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  1. 2.9

    Would someone be able to provide a list / brief summary of the major features introduced since 2.7?
  2. New Remote - Watch Button

    Oh wow! Thanks for following up with that guys! I did not understand Cy's suggestion to mean that but that does sound like the perfect solution (if I can figure how to make it work). Thanks so much for great ideas and fast responses.
  3. New Remote - Watch Button

    Thanks for the info Cyknight. I prefer the list too, I think that is more commonly used. The original installer set theirs up this way so after having used it for many years, the switch to List would be an unwelcome change. I had not thought about using a custom button. That may work, but again, they are in the habit of toggling through with the Watch button. Even if I could make it work as a custom button they are not likely to use it because it is a big change in behavior and goes against the muscle memory they've developed.
  4. New Remote - Watch Button

    Thanks for the reply! If I'm not mistaken, the Watch button can be programmed to either (A) list the sources on the remote's screen or (B) actively change and cycle through sources when pressed repeatedly. They prefer the way that option B operates. They just want it to cycle through more then the last three sources. If I could increase it to cycle through the five sources this would give them what they want.
  5. I have not had a chance to try one of the new physical remote controls yet but is there an option to increase the amount of sources you can toggle through when you hit the Watch button? The previous generation remotes are only able to cycle through the last three sources that were selected. My "client" is looking for an easy way to have more sources available to flip through from this quick shortcut button.
  6. Apple TV Volume

    Thanks so much for the help. I've got the programming working in one room now, I'll be rolling it out to the others this week. I've also got a DAC arriving this week also so between these two solutions I think we'll be in great shape. Thank you.
  7. Apple TV Volume

    There is a front LCD display on all the C4 Amps and switches. So they are the older models, here are the model numbers; - c4-16s2-e-b - c4-16amp3-b So from what you've explained I'll need to individually program the Apple TV output higher and maybe the other sources lower to equalize the default volumes. Would this need to be done for every zone or just once and it will take effect globally?
  8. Apple TV Volume

    Thanks, I have a DAC on it's way to bypass the HD Fury. The audio matrix may be the volume control point, I'm not sure. We have 2 C4 switchers and 2 C4 Amps. I haven't delved into these in any detail yet but I traced the Apple TV back to Switcher 1, input 7. Where would I see the volume jump in 4% increments? On the C4 switcher LCD displays?
  9. Apple TV Volume

    Thanks for the reply! The Apple TV is connected to an HD Fury II to split out the HDMI. From there, the HDMI video goes to a component video matrix switcher. The HD Fury II takes the HDMI audio and sends it out to a 3.5mm jack. I have a 3.5mm to RCA cable connected to the HD Fury. These RCA LR cables go to a Control 4 1652-E audio switch. Running the audio through the HD Fury isn't ideal and may be a cause of degraded audio levels. So to test this out, I was thinking of bypassing the HD Fury and taking the optical audio out from the Apple TV and sending that to the C4 audio switcher. I just don't know what would be a reliable model to buy. Alternatively I was hoping to find a way to do any of the following; - increase the default volume either on the Apple TV natively - increase the default volume either on the Apple TV through Control 4 - decrease the default volume of the DVRs
  10. I have an Apple TV and when I switch to that video source the volume is very low. We raise the volume to make it audible at a comfortable level but when we switch to a different video source that is now extremely loud and we get blasted. Is there a way to raise the default volume of the Apple TV source device? I found a way to set the default volume for a room/zone but not for a specific device. I'm sure I'm not providing enough info about my system to get a clear answer so please ask questions and I'll provide what I can figure out. I'm a fairly new Composer HE user so any help is appreciated.
  11. Driver Bundle V2.2.0

    I'm a Composer HE user. Am I be able to install driver this myself or would I need to contact my dealer? Thanks
  12. Custom Buttons for Radio

    I did a little more digging and although you can add AM Radio and FM Radio stations, these have no Actions associated with them so they can't be used for a custom button. I also have not been able to find a way to add these stations as Favorites. So it looks like the native AM & FM Radio sources aren't going to be an option for me. TuneIn also has no Programming Actions associated with it but I was able to sync the TuneIn favorites to the C4 Favorites. From there I was able to assign the Favorite to a custom button. Does this seem like the correct way to set this up? Does TuneIn provide reliable & stable streams?
  13. I'm new to Composer HE and I'm trying to learn / fix some issues with custom buttons that are not working. I currently have rooms with custom buttons that should be programmed to play radio stations. These were working at one time but have not worked in months. I want to update all these custom buttons with radio shortcuts using whatever the easiest and most reliable source that is currently available. The following sources exist in my project; Sonos, TuneIn, SiriusXM and Pandora. I've also come across what looks like native C4 AM Radio and FM Radio sources. Any suggestions on what I should use to reliably select specific radio stations via custom buttons?
  14. Dune and Plex best choice?

    Is there a way to use Mr. Chow's driver to load my Plex data into Control 4 and use a Roku 3 as my Plex player?
  15. Usage Statistics?

    Great ideas everyone. Thanks for the input. I'm new to Composer (not pro) so it may take some attempts to get the code right but just knowing its possible is promising.