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  1. Hello, anyone interested in buying two used Doorbirds ? They work fine , customer decided to go with Control4 DS2 with Keypads PM me in interested.
  2. Having an issue when watching smart TV , the Smart Menu doesn't automatically pop up i have to press Menu which pops the options menu and then menu again for the smart banner any ideas ?
  3. Old Samsung Also Issue with a KD Series Sony I got the cancel to work for Youtube but for Netflix it was asking to arrow to the right and push select to close Netflix.
  4. It would be nice if there was some built in functions for Smart TVs I know Roku or Apple TVs are much easier to deal with. But for example , there should be a function that will help exit the smart TV app like Netflix when switching to an HDMI. Making this work with programming manualy is very buggy Especially with older smart TVs
  5. Please Delete

    Please delete duplicate
  6. Light won’t turn off

    I would try next to turn off and on the circuit breaker leave off for 1 minute
  7. Light won’t turn off

    Try rebooting the switch: 9-4-9 press 9 taps on top press 4 taps on buttom press 9 taps on top
  8. Yamaha Driver for rx-v683

    I kinda tried that ... I can play some more.... but here is what I have going on. HDMI 1 Is Cable Box which works fine , I want to be able to have the option to watch HDM1 and listen to audio from Coax 3 (which is audio from C4 EA5 digital out) This works fine from the Yamaha Remote , First I start off watching/listening HDMI1 and then press Audio 3 which plays audio from Coax3 but leaves Video as is. Any ideas ? thinking to use IR just for the Audio 3 Button using a Fake Driver for the Command.
  9. Does your driver let you playback video with all the options? I have found Lilin NVR drivers to work great with Lilin NVRs but nothing great with HIK
  10. Yamaha Driver for rx-v683

    Hello i also have a Yamaha rx-v683 i can't seem to find a driver with a coax3 connection i found one on the Houselogix site that does have coax3 but can't seem to switch to that input.
  11. Yamaha RV-X683

    Hello, I have a Yamaha RV-X683. The Driver seems to work fine. The Driver that I'm using is the RX-A760. it's a network driver driver and works fine. Except it doesn't have a Audio 3 Input. Also looked at the RX-V757 and it doesnn't have it either. any help would be appericated.
  12. Hello, Having an issue with the V1 Thermostat Using with AC System and Separate Two Wire Heat System. The AC System would be the one with the common wire. When the Heat goes on its causing the Air Fan from the AC to go on. I think the real solution is to have the common come from the Heat System. but is this how all C4 Thermostat should be acting? What about other Thermostat like Nest