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  1. mallom

    hc800 intercom license

    My understanding is that only the primary controller needs to be licensed.
  2. Cool. But it kinda sucks that you have to buy extra hardware to make it work. Does the app works without the IRUSB piece? Not sure.. I dont think so. Its a great solution for those who really need it working now... but still... why cant an android app provide communication to a C4 driver?
  3. Thats what I am thinking... If you install Kodi it would provide 2way communication to Kodi apps on your phone. Why cant the same principle be applied to provide standard control of a fire tv?
  4. I dont know. Is it? Never used one... haha
  5. Im not a linux guy and I don't understand how the communication/commands work but why is it not possible to create an "app" that would kind of open a "server" and listen to a port to receive commands from a C4 driver. Example: If you install Kodi on a brand new Fire TV and enable remote commands (something like that.. dont remember exactly), you are able to control Kodi from a mobile app, cant you? Or if you install a VNC server, couldnt a driver send simple directional/enter/menu commands? Anyway, I hope amazon allows C4 to build a certified driver for the new units in the future. It seems like lots of people like the amazon fire tv.
  6. Add and identify the EA1 to the EA3 project. Or something like that.
  7. Great. I wasnt 100% sure, thats why I deleted my comment. Hahahaha. Glad it worked
  8. I have never used that one. Just make sure it has at least discrete IR inputs. Check the remote control and see if it has a button for every input. Example: A button for HDMI1, a button for HDMI2 and etc.
  9. mallom

    Single gang switch for both lights and fan

    You could probably use this: https://www.control4.com/docs/product/square-dual-load-switch-240v/data-sheet/english/latest/square-dual-load-switch-240v-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf
  10. mallom

    Single gang switch for both lights and fan

    I dont live in the UK, but I would not recommend to control a fan with a dimmer. https://www.control4.com/docs/product/square-dual-load-adaptive-phase-dimmer-240v/data-sheet/english/latest/square-dual-load-adaptive-phase-dimmer-240v-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf
  11. Sorry I didnt have time to read the whole thread... If all you need is to have more input options, just get a good hdmi switcher and be done with it. Instead of using 3 inputs on your TV, you would only use 2. Assuming everything is in a rack: Roku, Qnap, NVR, Apple tv, PS4 etc > 5x1 hdmi switch (4k 60hz HDR if possible) > HDMI 1 on your TV Control4 controller hdmi out > HDMI 2
  12. mallom

    WTB - HC800 - rack mount Ears