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  1. Luke

    Liftmaster/MyQ options

    http://www.creativeaccesssolutions.com/index.php?id_product=3&controller=product This is the product I used, along with a cheap hc250. It basically makes the myq work with a regular relay. I had to buy this when my Genie motor was swapped for a myq. Does the job of soldering a remote except you don’t have to diy or ever change the batteries in the remote. No idea if it would work with your security setup.
  2. You need a good dealer... Bunch of solid options on this site who can fix your setup remotely for a fraction of the cost of a local guy.
  3. My hodgepodge end user DIY setup... Google Fiber Gigabit internet Google Fiber router/access point - 1500sq ft house Cisco dumb switches 24/8/8/5/5 ports Powerline Ethernet adapter from house to pool - not feasible to run cat5 Ruckus r510 at the pool Just kinda pieced this all together as my system and network has expanded over the past few years. It all just plain works. I see no reason to change it. My system is incredibly stable including all networked devices (don’t make me count them), C4, internet, etc. I do have dedicated hubs for Sonos and Lutron to keep those devices off my WiFi. My WiFi speeds on iPhone X are 500/500 in my house and 20/20 at my pool.
  4. Luke

    Help with WiFi camera

    I’d like to be able to view the feed in the C4 interface. Will that work on tv’s and iPhone? Or just TV/TS? The main goal is to be able to buy something that will not just be useless in a year or so like a true baby monitor (RF signal) My friends seem to be happy with Nest. I just don’t want to have to buy a blue iris server to get the feed in Control4. That the only option?
  5. So my wife has given me the job of finding a baby monitor. I’m pretty sure I’m just doing a local audio only monitor with a WiFi camera. 1. What is the current best option for cheap WiFi cam that works with C4? 2. Does Nest cameras work? How about the doorbell also? 2. Logitech Circle 2?
  6. Luke

    Bryant Evolution integration

    The C4 t-stats will make the Carrier Infinity single speed instead of variable and basically defeat the purpose of Carrier Infinity. I couldn’t find an A/C guy willing to wire it for me that way. It’s a communicating 4 wire system so DIY was pretty much out of the question also. I had this system with a SAM until my A/C went out and it worked fine except no scheduling within the C4 app. Sam’s cost around $800-900 if you can find them. I got my SAM on eBay by having a daily search for about 2 years looking for one (I think I paid $300ish). Thankfully my system died and I got a dumb hvac system and C4 tstat. I’m much happier. I heard the same about a potential driver but no first hand experience. I’d try to get ahold of that driver company before looking into the SAM route. I still have the Sam/Carrier tstat/serial cable just sitting in a box at home and id let you have it all cheap if you can use it. I think you would need 3 of these devices but maybe your client would be ok just having 1 in C4? It’s wired by piggybacking to the 4 wire t-stat and then dropping a remote sensor where you need it.
  7. Luke

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    I have a SAM module I can sell if anyone wants it. Just pm me
  8. SMHarmon, that was me that messaged about a Vue driver. I also need one... kinda looking at other options currently for streaming TV. From what I’ve found Sling and DirectvNow are the only two with Roku drivers
  9. https://www.amazon.com/TOTO-SW2044-01-Electronic-SoftClose/dp/B00UCIOX2Q/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1526955685&sr=8-4&keywords=toto+bidet+seat Does anyone know if these Toto Bidet Toilet lids are IR? I’d love to be able to wash and dry my backside thru c4 with my iPhone. -rear cleaning -front cleaning - rear drying - heated seat - auto open and close lid -pre-rinse toilet Imagnine the possibilities...
  10. Luke


    My Tesla updates its self (with Autopilot hardware limitations). Buy one... they are awesome!
  11. Just reading about these products.... Any way to tie events to the facial recognition that the new Nest doorbell is capable of?
  12. Luke

    WTB: Any C4 compatible deadbolt

    Yes. PM sent
  13. Luke

    WTB: Any C4 compatible deadbolt

    I’ve got this deadbolt sitting in a box I’m not using. $100 shipped. It includes the C4 module. Color is lifetime polished brass. https://www.kwikset.com/products/details/electronic-locks/910trl-zbc4-l03-smt.aspx
  14. Luke

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    Strong!!!!!! Thanks Cyk
  15. Luke

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    I’d guess that it works with any of the newer style Infinity Touch thermostats that are WiFi capable. Great find Vstar!!!! Now someone smarter than me needs to write a driver