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  1. jamesc4

    TCL Roku TVs IR driver

    I’m using the driver which is linked in the orginal post and it’s just IR Which only controls the TV itself Then for the Roku Part , It’s the Roku IP Driver.
  2. jamesc4

    DS2 Door Station

    Not sure Do you have a link of what you would use.
  3. jamesc4

    DS2 Door Station

    Do you want your inside phones to just ring or do you want to talk to the DS2 from the Inside Phones? You will not be able to talk to the Phones with the TDA50G, that System doesn’t offer SIP Phone options. To ring the phones I have not tried it, but you may be able to do a Contact closure from your controller.
  4. Hello All, This is not C4 related. But I always love the people from this forums input! Looking for some cordless phones that are very sleek looking I know bang-olufsen used to make them but not sure what other options are out there.
  5. jamesc4

    IP Scan

    Scan the network just like would do with a scan tool but remotley say an IP of a device changed and I needed to find the new IP.
  6. jamesc4

    IP Scan

    Right but the question is if working remote is there a way via Composer to do a scan?
  7. jamesc4

    Somfy Mylinks

    I have some Somfy Mylinks bought too many for project. PM me if interested
  8. jamesc4

    IP Scan

    Is there a Driver that will let me scan network for IP's?
  9. jamesc4

    QMotion Shades

    Does anyone have QMotion QConnect for Gen2 Shades? May need like 3 of them
  10. jamesc4

    Nest Secure

    So will this Nest Secure work with C4? https://store.nest.com/product/nest-secure/H1500ES
  11. jamesc4

    QMotion Shades

    I spoke to QMotion. These shades are Gen 2 Not Zigbee. Anyone know the options to get these to work with C4? http://www.qmotionshades.com/system/support_documents/files/000/000/067/original/Qadvanced_Shade_Installation_Instructions-Single_Pages-lowres.pdf?1400019910
  12. jamesc4

    QMotion Shades

    Hello, I have a Job that has some QMotion Shades. From What I can see there is no Hub, They just have remotes. (See attached pictures) How Can i use these shades with Control4? Are these Zigbee Shades?
  13. jamesc4

    Back Box for Samsung Frame TV

    About 14 1/2
  14. Hello All, So in the past I have used something like this for TV Back Boxes. https://intuitiveusa.com/in-wall-boxes-2/ Which seem great. but I did a job with a Samsung Frame TV where the HDMI Box is larger then these boxes and we had to remove the Back Boxes. Going forward...any one with some ideas of which box to use, I see some 20" Boxes out there but i think that may be overkill.