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  1. Have you tried changing something in (e.g. Unchecking a device or checking a device or changing a devices name). After that, you can save everything in my,Control4. Finally, rerun discovery. I had this problem a few months ago and the above sorted it for me... that said, the first time, I had to wait a couple of hours before rerunning discovery worked... Good luck
  2. Which driver? Epic or native C4?
  3. Many of Cy's examples plus: - geyser control, - heat pump (underfloor heating) control (turns on / off flow pumps and heat pumps - all off in summer, flow pumps off when going on holiday in winter but heat pumps left on for defrosting reasons). - some small touchscreen (nothing to do with C4) that don't dim and don't integrate but are in the master bedroom BIC and give an irritating glow at night.
  4. I think you can do this on the Touchscreen and have been able to forever... I never do it as it is so much easier to do it in Composer. Maybe I'm wrong!p
  5. I'm a numbers person myself and 2.10 = 2.1 in anything mathematical so I also don't like the idea of something called 2.10 which differs from something called 2.1. That said, C4 can call it what they want... 2.1, 3.0, the Gold OS or anything else... And I'll be happy - as long as they include some cool new features
  6. Unfortunately, I suspect you are right... O well, 2.10 could still be exciting depending on what is added!
  7. Thanks... I have a quote from a dealer and am thinking about it...
  8. Ditto
  9. So 3.0 comes to a show near you in 106 more sleeps... and I was going to await another 6 days before saying that
  10. The native C4 driver automatically sets up stuff for existing lighting scenes. Which is quite neat, but not at all intuitive if you have scene names like "Downstairs Off". The native driver will grab this scene name and allow you to access it using Alexa, turn on Downstairs Off and turn Off Downstairs Off. If you don't have a toggle scene attached to the scene (Downstairs Off in my example) then "turn on Downstairs off" will turn all the Downstairs lights off while "turn off Downstairs off" will do nothing. Possible ways to fix the above are: 1. Create a lighting scene called "Downstairs" that turns all Downstairs lights on. 2. Create a toggle scene with some obscure name that you won't use with Alex (or call this something sensible like "Downstairs Off" but delink this from Alexa in my.Control4. This scene should turn all Downstairs lights off. The above will allow you to say Alexa, turn Downstairs on and Alexa, turn Downstairs off and the result will be what you expect. A big plus of the native driver is that it automatically picks up all lighting scenes and links them to Alexa and allows easy editing ( @chopedogg88 this would be a really neat addition to your driver). A big plus of the Epic Systems driver is that it works reliably and is quick to respond.
  11. Cool! Will the colour picker work on the T3s and EAs?
  12. As a matter of interest, which product would this color picker work with and apart from appearing under security, does it work well? OP, sorry for hijacking your thread!
  13. My driver allows me to change it in a new settings (I think that is the name) tab in the UI on the T3 itself... as far as I know my dealer did not do anything and this just happened after an auto update of the security driver (presumably after the proxy had been updated).
  14. Other new things since 2.6 would include: 1. New cool security proxy 2. New blind proxy - a definite improvement 3. Alexa voice control 4. New thermostats (I think that was since 2.6) 5. Improved wake up agent (still needs work) 6. New improved communication agent to replace the old communication agent I am sure there are other items as 2.6 was quite a while back... In terms of Experience Buttons, these are Buttons which can be put on most pages and can give feedback. As well as giving visual feedback, they allow you to use all sorts of icons so improve the visual appeal of the interface significantly.
  15. Aha... sorry... it is cool