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  1. Wattsup

    New Home - looking for advice

    Another way to triim the budget is pre wire for 24 audio zones but maybe only start with 8? You can add the other hardware/zones as budget allows - same with cameras,lighting and video. The most important thing is start with a good network and and a good dealer - the rest you can build up over time.
  2. Wattsup

    New construction advice CBUS vs C4

    I'm in NZ and have CBus lighting interfaced with control4. Also happen to be an electrician, cbus approved installer and control 4 tech ( in my last job). If it's just lighting then cbus will be rock solid and as a product it's been around for 30 years. Imho the moment you want to add AV devices, security systems etc it becomes very limited and expensive. So far as integration goes it's simple; CBus installer does their programming then passes a list with every light/switch and the group address of each to the control4 integrator who will installer either rs232 communications or IP interface - then installs drivers and binds each one to the group address of each light. Suggest you look for a control4 dealer who also does cbus and you shouldn't have an issue. I personally prefer cbus lighting because- if power fails all lights will return to the last state when power is restored without any intervention if you move house you can leave the cbus stand alone and take control4 to your new home
  3. Wattsup

    Alexa AU/NZ

    Without the blackwire driver you can enable the alexa skill and intergrate Ring with Alexa as per the details given on the website: https://www.amazon.com/Ring-Video-Doorbell/dp/B01JTL2PYE and/or you can intergrate with control 4 using the blackwire driver which gives the ability to programme off events triggered by Ring - typically 'presses' or ' motion'. Hope this helps
  4. Wattsup

    Alexa AU/NZ

    Ok that's good to know - any idea if the blackwire ring driver would work as well?
  5. Wattsup

    Alexa AU/NZ

    Bugger had a sinking feeling.... Any idea how long this might be or would the Epic driver work? Many thanks for the quick 👌
  6. Wattsup

    Alexa AU/NZ

    Hi all, I'm in !! New Zealand and just encountered a problem with alexa voice control - Amazon echo has just been released (officially) and I received an email that stated I should change my amazon account to the.com.au domain with English(AU) as the language preference. I've had my Dot in the C4 system for about 12 months having purchased on a trip to the UK. My Amazon account had always been.com (US) and shipping had been via a postal service. I didn't have the Epic driver yet but am looking to add soon ( I have the native voice scenes driver). since making these two simple changes the Control 4 skill has gone and can't be found and I can't enable it to run device discovery. I've signed out/in on the app and lots of good things occurred, weather localised, flash briefing localised, etc etc but no Control 4 skill?? Tune in and Spotify also disappeared but after logging in/out again they came back, as did hydrawise. The other skill I'm missing is Ring video doorbell? Any ideas whether control 4 & Ring will reappear in the skills if I wait for the cloud to update or are they only available to US/UK accounts??
  7. Wattsup

    Energy Meters

    Chowmain Software has a driver and hardware (CT clamps) https://www.chowmainsoft.com/egauge-eg3000
  8. Just a shout out for VINCELdUB - just added the voice scenes driver to my system for free - turn around in under 30 mins which is impressive given time zones (I am in New Zealand which is +12 GMT)
  9. Wattsup

    Remote Integration services offered

    Sorry Neil I was just going by the heading "Remote Integration services offered" - my experience has been great with every single one of you!
  10. Hi wondering if anybody out there that could add the voice scenes driver to my system please?
  11. I have the 7604 nvr and I have push notifications for motion detection and can view on the phone all without issue Not intergrated my nvr with c4 as I don't see the benefit v the cost of the household driver.
  12. Maybe the future won't be platform, system centric - maybe ifttt will be the way foward - buy a device you like or want and it intergrates over the cloud with your other devices. No dealer or controller required. Hmmm I smell trouble ahead 4 some!
  13. Wattsup

    How many people are in a room?

    In commercial lighting we don't use motion sensors but instead use ultrasonic sensors - these ' listen' for room occupants e.g. Somebody sitting at a desk working but not moving around.