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  1. So you have the opposite behavior. Mine only works from the feeds tab and not from the home tab.
  2. After the last downtime, I am unable to access the correctly via app. I believe I get the same error as you. Steps to reproduce: Go to the app, click on "Home", it brings the forums that are followed. Click on and this takes you to a group chat instead of the forum. The only way to get to the forum page is by going to "Feed" > search for any post and click on the "" name and not the post. This will take you to the right page. It sucks but it works. I have tried resetting everything but it does not work. iPhone 6s Plus iOS 10.3.2 Tapatalk 6.5.1 (1736)
  4. I added this driver yesterday to my system and it works great. Super easy to install and a has great price. I just wish Control4 would move the sprinklers out of the "Comfort" page. They don't necessarily make me feel comfortable. lol Thanks a lot!
  5. Which one? Thanks
  7. I would like a copy too if you dont mind sharing. Thank you!
  8. This pretty much covers everything. If you can use HDMI cables from the matrix to the TVs, do it. But don't forget to run the CAT6s to the TVs for upgrades. At my house I used (for each TV): - 1 HDMI (50, 75 and 100ft) - 2 CAT6 for upgrades - 2 CAT5 for DATA and IR (I prefer IR for TV control) - in some locations I ran a RG6 just in case. - And a 16/4 for Stereo in ceiling speakers; Totally overkill, but that was how I wanted. Don't forget to run some CAT5/6 and maybe a 22/4 for your alarm panel and at least 1 Cat5 where you may want to power a in wall TouchScreen or iPad.
  9. I love my Rachio controller. I have not integrated with Control4 yet, but you could buy the driver from this guy:
  10. I also recommend DLI. It works great.
  11. Is 4k important to you? If not, I usually recommend Aneuvideo 8x8 because they are basically a Shinybow unit. There are IP and serial drivers for Control4. I have absolutely ZERO issues with mine. It just works.
  12. I have heard good things about Planet switches. Never used one though. I use Cisco SG300. The switch is solid but the fans are super loud.
  13. Hello phileaton! I was just wondering if you have any news in regards to rachio integration. This would be amazing. Thanks!
  14. Today I added a Caseta Pro dimmer to Wink and then to C4 using the Dimmer driver. Everything working good except that I was unable to add the bulb to my C4 scenes. Is that the expected behavior?