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  1. Energy Meters

    Chowmain Software has a driver and hardware (CT clamps) https://www.chowmainsoft.com/egauge-eg3000
  2. Just a shout out for VINCELdUB - just added the voice scenes driver to my system for free - turn around in under 30 mins which is impressive given time zones (I am in New Zealand which is +12 GMT)
  3. Remote Integration services offered

    Sorry Neil I was just going by the heading "Remote Integration services offered" - my experience has been great with every single one of you!
  4. Hi wondering if anybody out there that could add the voice scenes driver to my system please?
  5. I have the 7604 nvr and I have push notifications for motion detection and can view on the phone all without issue Not intergrated my nvr with c4 as I don't see the benefit v the cost of the household driver.
  6. Maybe the future won't be platform, system centric - maybe ifttt will be the way foward - buy a device you like or want and it intergrates over the cloud with your other devices. No dealer or controller required. Hmmm I smell trouble ahead 4 some!
  7. How many people are in a room?

    In commercial lighting we don't use motion sensors but instead use ultrasonic sensors - these ' listen' for room occupants e.g. Somebody sitting at a desk working but not moving around.
  8. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    I would be interested from the point of view that Amazon isnt and probably never will be available in NZ (we don't have an Amazon or eBay store and only have apple online) I have numerous Apple devices so I'd love to get voice control of c4 using siri - I don't have any homekit devices but have played around previously with the homebridge (i have a Mac mini always on) to send HTTP command s to C4. It worked but would require a huge amount of programming for full voice control. Now that Siri has an API I'd think that integration should be alot easier but I'm no programmer! For myself siri works reasonably well and at least it's localised to my geographic region.
  9. Just to say I have already installed and purchased the driver and can only repeat others view - awesome job and thanks for finally giving me a way to integrate my Ring doorbell, Orvibo plug, sainsmart relay, Kodi, plex etc ....well I could go on but thank you Alan and congratulations on your ' other ' growing family.
  10. Basically set your push notification using the variable 'door unlocked by user name' - then you will always receive a notification when the door is unlocked and by whom
  11. Editing variables

    Have you had a look at Chowmains Variable Manipulator driver? http://www.chowmain.co.nz/variable-manipulator
  12. Ring Doorbell

    Does anyone know if the new "live stream" feature they announced can be integrated to C4?
  13. Wunderground weather sites

    How about deleting the driver, reboot your controller then reinstall the driver - maybe something got corrupted along the way?