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  1. Is there a way to keep the page from flipping when a customer selects a device? I have a lot of auxiliary sources in a job, and I don't want the page to flip to controls that don't do anything.
  2. You asked if I had them out for digital audio. I assumed you meant digital media, but just to make sure, both are going out stereo into a 16x16 matrix
  3. I've tried programming it through the pandora account as well, selecting the specific station in the specific room, and it still turns off. After just doing some testing just now, getting 2 stations going is inconsistent. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.
  4. Yes, I have 2. When I use the app I can get 2 stations playing in different rooms, but when I press the buttons it shuts off the other rooms. It's really strange.
  5. I have a client with 2 pandora accounts. I have buttons on the keypads set to start a station in each account. When one account is playing in one or multiple accounts and i press the button to start the other account in another room it shuts off all the other rooms playing the other stations. The only code is "play station 83939393939 eagles radio" . I selected it through broadcast audio
  6. Sony XBR-55x700D

    Unfortunately, that isn't the case. I tried about 6 of them, none worked.
  7. Sony XBR-55x700D

    Need an IP driver for this TV. Hopefully some other people do too
  8. I know I can use a digital to stereo audio converter to add 2 more streams to a stereo audio matrix switch, so I can have 4 coming from the EA-5, but how do I link it in composer?
  9. Zigbee extender vs keypad

    Yes, that's exactly where they are, thank you!
  10. Zigbee extender vs keypad

    Thanks for the input. Do they still make the extender? I just went to order it from my dealer account, and it's not on there.
  11. Zigbee extender vs keypad

    Hi, We have a house where we may be adding keypads in the future, but the client doesn't want to put them in yet. We have 2 ZAP's, with 1 extender, and the Zigbee signal is weak in a couple areas. Do the keypads repeat the signal as well as an extender? My idea is to buy a couple keypads, put them in blue boxes with pigtails and sit them under couches until they are ready to install, instead of buying a bunch of Zigbee repeaters we won't need in 6 months. Thanks
  12. I have a Sony LED KDL-50W800B that has been working for 6 months. All of a sudden it stopped turning on. All other functions work, but once I turn it off, it wont turn back on. I checked all settings in the TV, and eventually solved it by deleting the driver, and re adding it. Has anyone else come across this? I would like to know if this is a fluke, or a more prevalent issue, as we have a lot of these out in the field. Brian
  13. NYCE v Axxess motion sensor

    Have you made any progress in integrating the temperature sensor?
  14. Sharp LED IP Control

    No, you're referring to the "enable power on over IP" button, I did that in the actions tab many times with no luck Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  15. Sharp LED IP Control

    I've been using sharp IP control for a while now, and it looks like the problem is specific to the new Android models. I got it working this morning, but the problem is that the ethernet jack turns off now when the TV turns off, so be warned. I've gone through all the settings, enabled wake on lan, and as soon as the TV turns off, the director loses connection with the TV, so I can do everything except turn it on. It's very unfortunate.