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  1. The AC-Pro is usually more than enough (almost overkill) for home use. Also, they are super cheap.
  2. mallom

    Control4 compatible plug socket

    +1 Digital loggers. Works great!
  3. mallom

    irrigation caddy

    And if you fix your driver to work on 2.10.X please let me know. Haha
  4. mallom

    New NanoHD from Ubiquiti

    I think he meant the firmware has not reached its full potential yet
  5. mallom

    New NanoHD from Ubiquiti

    I havent tried the nano yet. Looks pretty cool. The AC HD is awesome.
  6. mallom

    TV recs from these pictured?

    The newer Roku models (like the one in the pic) have discrete codes. I posted a driver here a while ago. If you are buying a TV for a guest room, the TCL is good enough. If that is your main TV, I would get a nicer Samsung. Edit: The driver I posted was IR. Not IP. It works perfectly. However, there is an IP driver for Roku TVs available for sale: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/c4-roku-ip/
  7. mallom

    Lutron - Pico -Sonos

    Its a perfect match! [emoji16]
  8. http://www.casetawireless.com
  9. I would suggest Lutron Caseta instead of Zwave. Very reliable, if your main controller goes down it still works, $40-$45 per dimmer/switch, instant feedback to C4 and integrates well. Just make sure to buy the “PRO” version of the bridge.
  10. Well.. I guess that confirms the bug I was referring to. Try another driver, for example: A720, A740 etc
  11. Try that and see if solves. If it doesnt, there used to be a known issue with the driver but not sure if it got fixed. You could try to use a driver for a different model and see if helps. Yamaha are pretty good with their discrete codes.
  12. +1 vote for Hyperikon. Cheap and dims really well with my Caseta dimmers. I dare to say that they dim a lot better than my Soraas. (Par38 and par20)
  13. mallom

    Clare Control Control 4 Driver

    Clare doorbell need to be connected to an NVR to work? - No