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  1. I assume there is Axis C4 Drivers Do we know if Axis Cameras work well on the T3's ? And Which NVR do you use ?
  2. Is there a way to get to Control4 EA3 to work with Spotify natively I didn't see the driver
  3. Hello Not really a Control4 question. Looking for an indoor antenna that can run over coax to a box which will give out an HDMI so I can connect to Matrix Coax Wire in Attic running to Matrix Area in Basement
  4. Yes, the way the lights were before we press the "MBR ALL OFF"
  5. Thanks guys seems to be working at first it was a little glichy but maybe can't press the keypad to fast as it needs time to save the snapshot ? also , so assume I would like this in say 5 different bedrooms, I would need to create a variable for each and a snapshot for each , correct?
  6. Thanks for the direction guys.. When I create the Variable, I don't see a way to make it Toggle Style.. Can you explain how... I create the Variable called MBR OFF.... then select as Boolean.. what am i missing?
  7. Hello I could use some help... Not sure where to put the code the the Take Snapshot and Recall Snapshot. So I have an "Room Off" button on a Keypad. I want to be able to press it a second time and all the lights should resume to how it was before we pressed it the first time. See picture..
  8. Interesting How far is the Turntable from the AMP? How many feet , same floor ? maybe they make a wifi rca kit ?
  9. I assume you have no wiring from the Turntable area to Control4 gear also what's the model of the Turntable ?
  10. You need something like this or a small mixer that has a Phono Input Which Turntable do you have ? http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PP400?adpos=1o9&creative=54989553361&device=m&matchtype=&network=g&product_id=PP400&gclid=COf-lcjwm9ECFZSIswod97YP4Q
  11. With the T2 Touch Screens,,,you can atleast get a camera pop up with a generic door bell/relay.. This got lost on the T3... So with the T2's that was the advantage over the IPAD..
  12. Where is that setting ?
  13. Hello Is there an option for a call time out on the DS2? Meaning once you except a call from a touchscreen can it be set to something like 60 seconds to end the call in case someone walks away from the touchscreen without pressing end call?
  14. Hello I'm sure this topic has come up in the past but I'm trying to weigh the differences between a T3 touchscreen and an iPad Mounted on a wall. In a project where we are not using any door stations , not sure what the advantages over the T3 touchscreen are. these days the IPads can get an Ethernet adaptor The Camera app on an iPad is much much better than the T3 Really not happy with the security cameras on a T3 , the grid view doesn't compare to an IPAD Looking to see what you guys think.