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  1. twmoonly

    120V Rope Light

    Ok well I can’t fit a dimmable power supply behind crown molding.
  2. twmoonly

    120V Rope Light

    How big is that wort that is in line the the plug to the rope?
  3. twmoonly

    120V Rope Light

    They are not low voltage and they are dimmable
  4. twmoonly

    WTS: EA1 & SR260

    For sale: EA1 - used fully functional on 2.10.5 - sold SR260 - used in great condition. -sold
  5. twmoonly


    If I use an EA1 in a rack can I use a CA-1 as a zigbee repeater?
  6. twmoonly

    Velodyne Sub Amp

    No never worked on it.
  7. twmoonly

    120V Rope Light

    What is everyone using for 120V dimmable rope light? I bought some LED ones on amazon but they come with a power wort on the plug side. Do all of the LED ones have these? Are there any options without them? Or one with a small wort. I bought the CB concept ones from amazon
  8. twmoonly

    Atlona UHD 8x8 matrix

    So if I added a new 4k apple tv to input 7 on matrix and onmly made it available in that room via c4, it would keep it 4k? I thought they chose the least common denominator of resolutions?
  9. I have a client that currently has an 8x8 matrix that is 4k and was thinking of upgrading one of the tv's to 4k. Will there be any benefit? Can you force and output on the matrix to 4k? 7 other displays are 1080p
  10. twmoonly

    Video over IP Matrix Switch (23x10)

    what devices do 4k60HDR?
  11. twmoonly

    in-wall outlet

    If your going to spend the money on an EA1 and Zwave dongle I would just buy a zwave hub and locate it where you need it. Will be a cheaper option. Vera Hub
  12. twmoonly

    Wemo Smart Plug

    Yeah I know. I have 2 being delivered today that why I was wondering
  13. Determine what zone turns on when the garage is on, and find what zone is next to it. Swap speaker connections and determine if the problem moves to the other zone. If it does its the wire or speaker, if not its the zone on the amp. Those amps have known problems and I would talk to your dealer.
  14. twmoonly

    WTB - SR -260 remotes

    pm sent
  15. twmoonly

    Wemo Smart Plug

    what driver is everyone using for the Wemo Mini Smart Plug?