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  1. Press vs Single tap

    So normally you would have something for a normal push and something else for a press and hold. For example the top light switch on all of my keypads will activate a panic signal if pressed and held for 3 seconds. A normal press and release activates the normal light function. Ive had this in place for 3 years and only twice has someone inadvertently activated the panic alarm.
  2. Drivers that give access to a web interface

    Can't wait!
  3. DSC It-100 Issues

    Sounds like real bad luck! Sorry!
  4. DSC It-100 Issues

    My IT100 has been fried three time since in 4 years due to lightening. Seems to be very sensitive equipment as I've had pretty much nothing else damaged! The IT100 being fried should not impact the DSC system itself or your alarms and sensors. It should only impact communication to and from C4.
  5. Drivers that give access to a web interface

    Wow! I look forward to this one being tapped... I can see so much potential!
  6. My dealer added a new free Control4 authored irrigation driver to my project last week. Reason being he knows that I am hoping that the native C4 irrigation driver will see an upgrade at some stage. The driver was actually for Skydrop irrigation (not a system I know), so no use to me and my dealer needs to remove this. However, what I found really interesting is that the driver pulled up a web page on my T3 Touchscreen when I clicked on it. This must be extremely powerful. I have not (yet) seen any other driver using this functionality but think it must give driver writers incredible opportunities to do pretty much anything?
  7. Composer HE Device Renamer Driver

    Sorry to say @msgreenf but I have the same issue as Robert (Rek). Also not something I am using yet (although I really like the idea!).
  8. Composer HE Device Renamer Driver

    I'll also try and have a look on my project later this weekend... and then feedback
  9. Composer HE Device Renamer Driver

    Very happy!
  10. Composer HE Device Renamer Driver

    I see a new version auto updated for me today and refresh navigators now works! Thank you @msgreenf
  11. Advanced lighting scenes not working. ???

    Way above my pay grade
  12. Time for the dealer to step in - I suspect
  13. Turning off AC based on open and window door states

    Another option (if you are using a security system and driver that supports groups - e.g. DSC) is to create a group that includes all the relevant doors and windows. When the group is activated (one open) you turn off the air con (or, if you want a 5 minute delay, use a timer and now check if the timer is running, if not start the timer - when the timer expires turn off the aircon) and when it is deactivated (all closed) you turn the aircon back on (and stop the timer if you are using one). You (actually your dealer) can also link the group to an Experience button that will show you if anything is open or if everything is closed...
  14. Movie cover art missing on Navigator

    That is weird! Not a problem I've seen. Sorry! Good luck!
  15. Movie cover art missing on Navigator

    I'm not aware of any bug. If it is there (in the same room) on the app and Touchscreen, it should also appear in that room in on the OSD... If it is missing everywhere from a given room (I.e. App and Touchscreens also), then that is a setting.