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  1. WANTED: Wireless Music Bride

    I sent you a PM. Shipping to wherever shouldnt be an issue
  2. ...and back on topic I'm not sure I understand why RING would be on the list versus rolling that up under Wink. If you are talking just about doorbell notifications (not video or whatever additional features may be accessible someday via a RING driver) then Wink handles it just fine...along with other stuff like myQ.
  3. WANTED: Wireless Music Bride

    I've got a brand new one still in the box. PM me
  4. I am considering doing some DMX lighting to complement my outdoor lighting but am completely new to this technology so I have a few questions that I'm hoping the community can help me with. My main question is regarding RGB pixel versus dumb RGB. I would ideally like to use strip lighting around a pool fence and am interested in being able to have a chase effect around the fence. From what I've researched, it sounds like I would need an RGB pixel solution so that each LED on the strip can be controlled individually. And this seems to mean that I need a special decoder that has a data wire (and a lot of channels). Two questions: 1) anyone have hands on experience with pixel rgb strips or bulbs that can point me to some proven products? I found this site:, which seems to have a good assortment of pixel lights and controllers but don't know anything about the quality. 2) If I get a pixel RGB controller, can I connect it to the Engineering Solutions DMX engine from Houselogix (and therefore be able to use the C4 driver to integrate)?
  5. Alexa C4 programming question

    I have version 110 and am familiar with the new SET command. The only thing that SET recognizes for me are numbers. I posted this question in the driver announcement thread and the responses I got indicate that you can't use words with the SET command with this driver. Am I not doing something right? How are you getting it to recognize words and pass them to the string value?
  6. Alexa C4 programming question

    How are you doing the programming to recognize the string "DirecTV" as the target of the SET command? I raised this question in the thread for this driver and was told that the driver only passes a number when using SET. Can you please share the programming details?
  7. Amazon Echo Driver - Version 110 Released!

    Oh OK - I guess I misunderstood that it is always a number...was thinking that the Echo just passed on whatever word it recognized, number or otherwise. Is this (the inability to pass a word string as the set value) an Echo limitation or a driver one? I did notice that giving the command SET <trigger> to "High" sets the value at 100 and SET <trigger> to "Low" sets it at 10. (I created logic to populate variables with the VALUE to see what if anything was happening in response to various commands). Other words like "Medium" were unrecognized and didn't make Alexa happy.
  8. Amazon Echo Driver - Version 110 Released!

    Can someone offer some help or point me to a resource so I can understand how to utilize the string or float value in programming logic? I'd love to be able to use the SET_VALUE to drive actions using more natural language. For example: "Set <Fan> to <High>". Seems straightforward to do some If statements for words like High, Medium, Low that would pass on the appropriate commands to the device. I just can't seem to figure out how to do the If statement to compare the SET_VALUE_STRING to "High". Apologies if this is rudimentary composer programming stuff but appreciate any help.
  9. I have been having the exact same problem that Ryan describes. The Shairbridge driver seems to have issues occasionally (bordering on pretty frequently) where it just stops working. Composer shows the driver status to be "Shairbridge terminated with Code 1". The only fix seems to be a controller reboot.
  10. potential sale didn't pan out so bumping this back up
  11. Amazon Echo

    From some searching online it looks like you can now use percentages or fixed keywords like off/low/medium/high in the SET <device> TO <target> commands. Any plan to update the driver with this functionality and the new device limit? It would be awesome if target keywords can be defined as anything we want but that is probably hoping for too much. The ability to say "set to low" or "set to high" is good enough for me.
  12. C4 Switch Energy Monitoring

    I am also interested in being able to track energy usage of all of my lights and am disappointed that nothing exists. The data exists, just no way to use it. Does anyone know of a driver (or could write a driver) that dumps variable values into an external file? Realtime (every X seconds) would be great but even once a day on a triggered event would be fine for most macro reporting needs. Really just need the following value outputs (for each device). System Date, System Time, Device name, Minutes_on, Minutes_off, Minutes_on_today, Watts, Energy used, Energy_used_today
  13. I can confirm that these touchscreens are fully compatible with the latest software. Someone else more knowledgable will need to chime in on the other question. i do have another one that I probably won't end up using if you decide you need more than 2.
  14. Still available. I could go a little lower on price if you want to make an offer. Would also consider cash plus a KD120 dimmer keypad.