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  1. South Africa C4 user

    iOS 12 Remote Issues

    No issues on my side. I am using an iPhone 7 and last year’s new iPad. Both work fine for me.
  2. South Africa C4 user

    DS2 mini bug?

    I know it’s not nice to be happy about other people’s misfortune... but this does make me feel better! @Derrick Cain hopefully this has made its way on to the known issues list?
  3. South Africa C4 user

    DS2 mini bug?

    I am continuing to have a problem here but have narrowed it down a bit further and hope someone can help me. The problem is not as originally described but rather with the snapshot photo being emailed. In short, the DS2 works perfectly for a couple of weeks and then starts to give problems until I reboot everything. The problem experienced (and it is not random - once the problem starts, it happens all of the time until I do a reboot) is that when someone pushes the button, a snapshot is sent but the photo shows no one at the gate... as I assume that the camera can not make someone invisible, my guess is that it is sending an out of date snapshot... I have not been able to figure out if this is a static photo that keeps being sent or if it is simply a snapshot from a few minutes earlier before the person ringing the bell got to the gate... Any suggestions would be appreciated. As soon as I reboot everything works perfectly for a couple of weeks...
  4. South Africa C4 user

    Apple TV OS 12

    Lol! I got ‘soon’ horribly wrong on Intercom Anywhere... and stated then that C4 was using Aslan’s (CS Lewis, Narnia) definition of soon - “All time is soon”... I hope C4 will be using my definition which would be “in the next month”...
  5. South Africa C4 user

    Apple TV OS 12

    I certainly hope so... given the announcement a month or two back, you would expect that C4 would ave been working on this over the last few months and a driver would (one would assume) be available soon...
  6. South Africa C4 user

    annex⁴ - Voice Genie (TTS)

    @livitup make sure you have a sufficient start delay on your announcement. I suspect that you are playing the announcement before your equipment has had time to turn on. You then delay and play again (which works because your equipment has not yet turned off).
  7. South Africa C4 user


    I use green... simply because I tried all the colors available and this was my favorite...
  8. South Africa C4 user

    Anyone else had Intercom Anywhere stop working?

    I set my Intercom Anywhere ring tone to silent (or vibrate or something like that) for just this reason!
  9. South Africa C4 user

    CA zigbee extender temperature driver

    Yatun offers a good free temperature display driver
  10. Good luck. That is strange. I had two of my drivers do the same when updating to OS2.10.4 but was lucky and re-entering the key did the trick! Maybe the Cinegration server is down and so the key is not being recognized... sure they will have an answer for you!
  11. South Africa C4 user

    Power Outage Detection

    I do this by using a power sensor (card access I think) that is plugged into the UPS but sense power prior to the UPS. The sensor is connected to one of my controllers (obviously also on UPS) and this lets me know when the power goes off.
  12. Try deleting the last digit of the key and re-entering it. That usually fixes this sort of problem.
  13. South Africa C4 user

    Need New Media Solution

    Personally, I prefer Infuse to MrMC... admittedly it’s probably double the price...
  14. South Africa C4 user

    D2S Door station programming

    I would update to the latest driver. I am on 227. There were issues with this at one stage. I think by 223 or 224, thes issues were fixed. I’m not even sure if 227 is the latest...
  15. South Africa C4 user

    ComposerHE - Echo Driver (epic-systems)

    Correct. Otherwise the ‘if’ does nothing!