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  1. Drivers that give access to a web interface

    How soon? Cedia 2017 soon or Cedia 2018 soon?
  2. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    Not working at all for me now. Not even from the "feed" page. Tried "unfollow" and "follow" again but it is not taking my credentials anymore.
  3. Apple TV4 IP driver

    The IP driver works fine. Just make sure you have the latest updates on your apple tv.
  4. New Built: Lutron?

    I would also recommend RA2/Caseta mainly because your lighting system would be independent from C4. You will just need to Add the drivers to your project to get proper load representation and control, then you can use phantom buttons to call scenes programmed in lutron's repeater. This way you wont be flooding the repeater with telnet commands.
  5. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    I gave up
  6. Long hdmi cable

    I wired my entire house with cat6s for future use and now I have 8 tvs using this cable: HDMI Cable - 100 FEET (w/ Built-in Signal Booster) CL3 Rated In-Wall Installation - 24AWG - HDMI 2.0b - Supports 4K 3D Full HD 2160p - Audio Return Channel - Gold plated connectors - Latest Version They work great when used to connect a receiver or a matrix out to the TV. Buy one and see if works.
  7. Fibaro Z-Wave Home Center

    +1 Lutron Caseta
  8. I was a URC dealer and left for C4. I was tired of the endless tweaking on programming and the time it took to program the whole thing and then to download to almost all devices once the programming was changed. Before the refresh of the MRX-10N, I had to reboot my controller every 3 days. It was so frustrating... I personally loved the graphics, the mobile app, the way the amps share sources via the network without worrying about audio delay, the equipment looks beautiful in the rack and IMHO URC makes the best remote controls (TRC-1080 is the best ever), but you need an extremely solid network for all to work well. I loved that you could easily create a 1-way IP driver if you have the right commands. I still own a MX-900 to program TVs and other devices in Control4. In my opinion URC has the largest set of IR codes for TVs and etc. C4 has been great for me. It takes very little time to program and the whole thing just works. I like the possibility to let the customer customize the system using HE. Honestly I prefer that way then having to do every little change or customization for them. Most won't change anything, but it is good to offer the option to do it. I used to hate the remote control, but I got used to it. Very low battery consumption and it does what it is supposed to do. What I don't like about C4 is the lack of *free* 2 way drivers. At least we have options for paid drivers.. so that is not too bad. It would be nice to be allowed a little customization of the GUI but I understand the goal of the company - consistency. Everything works in all interfaces and that is nice. Anyway.. Control4 has been a really good system and very stable. It is nice of get home tired from work and have the system working flawlessly. This is what matters to me nowadays. I am sure you will be happy with the system.
  9. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    Just did it. Same issue...
  10. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    Mine still does not work from the "home" tab. :/
  11. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    I have this issue too. I was able to find via google: " tapatalk" It should bring you back to the app. I *think* that was how I solved it.
  12. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    So you have the opposite behavior. Mine only works from the feeds tab and not from the home tab.
  13. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    After the last downtime, I am unable to access the correctly via app. I believe I get the same error as you. Steps to reproduce: Go to the app, click on "Home", it brings the forums that are followed. Click on and this takes you to a group chat instead of the forum. The only way to get to the forum page is by going to "Feed" > search for any post and click on the "" name and not the post. This will take you to the right page. It sucks but it works. I have tried resetting everything but it does not work. iPhone 6s Plus iOS 10.3.2 Tapatalk 6.5.1 (1736)