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  1. Is there a way to get Kumo to SYNC with C4. https://www.mitsubishicomfort.com/kumocloud
  2. jamesc4

    Looking to integrate fireplace

    Do you have any Cats and AC Outlet nearby ? if you want to use the RF remote method i have used in the past the MultiX Item but it depends on the RF frequency of the remote https://www.matterlink.sg/multi-x.html
  3. Hello I need a refresh of information please on this Red Link Stuff I have done it before, but I don't recall some of it. Okay so I have a customer installing Mitsubishi System. The AC Installer would be installing the MHK1 Wireless Thermostat for Each unit (Total about 12 Units), ( From what I understand these are just remote controls that reports the current temperature from the AC Unit Itself.) Large House with few floors. 0So I understand we can use the Red Link Honeywell Gateway to get these units to appear on C4. How Do they work? What type of Wireless? If I remember I would like need one in each room?
  4. any suggestions on 32" or 40" IP Control TV?
  5. Hello non related to C4 I have a long HDMI cable that was ran in the wall that got damaged on one end any recommendations on an HDMI repair kit with instructions ?
  6. okay.. So I have a situation, where the parents wants to limit the Music Stations. They only want to have say 2-3 Stations. The Kids would use the T3 Touch Screens.
  7. Hello, I have noticed that with the C4 Thermostat from the C4 APP you can create/edit schedules. But when using the Nest Thermostat; the scheduling is not an option on the C4 APP. Is this an issue with all NON C4 Thermostats?
  8. Is there a way to limit or choose which Digital Media Stations will appear on the T3? Or maybe a workaround with using a steaming device.
  9. jamesc4

    RS-232 PIn Options

  10. Hello, Wanted to get some feedback. I have a HC-250 on a Project, Need to connect a Module from Alarm Panel that needs RS-232 9 Pin I know i can get an EA-5 or I/O Extender. Any other less expensive options? Could be Temp as long term i will get an EA5
  11. jamesc4

    DS2 Height

    Hello, What is the recommend height? I have a situation where i want to put the DS2 to replace a Door Bell which is about 36" High Has anyone done this?
  12. jamesc4

    Samsung Tv frame

    We have the UN43LS003 See link below. Which Driver should we be using for this? This is the 2017 Model..right? https://www.samsung.com/us/televisions-home-theater/tvs/4k-uhd-tvs/43-inch-class-the-frame-4k-uhd-tv-un43ls003afxza/
  13. jamesc4

    Samsung Tv frame

    Hello, Any update on a Driver fix for this?
  14. jamesc4

    DS2 Keypad

    Just thought I would ask. Does anyone make a Numeric Keypad similar to the Keypad in the DS2 that would work with C4?
  15. jamesc4

    Samsung Tv frame

    Hello, Looking for some advise. We have a 43" Samsung Frame TV the Model is UN43LS003 We could not find Driver for this TV, only the UN53LS003. Turning TV ON, Inputs, Volume all work ....But can't turn TV Off. Any ideas on how to fix this?