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  1. Understood. Thank you! [emoji1360]
  2. I am having the opposite issue. It works on all iOS devices but it does not work on T3. Im using the generic camera driver.
  3. I watched the live stream and was really impressed by the work you did. Great job! Will this driver require the Link driver too? Because it is free, I am going to guess that it should not need it. Thanks!
  4. Sonos Driver 58

    *edited* Nevermind the issue your are having is a little different.
  5. Thats sad to hear. You have the best Rachio driver around IMO. Not even one last update to make ir work with 2.10? [emoji51]
  6. @chopedogg88 any ETA for resolution? Thanks!
  7. D-Link Cameras

    See if you can get an image using these URLs on VLC: Then use the URL with a generic camera drive to get image in Control4.
  8. Lutron RA2 Select

    RA2 and Maestro look the same
  9. Lutron RA2 Select

    It should. I have Caseta and all my scenes are done in C4 and called via keypad. It works great. If you go with with RA2, I would suggest creating the scenes over the lutron side and then call them via C4 (phantom buttons).
  10. Lutron RA2 Select

    This would be great if it could talk to caseta dimmers. Since it does not, I think it is just better to get a RA2 Main repeater.
  11. Hey Cyknight, thanks for replying. Forgot to say that I already done this multiple times.
  12. Hi guys, I hope this is only happening with me and yall are not affected, but since upgrading to 2.10, my lighting scenes status are not being properly reported in iOS 2.10 app. It does track properly on my keypads (thank god). Steps to reproduce: a) Activate a lighting scene (any) via keypad or any other method you prefer Open C4 iOS app and go to lighting scenes c) The status of that scene is not represented d) To reproduce the issue again, with the iOS app opened, activate the lighting scene that was not being reported, it may or may not report e) If it does report, close the iOS app and open again. The same lighting scene will lose its status again. I was able to reproduce this behavior multiple times. Nothing has been changed as far as lighting hardware or programming, only C4 OS upgrade. Environment: - HC 800 - 2x HC 250 - OS 2.10 - iPhone 6s Plus & iOS 10.3.3 - Caseta Bridge Pro and around 38 dimmers Is anyone else seeing this behavior? Thanks!
  13. HC800 - Disadvantages?

    Which maker/model, how many miles and how much?
  14. OS 2.10 Features

    By the way, the page flip works great. Unfortunately im not taking advantage of the RSTP stream quality at the moment. The OS upgrade broke it somehow. It only works with MJPEG for me. But still looks awesome!
  15. HC800 - Disadvantages?

    If you are getting the system for super cheap, I say: Go for it. The 800 is a very powerful controller and more than capable of running any OS released so far. New hardware and new OS versions are not released very often anyway (once or twice a year), and you don't necessarily need to always be on the latest version if your system already does what you need reliably (turn TV on/off, lights, security). I think you will be very happy with the system. Control4 has been very reliable for me.