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  1. twmoonly

    Lighting Panel

    Thanks, That was the spec I am looking for.
  2. twmoonly

    Lighting Panel

    Can a lighting panel be located in an unconditioned attic that does not have icynene insulation on the ceiling?
  3. If you have wired a 3way then you should be able to figure out the 4 way as you are just adding another auxiliary keypad
  4. Also look at the lower end AV receivers for this application and just use the switch part. They will have better driver options provided from control4.
  5. twmoonly

    2u Rack Fans

    What is everyone using for 2u rack fans? Have a middle Atlantic one that has died and was wondering if there is something better?
  6. twmoonly

    Dealer Discounting

    Run the cable and conduit chases as needed for the future then install equipment as funds are available
  7. twmoonly

    Pakedge RE-2 throttling network?

    RE-2 is limited to 300 mbs, You will not get anymore out of it. You need a new router
  8. twmoonly

    RGBW Lights

    what is everyone using for RGBW strip lighting? What brands and controllers?
  9. twmoonly

    PIR/Motion Sensor Timer

    To make your programming easier Do conditional with sunset and sunrise +1 hour since this time is always changing Do when PIR detect motions turn lights on or scene and reset timer you made for 10 minutes When timer expires turn lights off
  10. twmoonly


    The IO Extender is intended to go on the rack, No need to hide ea1's behind the tv for local control of devices. One IO extender replaces 2 EA1 in terms of ports.
  11. twmoonly

    6 wire intercom upgrade

    Where the intercom is can you get line voltage? If so power it with line voltage and put the touchscreen on wifi
  12. twmoonly

    6 wire intercom upgrade

    https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/979501-REG/nvt_nv_ec1701u_ethernet_over_2_wire.html?ap=y&gclid=CjwKCAjwkYDbBRB6EiwAR0T_-jhKBBQUYE-krmOZWjKuSTsNJcIb17Wg0hG0NeuMdcd30rMuG6IschoCD4oQAvD_BwE&smp=y Work well also
  13. twmoonly

    MA ERK Fan Tops

    Has anyone used the ERK-10FT-FC on a middle Atlantic rack or any other fan tops? I am just curious how well it worked? How loud it is?
  14. twmoonly

    Outdoors Keypad to Give C4 Commands

    Ipad with life proof case
  15. Has anyone tested 6tb drives in the model above. Specs say 4tb per bay but was just curious.