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  1. No worries - I'll do that. It would make this even better if it does.
  2. This looks like an awesome solution, along with chowmain's IntesisBox driver. It would eliminate the need for a separate thermostat, which is nice. I'm definitely going to try one of these. @alanchow does this provide temperature feedback from the Mitsubishi's onboard temperature sensor or does it use its own?
  3. We finished a condo in Puerto Rico last year that had 7 split type AC units throughout. Since the original ones were put in by the developer 8 years prior and not continuously run, they were in bad shape and needed replaced, and I wanted to use a model that worked the best with a third party control system. The Fujitsu models were recommended by the HVAC people, but I couldn't find any interface (other than IR) to control these. I found that most of the new Mitsubishi Mr. Slim models can use a module that plugs into the main board to give a control interface for any standard thermostat. We went with 2 different Mitsubishi models that support this (different sizes for different size rooms) after we found a contractor who does Mitsubishi AC. I haven't integrated the thermostat interface modules yet, but plan to soon along with basic wifi thermostats that can all be tucked away under the outer cover. It's not the cheapest option (the interface modules are pricy), but I think it is the best option for these types of AC units for true 2-way feedback. Mitsubishi models used: MSY-GE15NA and MSY-GE24NA Mitsubishi interface module: PAC-US444CN-1
  4. jerrywolf

    Two routers?

    If you connect a LAN port on the Synology router to your existing network, it should work just like another device on your network and not do any routing. I have a Time Capsule set up this way on my network (Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro and Luxul XMS-7048P).
  5. jerrywolf

    Just Add Power Programming

    I didn't even think of that. I wonder if there's a way to do this using the new experience buttons under watch.
  6. jerrywolf

    Just Add Power Programming

    I would like to know as well. I have phased out everything but T3s, but I still don't know how this was done. I'm hoping it's not a special app that was only available on the older TS's
  7. jerrywolf

    Just Add Power Programming

    It really is great, especially with the instant switching, PoE receivers, and flexibility to add virtually unlimited displays, since the only limitation is switch size. We are doing the vacation condo now with the 4K 3G+AVP products (it will only be a 6x5 setup), so I will find out soon how the 4K will be!
  8. jerrywolf

    Just Add Power Programming

    One other thing I would like to mention in relation to image pull - I have it setup on the JAP devices, and I can browse to an ip address on my network such as for example, and get a bitmap of the most recent image pull. I have it set to be 640 pixels wide and refresh every 1 second. Is there a driver to show an image from a URL that can refresh every x seconds that could work with this? Even better, one that would be available under the watch menu (like a now playing driver for video or something similar). Also, for the text on screen (JAP calls it on-screen display) does anyone know if this can be achieved through a console command directly? I can send console commands to a receiver with the RS232 driver for the JAP device, but there is no option to directly send text on screen? (This feature is available directly in the RTI JAP driver) (I am an RTI dealer and JAP dealer, and as that's what I prefer to use with RTI installations, so I decided to use it with our personal Control4 installation, but it is fairly new to my control4 dealer). If anyone has any of these answers, it would be awesome! If not, I can contact Just add Power support again for the on-screen display/console commands. They mentioned they think there is a driver that will work with image pull (not theirs), and to ask the dealer.
  9. jerrywolf

    Just Add Power Programming

    Here is an example of a control4 touchscreen using image pull:
  10. We currently have a 9x8 Just Add Power 2G+ Matrix set up with PoE receivers and a Luxul switch that was set up using JADConfig and the driver JAP provides for Control4 (with stereo audio extraction from JAP transmitters going to a 16x16 Control4 audio matrix which feeds the audio for the video zones). This setup works great and is reliable, but now I would like to see what else I can do with the JAP stuff. For example, I would like to add text on screen when an event occurs or put a timer on a screen, etc., but cannot figure out how to do this in programming (assuming this is something I can do). I have also seen JAP being able to use their image pull feature with Control4 touchscreens, and would like to integrate this as well. Any info would be greatly appreciated, as well as knowing what can be done in composer HE vs Pro.
  11. jerrywolf

    2.8.2 C4 iOS APP rocks! (not!)

    I tried this again yesterday, and so far it seems to be much more stable. I can open the app without it crashing every other time now!
  12. jerrywolf

    2.8.2 C4 iOS APP rocks! (not!)

    Same exact issues I have. It's almost unusable. I have a 6+ and an iPad mini (1 generation old).
  13. jerrywolf

    SR-260 Software Enhancements

    You're probably right about the battery being the issue. I'm sure they could figure something out, though.
  14. jerrywolf

    SR-260 Software Enhancements

    How would you do this? Maybe I'm missing something, but the only way I know to program these buttons is to use programming under the room for when the command is received.
  15. jerrywolf

    SR-260 Software Enhancements

    I really love the SR-260, but there are a few things that could make it even more fantastic: - show room volume on remote display; I finally have some TV's audio going through the main matrix switch in the rack, and volume end points in ceiling or bookshelf speakers in those rooms. I like seeing a number, and with this great setup, there is no way to see room volume like you can with a regular tv to see it's volume. - ability to use custom hard buttons (. .. ...) in such a way rather than just a command. For example, bind custom 1 to toggle link master for a light switch so it doesn't have to turn all the way on or off in the case of a dimmer. Just an example of how this would be useful, but there's many more. - Be able to see the current playing media in a room (song info). I see why this wasn't possible on the SR-250 due to screen real estate, but the 260 has plenty of room. You can go into now playing and see this, so I don't see why it couldn't be on the main screen like on a touchscreen or other device. This would be so great and I would use it every single day a ton. - color of screen. This one is kind of stupid but it bugs me how the color of the top menu bar is always white when I choose another color. At the very least, let us change them separately, or just have the custom color apply to the top too. It would look more consistent, which is nice. Right now all of my screen is white because of this haha.