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  1. Are you saying ComposerHE now works on iPad? If so I can finally ditch my POS Windows computer! Or is there some way to just edit lighting scenes using the app I'm unfamiliar with? I have never used the ipad interface...
  2. Do you have an update on the driver?
  3. If all you need to do is change the IP address it shouldn't be very expensive to get a remote dealer on here to do that for you. Probably less than the cheapest universal remote available. I'd post in the dealer wanted section and someone there will help you out. If you have access to Composer HE you can do it yourself.
  4. Matt, I've got the Un60f8000 (2014 model). Is this a free/paid driver? You want to give it a shot on mine? Luke
  5. I came to this site to seek help and provide help to others. I don't participate in this community for pety insults or horse riding.
  6. I apologize for misinformation...
  7. I have no real info here but I'm not a fan of the trailing zero. Maybe it's a medical thing... lol
  8. I missed that... good call.
  9. Ring is what you need if you don't want/need video in C4. Works perfect for your needs
  10. In the thread from 2015 user Nelda claims to have scheduling working.
  11. The SAM hardly ever gets sold and took 2 years to find waiting for one to pop up on eBay. I didn't want to pay $900 for it and finally got one for around $200. It's old tech and doesn't fully function with the new Carrier t-stats so I don't think they are trying to sell them. I think they just don't care anything about automation and are way behind as far as tech. I'd much rather have a regular system I could use a C4 t-stat with than an expensive variable speed system. I bet Carrier thinks I'm rare and most people want the variable speed but they are wrong. This system came with the house. So my only option now was this SAM and if anyone can help with calendar please let me know.
  12. Hey everyone, I need some help on this one... I FINALLY got a Carrier Infinity SAM and have had it added to my C4 system. Everything works as expected except for the schedule/calendar programming. I found an old thread from a couple years ago where some seemed to have it working and others were struggling with the same issue but they never posted a fix. I have this working using a newer generation Infinity Touch T-stat but the recommended t-stat is the older UID/UIZ t-stat. I still have this but didn't use it due to the skytel issues but can swap it back if y'all think that will fix this. I tried hooking it up but don't know how to activate the skytel network. My question, for people who have this working... Which Carrier t-stat are you using? Any tips for getting this fixed? Any dealers out there with experience with this system? Thanks! Luke Here is the old thread... Here is the SAM documentation...
  13. Pulled number out of my ass assuming $75-100/hr x 8-16 hours for an install that includes multiple boxes of old C4 gear. He could get it lower if he did all of the wiring, etc himself as you just said. Good luck OP. PM me if you want to go a different direction and sell everything.
  14. You came to the perfect place. Just tell us the model numbers and show us a few pics and I'm sure someone on here (me) will buy everything from you. This is not the system for you. You will not be able to get around the dealer required issue. This is a common question here and an answer you don't want. Upload a pic of what you've got and we can tell you if it's worth having a dealer over to set it all up. You are looking at $500-1000 minimum to get someone out for a day or longer to install it all. After that you can easily get Home Edition and program all kinds of cool stuff plus you can use the remote dealers here for a very reasonable price when you add new gear.