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  1. Have you IT person create a hidden wifi network just for C4 gear that is on the C4 VLAN
  2. The app is ok, you may have to put the direct static ip address on the controller in it instead of discovering it. Why would the touchscreens be on a different vlan then the controller?
  3. I would put all contol4 equipment on 1 vlan, and doorbirds on another. You may have issues with the doorbirds on another I am not 100% they will communicate but worth a shot. Do you have touchscreens that communicate with doorbird? How many doorbirds do you have?
  4. We have a few penalized lighting systems with the same equipment without any issues. All of our c4 equipment runs on its own VLAN, Doorbird a separate one with the camera vlan, house network its own with wifi. Also what keypads are you using to control the lights? When you say they stop working, does it stop from the keypads? or the app? or both? this will determine what may be the issue.
  5. Lights aren't on wifi. Keypads have their own wired bus but the lighting modules are network based. Sounds like a network issue, what networking equipment is installed? Are there VLANs?
  6. twmoonly

    ARLO by Netgear

    any update on these? I see they work with Amazon
  7. twmoonly

    3 Way lighting issue with KA....

    You will need to rewire the light, Wire hot to hot side of dimmer, neutral to respective neutral and ensure the neutral is spliced directly through light box to aux keypad. red traveler wire from yellow on apd to aux keypad and ensure its spliced directly through light box. then your load will only attach to the black wire from the apd. black wire from light box to aux keypad will not be used
  8. twmoonly

    3 Way lighting issue with KA....

    What he said, They may be doing the switching at the fixture and only have the 14-3 between the two boxes. Not how a 3 way is typically wired but can be done.
  9. twmoonly

    3 Way lighting issue with KA....

    Your wiring is backwards on the APD - Verify the hot and the load before you connect. Ensure your neutral is connected directly to the other neutral wires and use your red on the yellow wires.
  10. twmoonly

    3 Way lighting issue with KA....

    how do you have a load in both boxes? on he KA aux side im assuming you are talking that you have (1) 14-3 in that box. Is this the case?
  11. twmoonly

    3 Way lighting issue with KA....

    Sounds like they were switching the neutral, ensure the neutral wire you are using on the Aux is on the neutral wire in the other box
  12. twmoonly

    3 Way lighting issue with KA....

    I am kinda lost on your description. Is the hot at the APD?
  13. twmoonly

    Nest Protect

    Thanks, yes but the Nest app already does it so i am not sure I want duplication's.
  14. twmoonly

    Nest Protect

    For programming, What is the best way for notifications? Create one notification for all then tie to all of them, or a notification for each protect? I have 7 throughout my house
  15. twmoonly

    Nest Protect

    What programming is available for Nest Protect Smoke/CO detectors?