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  1. luminenterprises@gmail.com

    Chowmain - Generic Lighting Driver (IR)

    IR code works fine when I create a Driver. Works fine via IR outs on HC-250 and the Z2IO. For reference I am using the IR codes in the Excel sheet I uploaded in this thread on 12/8/2016. Your driver has worked GREAT and I have never had an issue until now. Ticket already submitted a few days ago via DriverCentral.
  2. luminenterprises@gmail.com

    Chowmain - Generic Lighting Driver (IR)

    @alanchow I am attempting to use your driver with a Z2IO. Its not emitting LED IR codes. I've bench tested that the Z2IO will send IR (TV codes) and it works fine. I have tested that the IR codes are correct with a HC-250. Any suggestions or fixes??? I need a wireless control RGBW LED lighting.
  3. luminenterprises@gmail.com

    Bond Ceiling Fan Controller

    The link you sent for Multi-X isn't working. https://www.matterlink.sg/multi-x.html where can I purchase one of these?
  4. luminenterprises@gmail.com

    Houselogix DoorBird Doorbell driver

    Has anyone been able to figure out how to get the video from the DoorBird on a TV screen?
  5. luminenterprises@gmail.com

    HC-800 & HC-250's for Sale

  6. luminenterprises@gmail.com

    HC-800 & HC-250's for Sale

    I have a HC-800 and HC-250s (total of 3 available) for sale. I also have a recharging station for a C4 remote and a Door Station. EVERYTHING IS USED BUT IN GREAT WORKING CONDITION. Only shipping to the 48 US states. HC-250 Controller (total of 3 available), C4-HC250-BL-1A, PRICE: $200 obo HC-800 Controller (1 available), C4-HC800-BL-1, PRICE: $450 obo Control4 System Remote Recharging Station, C4-SRRS, PRICE: $35 obo Door Station (Satin Nickel), C4-DSC-EN-SN, ONLY includes door station hardware, screws. Mounting bracket NOT included, PRICE:300
  7. luminenterprises@gmail.com

    A good RGB LED Control solution for Control4 is there

    I didn't see this question anywhere in the chain... For a RGBW setup (or RGB for that matter), would you be able to fade and/or flash between selected colors? For example, on Halloween have it fade between orange and white over a programmed time period or for 4th of July have it flash between red, white and blue? Any screen shots of Composer programming would be helpful.
  8. luminenterprises@gmail.com

    Chowmain - Generic Lighting Driver (IR)

    Attached is an Excel sheet with all the IR codes for the banggood device. Hope this says everyone some time. LED IR Controller, Banggood.xlsx
  9. I do not see a driver for the Aeotec Zwave extender/repeater. Help here...
  10. luminenterprises@gmail.com

    Chowmain - Generic Lighting Driver (IR)

    Great driver but is there any way to dim RGB color codes? Seems like a simple driver update to include a color code in the dimming driver?
  11. luminenterprises@gmail.com

    4k UHD Media Server Install Suggestions

    I saw that post a few days ago. Below is the link I read. Seems like I could piece a system together with a Roku 4k and Qnap bout would need to vital things to make it work: 1) software that will rip 4k, and 2) a Blu-ray drive that would read 4k (not determined if existing computer Blu-ray drives will be able to read/process the 4k data). Uncharted territory... But if the two conditions are met I believe a Qnap TVS-871 would future proof the system. I didn't find anything that validated that Kaleidescape could playback 4k either but maybe not diving deep enough into it... (http://www.kaleidescape.com/products/encore/ ) http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/02/next-gen-ultra-hd-blu-ray-discs-probably-wont-be-cracked-for-a-while/
  12. luminenterprises@gmail.com

    4k UHD Media Server Install Suggestions

    Any suggestions on the 4k player and NAS drive combo?
  13. luminenterprises@gmail.com

    4k UHD Media Server Install Suggestions

    Has anyone done a 4k/UHD media server/NAS drive install? Looking for a solution for one of my 4k clients. Currently have Leaf 10x10 4k HDMI Matrix Switch. Here is what I'm thinking but open to suggestions or if this can even be done. Software: DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper (only software I could find that would support H.265/4k) AnyDVD doesn't seem to have 4k software yet. http://www.dvdfab.cn/blu-ray-ripper.htm Hardware: QNAP TVS-871 series. Again only NAS I can find that supports 4k at 60Hz. Base on what I am researching, I could just have the client rip the Blu-rays with his own computer using DVDFab and drop them onto the QNAP TVS-871. Thoughts, suggestion, feedback?
  14. luminenterprises@gmail.com

    Pioneer SC-91 IP Driver Issues

    No where in the C4 driver for this model does it state how to identify the AVR in Composer Pro. When you are in the network info screen within the AVR all you have to do is press the right arrow. You will see on the OSD for the AVR it will flash "Control4 Identify". Composer will then grab the ID.
  15. luminenterprises@gmail.com

    Pioneer SC-91 IP Driver Issues

    Having trouble detecting and connecting a Pioneer SC-91 to a C4 install. Eliminated network issues. Tried giving AVR a static lease via the router based on MAC but no luck. Tried issuing static IP via the AVR - no luck. Tried right arrow for C4 identity on AVR - no luck. Spent an hour on phone with Pioneer tech support - no luck. Please help, first time triyng a Pioneer w/ a C4 system. Any guidance?