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  1. Depending on your system size would determine if you need managed switches or not.
  2. Ubiquiti products, Router, Switch, Access Points
  3. twmoonly

    WTB: Matrix Rack Kit

    I am looking for the rack kit for the 4u audio matrix
  4. twmoonly

    33" Mantel Mount

    thanks for the reply, its only a 33" VIZIO so that will be hard to justify
  5. Does someone make a small mantelmount or similar mount that enables the tv to pull down. It is only a 33" tv and I can only fine them for 40" and above
  6. twmoonly

    Garage Lock

    Is there a way to lock the garage doors? I currently have a wire to the motor for control and a wire to the sensor for status? I am trying to disable the motor during certain times. I also have an opener/keypad outside the door. I was thinking of just using a wemo outlet and driver.
  7. twmoonly

    Keypad Dimmer

    You will have to hide it navigators as it will show up by default in the room you place it in
  8. put it on group 17
  9. Is there any bus failure on the security panel? Have you rebooted your controller?
  10. twmoonly

    Outdoor theater automation

    Use the Phoenix connectors that come with the controller. One wire of the push button Into the common on the controller and another wire from the button to NO on the controller. Close relay when video is selected. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. twmoonly

    Can I configure dimmer to show as On/Off toggles?

    No you can not have a dimmer driver show as a on off toggle.
  12. twmoonly

    Outdoor theater automation

    I would use this and you will only need one relay on the controller https://www.progressiveautomations.com/media/catalog/pdf/Push Button Control.pdf
  13. twmoonly

    Switching TV services - Need help

    Thanks, One more question, Can you add tivo minis to the new tivo bolt vox?
  14. twmoonly

    Switching TV services - Need help

    If I have a bolt now setup with cable card do I need to get a new card if I get a new 6 tuner bolt or can it be paired with new one? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. twmoonly

    Switching TV services - Need help

    If you choose spectrum i would suggest tivo. Does anyone know home many tuners the spectrum cable cards support?