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  1. Hi Any recommendations on Wireless Outdoor Speakers? Would be on Floor and we have Electric Outlets Outdoor About 20 Feet away inside is Media Rack, so Was thinking about a WiFi or Blue Thooth item that can stay in the Media Rack.
  2. Are dealers able to see which customers don’t have the patch ?
  3. So a Macmini would work ? I recall trying it but had some issues
  4. Well Aiplay plays from the IPhone Itself , right? and never really has great luck with that sometimes the AirPlay Instance would not show up on the Iphone I prefer the steaming from actual wired device.
  5. Question on this Not a Fan of Airplay So the next best option for Apple Music I found is via Sonos I got it to work, but can’t browse library from Touch Pad any other ways besides Airplay ?
  6. jamesc4

    FIOS Cable Box - Control

    I think that would be awesome if someone got it to work I hate IR Buds.. We already have IP control TV’s, Apple TV’s Now we need Cable Box IP Control.
  7. Hello Guys Just wondering since we are able to control a FIOS Cable Box with the FIOS App isnt there a way to control from C4 , not speaking about IR control..
  8. Hello, In the past I used Black Tape, but felt it looked bad, So I changed to the IR Covers, But they don't stick too well after heat. So tried some Hot Glue but the heat after a while seems to make it not stick. Any ideas of what you guys have been using?
  9. jamesc4

    Apple TV 4K Extending

    I lower Apple TV to 1080P SDR 60HZ and still no video. I ordered one of those Baluns thanks for the input.
  10. jamesc4

    Apple TV 4K Extending

    Hi-- I can get a FIOS Cable Box to work fine over this Balun (But that is 1080P) I didn't lower the Apple TV to 1080P Yet, but it was on 4K SDR and that didn't work, I tried different 4K Formats and nothing worked. I did however try an older Apple TV which is 1080P and that did work.
  11. Hello.. This is not a Control4 question.. I wanted to see what you guys think as many of you are very experienced... I have a Apple TV 4K and having an issue extending video with the below Balun.. I was told to turn off HDR on the Apple TV but even when that’s off it still does not transmit video. https://secure.libertycable.com/product_details.php?pitem=DL-HD70LS&navid=6911
  12. jamesc4

    SR260 w/ Charging Station

    Hello Cam someone confirm the latest version of firmware for the SR260 please thanks
  13. jamesc4


    Does your driver allow the Cameras to appear on the Touch screens and C4 App?
  14. Does anyone have a step by step instructions on how to set up ? if this works what’s all the complaining about C4 not having this in their app? just trying to understand..
  15. jamesc4


    I have a customer who loves the Savant APP and the Savant TV Remote Controls. But wanted to do Control4 Lighting So my questions are as follows: 1) Any integration as I mentioned? 2) Does Control4 plan to upgrade their APP and Remote to be more polished like Savant? 3) Are they any Savant Dealers out there looking to share a project, (PM me for that)