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  1. Just to close this out, here's what happened. I did tie a C4 contact to the gate controller's "lock" terminals. As Cy pointed out, it activated just before opening AND closing, and stayed on until the gate stopped moving. The net result was basically a "gate in motion" status. Between that AND the gate contact switch, I can get reliable and useful status: Any time "gate in motion" activates => Gate Status is "Open". Actually the cool thing is that it means gate is "Not Closed" - more useful than (fully) "Open". Any time "gate contact" closes => Gate Status is "Closed". That's it. Very reliable and immune to wind. No MyQ nonsense or other drivers. Many thanks to Matt Lowe for working with me to make this happen! Couple of additional cool items. This whole thing started for me because of my gate setup. It is probably true that this would never have come up if my gate hardware were different/better (gate operator arm with less play, gate contact sensor that was less sensitive, gate maglock or solenoid lock). But, I got a couple of things out of this that I wasn't expecting - another point for using a proper/robust Home Automation solution. Since I have access to "is gate closed or not" status AND "is gate aligned with post or not" status... If the gate is closed but the contact consistently says it's not (say 3 times in a row) then send notification "Your gate is out of alignment. You need to adjust the close position before the cat gets out.". If the gate is closed but the contact is seeing frequent open/close status changes within some threshold (say more than 5 times in one minute), play an announcement throughout the house "The wind is really blowing the gate around. You might want to open it until the wind dies down. I'll remind you to close it." (then use a weather driver to note the wind and announce a gate close reminder when the gusts drop to 50% of current value).
  2. Cool idea on the timer. I will have to try that. Re 3, I pulled up the manual (page attached). it looks like I might be able to use the maglock or solenoid lock terminals. As a bonus, I'd get the event right before/at gate opening rather than waiting the second or two for the security system to tell me the contact opened. I guess I might also need some logic to deal with how long the relays were activated and if they activate on closing as well - probably straightforward. Am I thinking right?
  3. I have a LiftMaster Gate Opener and it is connected with MyQ. My goal is to know inside C4 programming when the gate starts opening. I have found that triggering activities like turning lights on needs to happen as soon as the gate starts to open, not when it is finished opening (which can be 15-30 seconds later). 1. Use a contact at the gate. I already have this, connected to C4 via my security system, and it works great. The problem is when the wind bounces the gate around and opens the contact. To me, that means I need a solution that knows when the arm is actually opening the gate. 2. So far, I have yet to find a driver (MyQ, Wink, ...) that understands "Opening" vs. "Opened". Anyone know of one? I know the MyQ iOS app displays when it is Opening then changes to Open once the gate is fully opened. My fear is that the app is just "faking" that status and displaying "Opening" between the time it sends the open signal and the gate is fully opened. if true, then the driver/MyQ route may be a non-starter? 3. Find some terminals or points on the gate opener control board that indicate movement or opening and hard wire them to my C4 controller. There are terminals for maglocks, solenoid locks, and controlling accessories. Does it seem reasonable to pursue this route? Anyone done anything like this? 4. Am I missing a more obvious solution?
  4. I love your Commodore avatar.  I was a long time user of the Commodore PET, the VIC-20, C64 and 128 starting in about 1979-80.

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      Yup - a Commodore was my first.

  5. Does this mean that best practices would be to do the 15-press APD reboot sequence any time you change the bulbs - have the dimmer re-recognize the bulb type and adjust if necessary?
  6. This is in regards specifically to the URTSI II Somfy interface. From Googling and reading the various postings here, there are 2 drivers on HouseLogix (Cinegration and Domosapiens) and it appears at least 1 or 2 others (available in Pro?). My question is, which URTSI drivers are people using and how are they working for you (installation, reliability, programmability from HE, ...)? Just looking for advice on which one to ask my dealer to install.
  7. I'm curious about the UI setup I have. My alarm zones and sensors, relays, motion detectors, door contacts, doorbells, phone ringer switch, garage door and gate status and opener control, ... all show up in the same big long list (Security -> Locks & Sensors). They have the appropriate small status icons next to them and I can control the visibility by room in HE but that's it. Is this normal? Am I missing something (like a different driver or connection)? I was surprised, for example, that something like a garage door or gate didn't show up with a larger or more dedicated UI? On a related note, I'm getting automated blinds soon and they'll be controlled via relays on the Control4 side. I'm assuming I will get a more dedicated UI experience under Comfort with those (and not just show up in the long list with the others)?
  8. Regarding drivers, does the UI for both the relay and the URTSII approach show up in the Comfort section and look/work generally like you'd expect for blinds (and not like a bunch of relays in a list)? Are you saying the URTSII driver would give position feedback but it's not that accurate and the relay driver wouldn't give feedback at all? With either, do you position blinds using programming/timers or do they try to approximate % positioning? And lastly, with the relay driver, can you still program off the relay changes if you did want an up/down/open/close event? Sorry for the picky questions. As it seems a lot of posters do... trying to make a decision without a great understanding of the details. Thanks.
  9. Sorry for creating yet another Somfy integration thread. I read through the existing ones and still have some questions. My wife's designer knows about our Control4 system and has spec'd Somfy motorized blinds, a handheld remote, and for integration, the Somfy "Dry Contact Input RTS Transmitter" ( She confirmed with my dealer that it can be integrated. But, it doesn't seem like the best solution. Am I correct in thinking this would require 3 relays per shade (or shade group), would not provide for feedback from the blinds or trigger events, would not easily allow for precise mid-window positioning, ...? From reading the threads, it seems that using the URTSII instead, with the HouseLogix driver, is the more robust (correct) way to go, assuming the transmitter range issues are dealt with? Basically I'm seeing at least 4 solutions: the dry contact transmitter, the URTSII approach, myLink (if there's a driver), and Somfy Connect LTI. What are your opinions about the current best way to integrate Somfy and get a two-way driver with feedback, robust options for programming in HE, and a good user experience operating the blinds via the Comfort section? Thanks all.
  10. If I'm understanding correctly what Cy is saying, you can do what you need from HE (I'm assuming you're using HE based on your original screen shot). I'm not at home to see the exact screen but if memory serves, there's a checkbox or radio button option in the properties for your switch/dimmer that let's you select you want to use it as a Keypad (and disconnect it from controlling the load).
  11. I have the same issue. My dealer installed the Snapshot driver for me when he upgraded to 2.8 but under HE, the Documentation tab is empty. Does anyone have the Snapshot documentation they can point me to? Thanks.
  12. I've just asked my dealer to order two of the new C4 stats to replace my two Nests. I have two separate separate forced air furnace/AC units (upstairs and downstairs), each on it's own stat, and I'll be adding a whole house humidifier to the downstairs unit. I understand the new C4 stats have an outside temp sensor but that installation of it is technically optional. My first question is, can anyone provide any guidance on how important it is to have the outside sensor installed, or under what conditions it is used/needed? Second question, if I do decide to have the outdoor sensor installed, would it be necessary/recommended to have a separate one installed for (and wired to) each stat, or is there a way the two stats can "share" one sensor?
  13. It is my understanding that binding the button to scene is the only way to have "press and hold" ramp the scene smoothly (as in, doing it via programming doesn't result in very clean/precise behavior). That was why I assumed I needed to leave the binding in place. Can anyone confirm? But, your comment give me an idea (or maybe this is what you were getting at). Set Scene1 to set my loads to one set of brightness levels and leave that scene bound. Set Scene2 to set those same loads to an alternate brightness level and manually activate that scene conditionally in the button press event. Then "press and hold" should still work against whatever brightness levels they're at. Anyone thing that would work? Not sure since the controller would have binding and my programming both trying to set different scenes against the same loads at the same time. Don't know if it is reliable to know in which order they'd happen or if light ramping would always appear smooth (not at home to test it now). I'm scheduled to get 2.7 this week. Any particular bugs you were referring to SMHarman that are related to this area? Thanks.