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  1. twmoonly

    OT: Sonos help needed/ not C4 related

    if you connect directly to line in on sonos with you phone and it works then its the cable or line input you have deployed elsewhere
  2. twmoonly

    Replacement of C4 (Very Generic)

    Also what av receiver is it?
  3. twmoonly

    Replacement of C4 (Very Generic)

    For the motorized lift and screen there is probable a 12v contact either connected to receiver, projector, or controller or a combination of the three. What Control4 controller is it?
  4. I am selling (1) Elk 930 Doorbell Detector and Ring Detector. The kit only contains one doorbell detector and one ring detector
  5. Has anyone installed the Ribu1c relay with the doorbell so you can use a lighted button?
  6. How do you guys rack mount the Amcrest NVR's?
  7. I don't know. What is the temperature with no load?
  8. if only certain channels work call C4
  9. Is it a relay or dimmer?
  10. Its irrelevant to the amount of circuits. What is the load on that one circuit? Is it being dimmed?
  11. what is the condition of the KD120's, APD120, SW120? what will you take for all of them?
  12. twmoonly

    Inwall speakers

    Getting reading to redo my front speakers in my living room and want everyone thoughts on brands and placement. I currently have a buffet below my tv with the center channel in it and towers on the left and right of the buffet. I am debating on moving the Left and Right into the wall on each side of the tv and leaving the center in the buffet or moving all three into the ceiling. The speakers in the ceiling would be about 10' up and on and angle facing the viewing area as the room is vaulted. I am looking for brands and placement opinions
  13. twmoonly

    Help with WiFi camera

    If you use their native app you can talk through it and listen to your baby but not through control 4
  14. What is the model number on the remote?
  15. twmoonly

    Security systems

    Can you program through the network adapter?