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  1. I was looking at the app about section for that number above.... under the director it looks more familiar—
  2. is what I believe is my version... if I’m looking at the right place on the app.
  3. Thanks for the reply. It was a bit vague for me.... are you in composer? are you in HE? Did you set up your echo as a source like someone explained to me above? I used to have access to composer but I've since lost it. I have HE but I am afraid to run it as I'm not sure it's the right version and I don't want to screw it up! I appreciate the help Bill!
  4. That’s exactly what I’d like.... (I just prefer amazon music but I’m sure that’s an easy sub)! Look forward to hearing it... thx!
  5. OK...I think I get it conceptually. So I would purchase another dot (cause there isn't anything near the controller), connect it to the amp and setup as source. Would I still be able to differentiate what rooms I wanted to play it in on the verbal command to alexa or would I have to go into the app after and select them that way? Thanks for the help--this is progress
  6. Thanks for the reply! I have an HC250 controller I have an 8 zone amp.... How do I find the operating system for you? I would prefer to use the speakers already connected to the C4 and not the dots.
  7. Good Sunday Morning Everyone. It is super easy to say "alexa, play xyz" and she plays it my amazon music from her little echo speaker. In order for me to play music on the house speakers, I have to start playing my music on my phone...open the control 4 app...hit my wireless bridge, tell the iphone to stream to the bridge on bluetooth....go back to control 4 and select the rooms I want to play in...etc etc. Is there an easy way for me to tell Alexa, play lullabies from amazon in the nursery? Or "Alexa, play party music on the patio" If someone knows this trick....I'd be alive for a few more years as my wife won't kill me thanks everyone
  8. joepap

    Vizio M70-C3 IR Driver

    THanks for this....I have a M50C1 and think that it should be close enough to work.......
  9. joepap

    how to setup favorite channels?

    When you go to search and enter your zip.....is there anything you can do if your provider is not listed? For instance, I'm in 20011 (washington dc) and comcast and a few others come up.....but no verizon fios. Anything we can do with this? UPDATE_-- entered a few different zip codes and found some verizon fios.... sorry for the bother! just had to play around more....but still annoying that it doesn't list it in my zip.
  10. Morning everyone, I have always been a fan of the harmony remotes. Does anyone have these working with the control 4 system? I'm not even sure where to start to see if it would work. The hub seems capable of doing a lot....the question is...is it enough? thanks, Joe! http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/harmony-elite
  11. joepap

    Setting up voice announcements

    up and running,thanks for your help kind sir!
  12. joepap

    Setting up voice announcements

    Alright...went from the controller audio out to one of the inputs on the amp. I even was able to figure out how to assign the controler to the right input on the amp and guess what.........it worked!!!! thanks so much!
  13. joepap

    Setting up voice announcements

    The only thing I have running is music thru my phone via bluetooth or airplay...thru the music bridge. Might need to check to see if I have cables running from where they need to run to....? Is there a 'how to' on setting those up you could me too? I appreciate you guys aiding in my enjoyment of my home! thx! Joe
  14. joepap

    Setting up voice announcements

    Nothing.... https://www.flickr.com/photos/37871678@N00/23105848946/in/dateposted-public/ i tried a few rooms by themselves and a bunch of rooms together. Also added the navigator as well.... nothing. Guess I need to reverse engineer this badboy. Thanks for the link to the wav file!