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    Amazon Echo Driver!

    I have the echo show working fine in my showroom with the c4 driver. Appears to only be this driver.
  2. dwman113

    Amazon Echo Driver!

    If I knew the answer I wouldn't have asked. Would appear something with the show API is different. There are many people in previous posts explaining it does not work. Also it's on their website that it does not support the show.
  3. dwman113

    Amazon Echo Driver!

    So just to confirm the echo SHOW still does not work with this driver?
  4. If you are interested in relocating to Dallas you can email me. Danielw@smartandsound.com
  5. Wow no bookmark on t3s? Am I the only one that thinks that is unacceptable?
  6. dwman113

    Door Station Worth It?

    If you have a whole house audio system integrated into your control4. It is not a bad product because it can ring anywhere you have speakers. Plus it also has 2 way audio to talk to somembody before you answer door. However that said if something fails with your c4 system or network it will stop functioning... It is not the most reliable piece of c4 hardware in my experience... Also the camera is mounted straight forward with no way of moving it so often you don't get the camera image you like.... With my company we install 3rd party door cameras and just do a generic push button relay for the doorbell and bring the door camera up on the tv. This has worked well for us and is much cheaper considering we do security cameras anyways. I have spent many hours battling door stations over the years to make them do what I need.... Probably not worth the price.
  7. dwman113


    You do not need the software. All you need is the username/password which is probably the default. lutron/lutron Go to Internet explorer (MUST USE THIS BROWSER) and type int he ip address of the radiora2 main repeater. Type in the user/pass. After that you will get 2 choices. Either deviceip info or get database info as xml If you click get database info as xml it will open the pure code. After that simple Ctrl F and search for "IntegrationID". It will look something similar to this. Area Name="Kitchen" IntegrationID="5" OccupancyGroupAssignedToID="342" SortOrder="3"> You will probably have to play around with the ID's depending on if you want to control a keypad or specific dimmer. Lutron has great support though. The other option is telnetting into the main repeater. Also in my experience the control4 tech support will not help you because as they put it "houselogix made the driver so we don't give support" Really stupid but, hey that's control4. Also keep in mind you need to make sure all code is exposed but clicking the + sighs. This will make sense when you see the code.
  8. dwman113

    2.7.1 released

    Just saw the email. What is new??
  9. dwman113


    In your scenario I would suggest c4 lighting, mostly because the additional functionality it provides with tracking scenes, led functionality and most importantly zigbee coverage. (oh and it's cheaper...) That said, just to play devils advocate lutron is a big player in the lighting industry and historically has been the most reliable and consistent option period. It works with basically any residential automation system and works standalone. So for example you move to a new house and you take your control4 gear, the purchaser can simply use the lutron app or a different automation hardware and keep the switches.
  10. dwman113


    For clarification, it is not one or the other. Most systems with DVR/NVR have a source into the matrix as well as cameras on the C4 OSD.
  11. dwman113


    Also with the integration of phones and tablets the OSD has just become a pain to use.
  12. dwman113


    That definitely used to be the case but with video matrix's being so popular and lighting extending the zigbee network, they have become much less needed.
  13. dwman113

    An alternative to Kaleidescape ?

    Uhh I can't remember right off hand but I do remember it does not come with a hard drive so you'd have to include that.
  14. dwman113


    Oh ok you're just saying the same thing everybody else already said. Gotcha. I'll study up on my "board use"
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    Isn't that what I said....??? "First URC is more of a single room system and is an industry leader in that specific application. But definitely not a whole home automation solution." MRX-450 and 900 are some of the most sold remotes in the history of remotes... going back 20 years....
  16. dwman113

    HDMI over Cat5/6

    Binary 500 series is most cost effective in my experience. weighing price and performance also best tech support in the industry. Sold by Snapav.
  17. dwman113

    An alternative to Kaleidescape ?

  18. dwman113


    I used to work for Magnolia (lead programmer) so I think I can provide some insight. First URC is more of a single room system and is an industry leader in that specific application. But definitely not a whole home automation solution. Elan is definitely a well recognized brand name in the industry and is certainly comparable to control4. That said, I much prefer the larger functionality of a contro4 system and increased scalability. As far as your quote, the specifics matter. Best buy is probably selling you top of the line TVs and B&W speakers. Things like that. Also they tend to sell higher end a/v equipment like a 20/20 leaf matrix or something. Also I would imagine you have a full ruckus wifi system in your quote as well. These products are FAR superior to your average products. But not totally necessary for every project, depends on the usage. The 7600 for Lutron base station is a bit high but it is probably including programming and switches etc.... Is this Homeworks or Radiora2? Because Homeworks would be much more expensive. The mass of control4 controllers is likely not needed. The hc250s are probably in there for zigbee coverage as well as on screen displays I would assume. Cut it all out. You need 1 hc-800 to run your whole project. Saying all this, you can pick and choose what you want in your system.... Just tell them you don't want to have that many controllers and want cheaper whole house speakers. The 10k deposit is for engineering team to build you a rack elevation which is normal for Magnolia, otherwise people would be coming in and getting bids from them every hour.... Please keep in mind the sales guys you are talking to don't actually know anything about how these systems function... They just know what buttons to hit and what is supposed to happen. The positives of Magnolia (best buy) - you can be assured that the large investment you made will be completed at a reasonable time frame and done correct. If it is not, there is a multi billion dollar company backing it and a simple call to corporate would instantly give you attention. (this is a generality so please don't bombard me with your best buy hate) The negatives - Magnolia is not the right company to do everything and anything control4 does. They typically sell straight forward audio video systems. When you start getting into the advanced stuff like sprinkler/pool controls, advanced programming, shades etc. you are probably better off going with a specialized audio video company that does control4.
  19. dwman113

    2.7 Out Today

    Anybody link me to the new features of 2.7? Never mind, answered my own question.... http://www.control4.com/docs/product/control4-software/dealer-release-notes/release/os-2-7-0/control4-software-release-notes-rev-n.pdf?preview Edit: sorry looks like I was signed into my dealer account so most people can't view this :*(
  20. dwman113

    Estimate for structured wiring runs

    Actually your about right. That brings you to 5680. Typically on the pre-wires we do with one cat6 and 1 phone or data plus coax and 18x2 wire to every tv and our houses run about 4k to 8k. Also including all the audio zones of course. I would recommend not running 2 rg6 that is really pointless. I barely recommend running 1. Run 1 cat 5 instead.
  21. Wow the rest of the world sounds like a dangerous place....
  22. A fellow c4 programmer and I started a control4 sub reddit. If anybody is interested, please come by and post/browse. http://www.reddit.com/r/control4
  23. Ok, so I totally don't get what your trying to do. I haven't done this in a awhile but if you hook up a zone player and hardwire it, for example into the input on an hc800, you can output to a speaker point with any sonos stations etc from your c4 unit. If you connect the zoneplayer to the output of the hc800 , You can play any c4 source wirelessly to the play 1 or play 3 etc. All that said you will physically hardwire something into your c4 system from the sonos or vice versa.
  24. Your points are valid sure. But this is a free market economy and changes will be made when it is profitable to do so.... People seem to forget that thousands of companies all around the world spend tons of money to promote Control4. That is the big advantage Control4 is getting out of this....
  25. As long as they are zone players and not play1 or play3 etc you should be able to output to a speaker point no problem. Just a side tip the speaker points are WEP or hardwire only.