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  1. Just had a client phone asking if there was any way to have alpha numeric keys on the interface, as he uses the search functionality a lot and so uses the digits on the interface to input text. Do I just simply say no? Ideally I would sell him a sr260 but I have no zigbee up there so it starts getting pricey for such a simple thing.
  2. 3D - Benn

    UK Fire Alarm System

    He said he can't as its grade C. My integration is fairly basic with fire alarm panels in the UK consist of relays then triggering the texecom / C4 to alert and notify.
  3. 3D - Benn

    Temperature Sensor?

    I'm starting to wonder if Gary is secretly a Philips rep 😂
  4. Texecom is great but I'm still unsure on the status or reliability of the new driver which uses the latest alarm GUI? Last I heard it was pretty unstable, but the old driver + GUI will work fine. Would be nice if i was wrong though and its been updated to work reliably on the new interface and driver.
  5. Who your dealer is is down to you and no one else. If you want 24/7 support and call outs then get a dealer who can do just that. Your choice of dealer is down to you, not control 4.
  6. 3D - Benn

    Power Outages and Reboots

    If you are loosing power several times over the period of a week you have a LOT to gain from a UPS. You've just said you are getting various issues due to power cuts, so if your equipment is held in by a UPS during a power cut then problem solved? Not to mention the other benefits such as power conditioning and surge protection.
  7. It's not the responsibility of the people on these forums. Everyone here with knowledge on the matter is here on their own voluntary basis. This customer obviously has substantial issues with a new install and wanted to rant about it. This place is great for the odd hint or tip but it's not an appropriate place to help fault find potentially big issues with a new install. Thats the job of the dealer who installed it and no one else. If the dealer is not providing support on a new install then get another dealer and take it up with C4. Ignoring peoples questions who are trying to help diagnose the issue and instead focusing on ranting further will not achieve anything.
  8. 3D - Benn

    Power Outages and Reboots

    Have you considered a UPS?
  9. Significantly slower! You either cough up a bit more for T3 and benefit from buying something thats built for its purpose or go down the tablet/phone route and (eventually) regret it imo. The cost difference is a no brainer, it used to be a BIG difference in price on the tablet vs touchscreen front.... which meant this argument had some footing... but not anymore.
  10. Nope. I've installed this driver on a LOT of different jobs since it's come out... and aside from a issue with a firmware update by Sky (which was fixed prompto) i've had no problems at all. Judging from your certainty of it being the Sky driver, presumably all works flawlessly if the driver is removed? What processor is running director?
  11. 3D - Benn

    My apologies for the frustration

    My own personal definition of "Basic network settings" would be exactly that - changing DHCP/Static IP settings... I'm not sure quite what you're getting at in this, aside from it being yet another Wapp moan topic. If your network has issues hire some one to fix it. If they can't, find some one that can. It's not really difficult? If, however, you are trying to DIY fault find your network yourself that's another thing entirely and maybe you'd find more help on an amateur networking forum or something. It may just be me reading your post the wrong way but it seems you're hating on C4 because you have a faulty network, when they are two separate things.
  12. 3D - Benn


    Yeah mainly just bug fixes, I think the most exiting thing in 2.10.1 was 5Ghz on T3's which says a lot. Having said that, I'd rather bug fixes then new features anyway!
  13. 3D - Benn

    Networks in the real world

    100 devices isn't actually a whole lot when you step back and look after an install. All I can say is that if the chance of them all still working after a year was 0, I'm pretty sure I'd be out of a job.
  14. 3D - Benn

    External Sensor

    I use the Optex sensors (VXI-ST), but usually do it via an alarm system. The typical setup is the external PIRs just set off a silent alarm to alert that some one may be snooping + trigger a lighting sequence to create the effect that some ones got up and checked it out. I've just wired a house today where we are using these on every external wall for that very reason as it happens.