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  1. I did enough playing to confirm the date and time functions should do what I wanted. But I haven't got around to incorporating them into my project, yet.
  2. Yeh, without anyone else having this issue, definitely seems environmental. I'll just sit on it - don't currently need that functionality. Thx.
  3. Correct. Clicking ... brings up a dialog with just the top-level node and nothing under it (like the pic I posted 7/8).
  4. Same "empty tree" problem for me with 1.0.10.
  5. 1.0.9 fixed Refresh Navs for me too! FYI, Rename action still has an empty TargetDevice tree for me.
  6. Home move-in

    Broken record here... +1 for @Matt Lowe. Advice, oft repeated, for OP. I spent 2+ years with local dealer only - good relationship and good work - called them when had enough work to justify their visit. Finally decided to try remote since everyone else was doing it. Holy crap, I could kick myself for those 2 years. Go local when you need it - you won't have to very often at all. Remote otherwise - you will NOT be disappointed. The comfort and relaxing feel of that level of control is awesome and plenty cheap and convenient. IMO it's basically C4 DIY - best of both worlds. Get HE, Renamer (which by the way I don't think is free), and your favorite remote dealer from this site. Done.
  7. Anyone have or know how to get hold of a sample of an engraved button (like what I would get if I ordered from C4)? I have white keypad dimmers (KD120). Looking to put one in action at the house to socialize the idea so I can get it on the family budget. Also, I had a previous dealer lightly recommend against using icons in the engravings - he just didn't they looked as good as the lettering. Anyone concur?
  8. My project size (based on backup size) has been running pretty constant over the past couple of years since install at ~10M. Recently I started getting quite a few more drivers and Experience Buttons installed and noticed the size at ~12M - seemed reasonable. Over the weekend I noticed I was at ~60M, a big increase. I'm suspecting maybe the bulk of that jump was from Experience Buttons, in particular the BlackWire Emoji pack (especially considering the "getting artwork..." step of refreshing Navs takes noticeably longer). My questions: Does that all sound reasonable? Do I even care? Do I need to be thrifty in asking for additional instances of the BW Emoji's to be installed or are those graphics shared across instances?
  9. If this is what you mean, then no.
  10. Yup - motion contact good. I still have the same issues programmatically renaming or refreshing navigators (after controller reboot). But I don't need that functionality - just mentioning it for future reference. Many thanks for the driver and quick turnaround!
  11. Nice - that does it all! Any other cool tricks with Variable Manipulator besides math. and os.?
  12. 2nd problem... If I try to use the Rename action, there are no devices to choose for TargetDevice.
  13. When I execute this macro, nothing happens (that I can tell). If I Refresh Navigators via the File menu, the navigators reload the project.
  14. Thanks for the quick turnaround! The motions still don't show in the SelectedDevice list. Everything else you changed does (although I haven't actually tried renaming everything yet). Also the two action problem symptoms haven't changed - is there something I could be doing wrong? FYI, I'm not currently in need of this feature - just reporting what I found.