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  1. Yes, Lifetime Polished Brass
  2. Accepting any reasonable offer...
  3. The C4 in the model number means it has the C4 compatible zigbee chip. Color is: Lifetime Polished Brass. It is used, works perfectly and was previously used in a C4 project by one of the dealers on here I purchased it from. I just ended up not needing it. https://www.kwikset.com/products/details/electronic-locks/910trl-zbc4-l03-smt.aspx
  4. Kwikset lock... $100 shipped to US Model: 910TRL ZBC4 L03 SMT Card Access Security Sensor Bridge V2 $100 shipped to US
  5. I’ve got a Kwikset... Model: 910TRL ZBC4 L03 SMT Ill let it go for $100 shipped to Us.
  6. OS 2.10 Features

    I use a remote dealer on here that is more than happy to add eBay gear to my project. Everyone's situation is different and it's unfortunate this seems to be a major issue for some people since much cheaper options for io are available. Each rack/project has its on unique setup so I get why you are frustrated, if it's that big of a deal I'd just skip the update. For me I just needed a way to hook up my garage relay and Carrier Infinity a/c serial module. Adding a hc-250 accomplished that goal for $75 plus 1hr labor for a remote dealer to add it after I got it wired all up.
  7. OS 2.10 Features

    This is a dumb argument. The cost of a used hc-250 ($75 is what I paid on eBay) is substantially cheaper than the price of even the cheapest remote dealer to do the upgrade.
  8. CEDIA 2017

    iOS also... release notes say improved video quality on security cameras.
  9. Home move-in

    +1 for Matt. You sound exactly like me... would like to do it all yourself (I'm also Lutron certified), but feel restricted by composter. I found Matt on here and he does all the pro stuff for me at a very reasonable price. It's extremely nice to have an expert also to help me with complicated programming when I get stuck and he has saved me a ton of time and money.
  10. C4 questions

    Are you saying ComposerHE now works on iPad? If so I can finally ditch my POS Windows computer! Or is there some way to just edit lighting scenes using the app I'm unfamiliar with? I have never used the ipad interface...
  11. Do you have an update on the driver?
  12. If all you need to do is change the IP address it shouldn't be very expensive to get a remote dealer on here to do that for you. Probably less than the cheapest universal remote available. I'd post in the dealer wanted section and someone there will help you out. If you have access to Composer HE you can do it yourself.
  13. Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    Matt, I've got the Un60f8000 (2014 model). Is this a free/paid driver? You want to give it a shot on mine? Luke
  14. Sonos/Control4 Extra Vegetable Driver

    I came to this site to seek help and provide help to others. I don't participate in this community for pety insults or horse riding.