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  1. Ok, no problem, thanks I can get this same unit new for $599. If you have a counter offer let me know.
  2. I can get this same unit new for $599. If you have a counter offer let me know.
  3. I really don't need a POE switch as this is just for getting internet to my smart TV's. But if your willing to sell it for $300 I'll take it. Not trying to low ball you but that's my cost on the AMS 2600 Non Poe switch. Let me know what you think.
  4. Do u still have the 2616p
  5. Do u still have the 2616p network switch?
  6. Just wondering if you still have the luxul AMS 2600
  7. It's been a while since you posted but is the IO Extender still for sale? C4-IOX-E-B
  8. Hello I have a C4 system in my home. I am getting ready to buy a video matrix. I am trying to figure out how many inputs I need 8 or 16. I am just a homeowner so i'm just trying to do the research and a professional will install. I like using the forum as a second opinion, there is a lot of great ideas that were tossed my way when I ask questions here. So I have 12 tv locations, and 4 family memebers living here. I am thinking, 4 cable boxes, blue ray, apple Tv, My securuty camera display, the C4 display. thats 8 already. What other options do I have? I may need a 16 Input then. I dont know what other input options are out there, any suggestions would be great.
  9. Wow, those are cheap, good option since I didn't want to spend a ton of money. Thanks
  10. That camera on the link is perfect!! That's exactly what I am looking for. I will ask my dealer if he knows how to make it compatibile with c4. I am sure I'll be coming back here for help with that, I already know his answer Otherwise, if I understand you correctly, another option is to use 2 portable TS's, one next to the crib and another next to our bed, and leave the setting to monitor, will it have night vision??
  11. I really like the NEST, and it has everything I need I was just hoping to use c4. But I really like this option. Thanks
  12. Hey guys I am having a baby in 6 weeks and I need to buy a few camera that are compatible with my C4 system. I needs to be able to work with the new touch screens which apparently have a monitoring function. Also I need night vision and a mic so I can hear the baby cry. I was told that the Lillan camera # IPR2522 would work but I was hoping to get something portable to put near a crib. I do have the rooms wired in the ceiling with 1 cat6 wire. Any Ideas? I am just the homeowner so any advise would be great if it was in laymen's terms,,62
  13. So it sounds like i need another transmitter, or possibly 2 more. Are The sources i have below considered 8 sources? 4 cable boxes, Blue ray player, security camera recorder, apple TV, and maybe a game station I probably won't use all the tv's but i would like to have a system that is capable of handling it. i counted wrong only 12 Living room kitchen master bed 2- other bedrooms basement garage back yard 4 bathroom tv- (optional)
  14. These are the parts he recommended. He had just 4 receivers on the qoute, so technically does that mean i only have 4 tv's working? and each of my other tv's will require a receiver? Will that switch support a total of 13 tv locations and maybe 8 sources? Just Add Power HDMI over IP Rackmount Transmitter. 2G+ 1- $1850.00 Just Add Power HDMI Receiver 2G+ POE- $587 each Cisco 28-Port Managed Switch for use with Just Add Power- $1252
  15. I am moving on to the next phase of my project and we are looking into the video distribution. I have 13 video zones and would like to incorporate the in ceiling speakers to play while the tv is on because the sound on the flat screens are not that great. I will have, 4 cable boxes, Blue ray player, security camera recorder, apple TV, and maybe a game station as my sources. I have had 2 different C4 companies do work for me, they have different opinions as to the direction on the video system. One company says Just add power, the other says Matrix. What are your thoughts, keep in mind i am just a consumer so i know very little about this stuff, so if you can, please give me the child explanation as to which way to go on this. FROM THE COMPANY THAT WANTS TO USE MATRIX Just add Power issues; I heard back from my engineering team and they had the following to say about HDoverIP: •Its possible to be less expensive depending on the configuration, but it can be comparable for most configurations •Would not recommend using it with a Audio Matrix as there is almost certainly going to be lip sync issues with the Audio and the Video to the Tvs •Does not give you full 1080p or 4k capabilities as HDoverIP compresses the video signal using an JPEG format. Translation, not the best picture quality to the Tvs •Requires additional Managed Network Switch and Controller (both not inexpensive) •Needs power behind the TV for the receiver •More power, and space, needed in rack area for the sender making for a cluttered rack Based on what I've read about it and what I got back from engineering, this technology MAY be the a big player in the future, but right now the performance and reliability does not match what you get from a HDMI Matrix. THE REBUTTAL FROM THE COMPANY THAT RECOMMENDED JAP: Comments on JAP are close, but I have all the issues worked out. 2G+ allows audio lip sync adjustment. He may write a driver but I use these in the real world. That’s also a reason to use the Control4 Matrix. It has audio delay adjustment.