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    Can a project have a CA1 as the main controller and then have few more to help Zigbee signal ? basiclly need 5 SR-260’s for TVS and could use like 3 CA1 for Zigbee but would want to use also on one C4 App.
  2. jamesc4

    SR-260 Update

    Hi don’t know if this was discussed Im a dealer and today two clients contacted that their SR-260 started an Update on its own whats this about ?
  3. jamesc4

    Baldwin Evolved

    Is there even a solution here ???
  4. jamesc4

    Control4 buys Neeo

    We are happy its more then a remote , it’s fresh design for app..Savant’s Remote and App look much nicer .. this is C4’s come back the war is on
  5. jamesc4

    Kohler Dtv system

    anything on this yet?
  6. How many shades you have ? Which Wiring did you run.?
  7. First off I have to say, this is the best forum. You guys are the best! off topic from C4 I see a lot of different options for TV Sizes speaking of 4K , no budget. Is there even a rule a thump ? I know some people like it larger.
  8. jamesc4

    Savant buying Control4

    Maybe C4 is buying Savant
  9. jamesc4

    Mr Steam

    Hello This is being installed Is there a Driver for C4?
  10. In Composer, Can't see to change the Code for the lock? What am i missing? Running 2.10.5 Seems I need the user name ? But how would I find that out?
  11. Actuall stations within one service.
  12. Is there a way to get Kumo to SYNC with C4. https://www.mitsubishicomfort.com/kumocloud
  13. jamesc4

    Looking to integrate fireplace

    Do you have any Cats and AC Outlet nearby ? if you want to use the RF remote method i have used in the past the MultiX Item but it depends on the RF frequency of the remote https://www.matterlink.sg/multi-x.html
  14. Hello I need a refresh of information please on this Red Link Stuff I have done it before, but I don't recall some of it. Okay so I have a customer installing Mitsubishi System. The AC Installer would be installing the MHK1 Wireless Thermostat for Each unit (Total about 12 Units), ( From what I understand these are just remote controls that reports the current temperature from the AC Unit Itself.) Large House with few floors. 0So I understand we can use the Red Link Honeywell Gateway to get these units to appear on C4. How Do they work? What type of Wireless? If I remember I would like need one in each room?
  15. any suggestions on 32" or 40" IP Control TV?