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  1. I did contact HIK Vision they were not able to help me as mentioned they sent me an older firmware but still not good i was able to make my own driver with IR control just don't know how and if I can program any arrows to select the different cameras (not sure if the IP driver does this anyway ) i was able to program the "1" on the remote for camera view 1... and so on..
  2. To Recap: I have a DS-7608 NVR The Houselogix Driver works great to have the Cameras appear on the Touch Screens But I need to be able to control the NVR Screen Output from a SR-260 so i'm using the C4 HIK\NVR Driver. I downgraded the Firmware to 3.3.6 Build 151229 and still not connecting. C4 told me they tested on 3.3.6 Build 150828 but HIK says that they can’t give that Firmware as that is international Any help please? See error attached
  3. Does anyone have the HikVision Firmware which is needed for the HIKVision NVR Driver? on hold with HIK for 1HR..
  4. Hello, Looking to see if anyone came across this issue or advise here... We have a HikVision NVR DS-9632NI-ST We are able to use the HouseLogix DS-7600 NVR Driver which works well to add the Cameras to the Navigator. But can't seem to control the NVR with the C4 HikVision NVR Driver. Looking to be able to use the SR-260 to change the views on the HDMI Output of the NVR,. Many Thanks...
  5. Sounds good.... Regarding the NVR, If i have a project that will have about 20 IP Cameras at 3 or 4MP. In order to keep the Network Traffic light i assume to get a NVR that has build in POE Ports (Like some of the HIKVision's) Is this assumption correct? i see Synology is just a NVR without POE. Thoughts?
  6. Ok here is the set up: We have Apple Express connected to LAN and Audio Jack to HIFI AMP that doesn't have HDMI (Which works fine) Goal is to ask Alexa to Play music from Apple Express So was thinking to get C4 connected, or maybe don't need C4.. can Alexa talk direct to Apple Express or what can I buy?
  7. to play music from C4 App. It now works from Apple's APP
  8. Hi So we using Airport Express Audio Jack for Streaming Audio to a Receiver. Is there a way to control the Airport Express from C4?, I didn't see the Driver.
  9. Hi-- Any experience with TV Lifts. I came across Nexus, is that the way to go? and for Control4 Integration, is it just IR?
  10. thanks. what about rocker for a single legecy switch?
  11. HI Guys. With Legacy Engraving can't seem to do with Composer. Is there a way? or is it manual?
  12. So I have the Mac Mini Set up with ITunes How would I get the music to play to a Matrix AMP ? What are my options?
  13. Hi guys..I small project in the morning. I'm looking for Drivers for the Following. I thought I can ask my friends here for some quick advise. DVD: Sony BDP S6200, I don't see this driver in Composer, I seen an older post that there is an Extra Vegetables DVD IP Driver for Sony, But don't see much on that either, TV Sony XBR-X900B , I don't see in Composer, Any ideas of which closest one to use? Many Thanks
  14. Hello (I'm sorry if this was brought up in a previous post) Looking for some feedback .. What is the best way to play Apple Music that was bought ( I don't like streaming from the IPhone with airplay) (Since it's wifi and needs interaction from IPhone) I was told maybe from a Mac Mini using AirPlay (But via Ethernet). Music will show up via Touch Pads also right ? Thoughts ?
  15. I assume there is Axis C4 Drivers Do we know if Axis Cameras work well on the T3's ? And Which NVR do you use ?