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  1. 48 Port UNMANAGED Switch

    Yup they do work on managed switches, I have a Layer2 swtich with VLANs and running my control4 fine
  2. Hi Guys, I have done all the control4 training on behalf of a friends company, as I have done this I cannot push it myself. I am based in Southwest england and happy to help out anyone that I can around this area on a subcontract basis. I actually run a IT & Communications Business and have over 15 years experience of IT & Comms so can also assit on this side too!
  3. Android IR Driver its just a set top box running android
  4. Android IR Driver

    Sorry Should of said, its a MBOX running andriod 6
  5. Android IR Driver

    Anyone got one, as the chowmein IP one will not work for me on my device
  6. I am looking for the EV IP Driver for windows Media Player to control my windows 10 PC when watching videos, cannot find it anywhere someone help? or any IP controlled driver for Windows 10
  7. Hikvision DS-2CD2132

    Yeah have done, but still no joy! what firmware are the cameras on?
  8. Anyone else have issues with these camera's they seem to show for a few minutes then go blank in the control4 screen? Cameras are still working fine tho on my DVR? any ideas?
  9. I'm afraid this doesn't mean much as you can't get decrypt tools online that can work out many passwords
  10. This will be why I have had a security alert from Credit Experian saying my email address and password may have been possilble sold on the black market
  11. Windows 10 Pro and Control4 NFS

    Still broke I think same as it was in windows 8 & 8.1
  12. 2Way Driver Sky +HD

    Yes it does displays what is watching, also lists scheduled and recorded programs in the planner
  13. 2Way Driver Sky +HD

    Is there any hope of a IP driver being written with 2way control for the UK sky box? as you can control all functions from your phone
  14. Chowmain - Icons Suite

    Brilliant that makes sense it works fine now, I was told all manufactures would be chowmain. Found this driver is not what I require thought it would replace the logo from xbox one when setup as a dvd player.