiriusXM" , or even BETTER would be "Alexa play BPM on SiriusXM in the Living Room". Anyone have any suggestions?
  9. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    hoping and waiting are 2 different things.
  10. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    Been hoping for this to be fixed for over a year
  11. Ring Events Driver for Control4 ?

    Buddy has a samsung refrigerator and the ring video feed pops up on it... Kinda funny a freakin fridge can get the video stream but control4 cant.
  12. Just curious what everyone is scouting out for Black Friday. I see the normal amazon dot/alexa on nice discount and new ecobee for $199 at lowes.
  13. OS 2.10 Features

    Could I upgrade my HC800 to 2.1 and leave my hc300 @ 2.9? and then I can use the benefits of 2.1 and keep my HC300 as IR extender?
  14. OS 2.10 Features

    So what should I be using for additional IR ports? C4-IOXV2? how old is it 8 years?