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  1. Luke

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    I have a SAM module I can sell if anyone wants it. Just pm me
  2. SMHarmon, that was me that messaged about a Vue driver. I also need one... kinda looking at other options currently for streaming TV. From what I’ve found Sling and DirectvNow are the only two with Roku drivers
  3. https://www.amazon.com/TOTO-SW2044-01-Electronic-SoftClose/dp/B00UCIOX2Q/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1526955685&sr=8-4&keywords=toto+bidet+seat Does anyone know if these Toto Bidet Toilet lids are IR? I’d love to be able to wash and dry my backside thru c4 with my iPhone. -rear cleaning -front cleaning - rear drying - heated seat - auto open and close lid -pre-rinse toilet Imagnine the possibilities...
  4. Luke


    My Tesla updates its self (with Autopilot hardware limitations). Buy one... they are awesome!
  5. Just reading about these products.... Any way to tie events to the facial recognition that the new Nest doorbell is capable of?
  6. Luke

    WTB: Any C4 compatible deadbolt

    Yes. PM sent
  7. Luke

    WTB: Any C4 compatible deadbolt

    I’ve got this deadbolt sitting in a box I’m not using. $100 shipped. It includes the C4 module. Color is lifetime polished brass. https://www.kwikset.com/products/details/electronic-locks/910trl-zbc4-l03-smt.aspx
  8. Luke

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    Strong!!!!!! Thanks Cyk
  9. Luke

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    I’d guess that it works with any of the newer style Infinity Touch thermostats that are WiFi capable. Great find Vstar!!!! Now someone smarter than me needs to write a driver
  10. Luke

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    Look up the model number on your unit and find an installation document. Should be pretty easy to figure out if you can hook up a standard t-stat.
  11. Luke

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    With Infinity you must use a Carrier thermostat to retain variable speed fan features/humidity/pressure sensing/damper control/reminders. You can use a dumb T-stat but you lose all of those features. Variable speed is the most important of those... it’s a 4 wire proprietary communicating system. The main panel does have the hookup for standard control “for emergency use only”.
  12. Luke

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    Carrier sells those SAMs for $1000. Seems like a good reason for them to lock it down. Except they can’t sell very many of them. Maybe no open API for anyone to even write a driver. Im SO glad my Carrier system died
  13. Luke

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    That info is correct. Only way to integrate Carrier Infinity in Control4 is the SAM module and serial cable. Search these forums on the topic. There are a few posts over the years... I’ve probably researched this topic for hours on end, attempted to buy a Sam and after a couple years of an eBay search I was able to find one. That said this is not a perfect integration at all... You will not get any sort of scheduling features in C4. All must be done on carrier side. You can control temp set point but that’s about it. Maybe select preset... It may or may not work with your T-Stats. Have to be a certain revision number... this can be found in the SAM documentation I’ve linked. AND.... after I did all that work just a few months later my 12 year old Carrier system shit the bed and I had it yanked out and replaced with the cheapest single speed system I could find (Goodman) and Control4 T-Stat. So if you want the SAM and compatible T-stat I have one I’m not using.
  14. How about the release of the announced Hayward Omnilogic integration from 2014????
  15. Luke

    Engraving Backlight.

    He’s saying the green “High” is bleeding into the others and now C4 has a little plastic block to prevent this. Contact your dealer or C4 customer service to see if they have a fix.