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  1. Kalschjj29

    Misc C4 Lot - Selling System

    Sold, thanks for all the interest.
  2. Kalschjj29

    Misc C4 Lot - Selling System

    Selling Control4 system. Would like to sell everything together, if possible. Equipment is in good working order, just decided to move to a different platform. System contains: 1 x EA-1 Controller 1 x SR-250 Remote 1 x SR-260 Remote 1 x Wi-Fi Speakerpoint 2 x Zigbee to IR modules (C4-Z2IR) 3 x NYCE Door Sensors (NCZ-3011) 1 x NYCE Garage tilt sensor (NCZ-3014) 1 x CardAccess Wireless Relay (WCS10-R) 3 x Control4 Lamp Dimmers (LOZ-5D1-W) 1 x Kwikset Nickle Smartcode 910 C4 Zigbee Doorlock 2 x C4 Dimmers (C4-DIM1Z-WH) Looking to get $550.00 + Shipping for everything
  3. Kalschjj29

    Multiple Heat Zones

    Probably want to use a BAS. We often use a Bacnet system for projects like this.
  4. Kalschjj29

    OS 2.10 Features

    Anyone have any idea what the CA-1 driver is?
  5. Kalschjj29

    Sonos vs Heos

    ^^ I've had both in my home system. I had issues with the HEOS driver. I have to say their support has been very helpful and responsive though.
  6. Kalschjj29

    New Apple TV 4

    I thought the same thing yesterday. Re-added the driver made the connections and it worked for about 10 seconds. Airplay didn't work and it wouldn't control. Maybe this is isolated to my system. Any others have similar experiences?
  7. Yeah I use it with my 250. This was more of an impulse purchase and had my form filled out for purchase but after getting home and realizing my 250 does everything I need and more. I doubt I will upgrade right now. @Cyknight, thank you for the insight on the slave configuration. This is VERY useful information that C4 has not released in any of their support docs, including their FAQ.
  8. Can I replace my HC-250 (controls 4 rooms) with the EA-1? I assume so based on the controller comparison page.
  9. Savant has already taken this exact approach. https://www.savant.com/product/remote-host
  10. Kalschjj29


    The galaxy's most resilient BitTorrent site
  11. Kalschjj29

    Driver for LG TV UF6430

    Okay. I know I have discrete HDMI input codes on mine. I have the LG 49UF6430
  12. Kalschjj29

    Driver for LG TV UF6430

    Sure. I am out of town this week but will be happy to share when I get back. I don't have codes for the modes but can look into trying to get codes.
  13. Kalschjj29

    Driver for LG TV UF6430

    Really any newer LG driver commands should work. I customized mine to work with the Web 2.0 interface.
  14. Kalschjj29

    Apple TV - update 9.1

    Do the room auto power on and off work correctly? I seem to have issues with these working correctly now.
  15. Kalschjj29

    Which AVR to choose for Control4

    Marantz / Denon are our choice. We used Integra for many years and have a failure rate of about 60% on them. They were replaced but what a nightmare.