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  1. Doorbird at Night

    yes, I have one setup and the picture isn't good until I turn on the IR's through doorbird app. How are they setup to turn on? Through the app they say automatically but they dont seem to. When they say automatically does that mean when the button is pushed at night or is it all the time when dark?
  2. Luma 700 camera.

    Yes I did.
  3. Luma 700 camera.

    Thanks. I will look at both of those.
  4. Luma 700 camera.

    They are all done cameras mounted in eaves. Here are some photos to show what's going on. These are two different camera locations.
  5. Just installed 7 of these cameras and some of the picture quality is horrible at night. I can see the reflection of the ir's in the lense and no other image. Has anyone installed these and have seen these symptoms?
  6. Luma NVR

    I have installed a Lima 16 channel nvr and integrated a doorbird camera to record on it. How can I trigger this camera (channel2) to record when channel 1 senses motion. I am doing this since I can't use the motion on the doorbird camera.
  7. Color Change kits

    Sorry. Meant dimmers not keypads.
  8. FS: DSC-EN-SN

    For sale is the exterior door station mentioned including back box. Was installed for about a year then pulled out and replaced with doorbird. Works perfectly. Pm for offers and or details.
  9. Color Change kits

    Does anyone have two color change kits or at a minimum the top and bottom pieces for two keypads? Look for white in color.
  10. What does everyone use for testing their shilded cables? Also for video distribution do you typically go from matrix to room box or do you go through a patch panel then a wallplate with keystone?