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  1. Few things for sale

    All, I have the following items up for sale. Most rack mounted and in great condition. No boxes or manuals, etc. but will package it well. Card Access Zigbee Extender 3 - $75 Wireless music bridge - $90 C4 -8AMP1-B Amplifier 4-Zone 8 x 60WPC - $460 Netgear 8PORT 10/100/1000 switch - $40 Thanks, JP
  2. Epic Systems or IFTTT Maker Driver?

    Thank you for the feedback. Gix656, sounds like you have what I am trying to set up, so I will keep learning through the trial when I find more time. I do have that documentation, but in the conditionals tab, I dont have any options that look similar, where I can follow step 7 and input the command, for example " is = dim house lights" or whatever. I will keep playing. The big draw back for me on Epic Systems was the whole need to pay for both Alexa and Google drivers.I still have to pay for the Wink driver.... so much to do haha. Thanks again both for the feedback.
  3. Hey guys, I am going through a trial for the IFTTT driver right now and having a hard time understanding it. Playing with it for a few hours before this trial ends and just not able to get what I want out of it. I am trying to program google home and alexa to arm the security alarm from C4 during a night scene. Running Composer 2.8.2 HE. I currently have the regular IFTTT set up with both devices to turn on the kitchen light and to turn up or down the thermostats via voice control using Home and Alexa, but outside of the C4 system. In my C4 set up, I have ability to play audio, control tv and roku, and arm/disarm honeywell security alarm. All of which I am trying to integrate with home and alexa voice scenes. I started watching the video on the epic system driver for home and it looks a lot easier to program and makes more sense versus the dated documentation provided by IFTTT Maker driver. Just wondering if people have had time yet to play with both and what were there thoughts on either one. I like that with IFTTT, you can integrate Alexa or Home, versus epic systems with charges for each driver flavor. Thanks in advance. I am sure most of my experience with IFTTT is user error, but 48 free hours to toy around during a trial period for a guy like me is not easy to come by, so i'm looking to see what others think and if I should stick with IFTTT driver or not.
  4. Remote Programming Services.

    Just got some work done by Matthew. Highly recommend.
  5. Remote Dealer

    Thanks. Right now its not since it is not integrated. I am using the Synology app for them at the moment and they are just super slow to load, while at home and away. Wondering the worth of getting installed on C4, in terms of performance. I seem to have some latency issues with C4 app connecting to the controller when on wifi at home and sometimes get faster response from LTE. So seems I also have some networking issue. But I see your second reply. Thanks for providing some feedback.
  6. Remote Dealer

    I have the same issues with 2 integrators I found on this forum. Can't even get simple answers to basic questions like, will the cameras show up instantly in the C4 app in comparison to Synology, where the loading times are like 30 seconds for images to populate. So annoying. Seems like they all just provide a great first service and after that, they leave you hanging. Let me know if you find someone reliable.
  7. I'm looking for assistance with my set up. Everything is installed and up and running but the remote services provided by a few people I reached out to from this forum arent working for me. I have tried two guys that seem so busy, that they just dont have the time whenever I need something to even answer simple email questions. Then I spend money for them to make small changes, updates, etc., and never really get the final product I am looking for. Its a bit annoying and I understand most remote users have day jobs, so I figured maybe I can work with someone more local. Anyone in the DMV area? Also, I really would like to see if I could become a remote integrator. I am looking to take some classes but not sure if its worth it if I cant get my own software. I have an AV background, and also very tech savy. Any advice on that would also be appreciated.
  8. New Axis M1054 Network Surveillance Camera 0338-004

    Sorry, just sold these. I still have the camera though.
  9. New Axis M1054 Network Surveillance Camera 0338-004

    Still have this if anyone is interested. New price, $310 shipped. Also have 2 Synology IP Camera Licenses that I never used. $40 ea.
  10. I have a New Axis M1054 Network Surveillance Camera 0338-004 with Full Warranty. I purchased before moving and ended up not wanting to install inside the home. Up for grabs. Free shipping in US. Asking $310.
  11. SR-150 Remote Brand New

    bump, still got it.
  12. SR-150 Remote Brand New

    Price drop. $80. Free shipping.
  13. Remote Integration services offered

    Neil is outstanding. He provided great information and quick services at a great price. Beats most of the dealers in my area. I purchased a houselogix security integration adapter that my Magnolia dealer had no clue about. Not only that I couldn't get it installed correctly due to the lack of knowledge, but the dealer wanted at the very least another $500 bucks. Was amazed how fast and smooth everything went Neil, no questions or explanation needed. He integrated the security features and 11 zones with ease and now I am able to remotely control my system. Very pleased and see why he is highly recommended.
  14. SR-150 Remote Brand New

    Thanks for the correction. I am new to C4 so still learning all the gadgets. Still for sale, reasonable offers accepted.
  15. SR-150 Remote Brand New

    No this is the 150 remote by itself. Not even sure if the 150 has a charging station. Thats the sr250 model going for about $200. Most people with this remote use rechargeable batteries.