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  1. I would recommend a Lutron Caseta system. You can get everything on ebay/amazon/best buy/home depot and install it yourself. Then, you ask your dealer to integrate it with Control4. Just make sure to get a PRO version of the Bridge. Any Caseta dimmer will work.
  2. For sure. Everything worked fine on 2.9.1.
  3. Didnt work for me. Went back to MJPEG only.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I will give that a try. I dont need motion anyway.
  5. EdgeRouter PoE

    I personally prefer the ERLite3, but Im sure that any of the previously mentioned routers will work just fine. Ubiquiti has been rock solid for me.
  6. Can you please reupload the insignia driver on file dropper as I am having the same issues as the people in thread?


    1. mallom


      Hi, the driver was uploaded to the thread. I have just downloaded again and it still works.

  7. Mac version of Control4?

    +1 Virtualbox
  8. Hey, have you decided if you will continue support this driver?
  9. Firmware version 2.10

    To answer the question: Yes.
  10. You will need to disable all dsp and run it as “2ch stereo” (I think).
  11. I am a loving person but yeah I would like to try it. [emoji51]
  12. I would love to try it only if I could install it without the Link driver. I was already informed that it is not possible. :/
  13. 2.10 meltdown

    Not really https://forums.control4.com/tm.aspx?m=384002&mpage=4
  14. 2.10 meltdown

    I have been using YATUN one for a while. I even tried the Control4 Camera Tester driver from 2.10 SDK (which is technically the same idea) and had the same result.