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  1. South Africa C4 user

    SnapAV media over IP

    Excuse my ignorance, but will either do 4K HDR 4:4:4 and Dolby Vision?
  2. South Africa C4 user

    Paging from T3 to audio zones

    Ok, so that is super cool! How on earth do you do that?
  3. South Africa C4 user

    Copy C4 Experience

    I don’t have access to the connections so my last point below is based on memory of what my dealer did (plus what someone posted above and the RF bit may be wrong!). My setup is as follows: 1. DSTV Explora driver (created by Jason - no idea who Jason is! May have worked for my dealer for all I know) 2. Dish Network driver (created by Control4) 3. DSTV Explora output is connected to my matrix 4. Output of Dish Network is connected to RF Input of DSTV Explora driver (I think this is right). The above is my setup and works perfectly. I am sure there are other ways (and drivers) to do thi.
  4. South Africa C4 user

    Copy C4 Experience

    Great to find another South African user. Where are you based? Jo’burg? You should have a dish network driver which your dealer will have connected to the driver for your DSTV Explora. The Dish Network driver will appear under broadcast in the Media Tab and you can add channels here (with or without icons). If you have multiple Exploras and want different channels selections to control different Exploras (I have one Explora for the kids - irrespective of what TV they are on and another for us as adults) then you will need multiple Dish Network drivers.
  5. South Africa C4 user

    Volume randomly increases

    The app is in the store... what is interesting is my system did a reboot all by itself an hour or so ago. This is the first time ever (as far as I recall) that my system has rebooted itself for no reason that I am aware of. I wonder if a fix was pushed out to systems that required a director reboot...? If it is not that, then my EA5 may be heading for trouble which would be sad as it is my second EA5 main controller!
  6. South Africa C4 user

    Paging from T3 to audio zones

    Has been a wish list item for years... it would be nice. Must say that I wanted this year’s ago and had even forgotten wanting it... We are probably heading in this direction as announcements can now be played through T3s which is essentially the reverse of what you want.
  7. South Africa C4 user

    Automate Pulse Driver

    Deleted - already suggested
  8. South Africa C4 user

    anyone having issues with the Notification Suite

    Me too... at least it was a problem 7 or 8 hours ago... haven’t checked in the last few hours...
  9. South Africa C4 user

    Pentair Pool Integration

    That is weird. I have had great integration with C4 barring one minor bug on the native C4 driver that no one seems to want to fix. I agree with you that the Pentair Alexa is terrible!
  10. South Africa C4 user

    *** NEW *** Is Composer HE down AGAIN?

    There is a fine line between love and hate...
  11. South Africa C4 user

    *** NEW *** Is Composer HE down AGAIN?

    +1 Thanks Derrick! Wow, but that is service. Well done C4
  12. South Africa C4 user

    Deciding to setup C4 in my new house - Newbie

    Good luck and welcome to C4. I will leave others to answer the detailed questions. let me just say that Composer HE is well worth it. Thanks it can do most things that Pro (dealer software can do). The main exceptions are: 1. Adding new hardware - need a dealer. 2. adding a driver (for new hardware or otherwise). A remote dealer is a great help in the case. 3. Doing connections (only really needed upfront) - a better way of linking things (e.g lights) to keypads but not really needed after the initial setup. 4. deleting and renaming devices (well worth getting @msgreenf ‘s Renamer driver to get round the second half of this issue). Have fun and welcome to C4
  13. South Africa C4 user


    I am assuming that the next full OS version will be OS2.11.0 although I’d love it to be 3.0.0! I am also assuming that this release will happen at the beginning of September at CEDIA... There has been very little posted on the wishlist forum for a long time and I was wondering what everyone is hoping to see in the next OS? Personally, I’d love to see a little more flexibility on the UI (e.g. Experience Buttons on the home page and the ability to pull up a normal menu via an Experience button (so that we are not limited to Comfort, Security, Watch, Listen Etc.). I’d also like to see some better Apple Integration. Updating the look and feel of the AirPlay driver would be a great start! It would be nice if the Navigation agent was extended beyond cameras although I am not sure that I would do much with this. The Access Agent has needed a makeover for a long long time and I am hoping that the time may have come for this! It would also be great if the screensaver agent was updated to allow one to play different media at different times and on different screens. The email agent could also do with a facelift. All that said, I am surprisingly happy with everything that my system can do at present, so I don’t really have many ”wishes”. Hopefully the brains at C4 will surprise me with something brilliant that I have not even thought of. Then, there also some bugs that it would be great to see squashed... Would be keen to hear everyone else’s thoughts and let’s please avoid making this an Intercom App thread and assume that said App will be out soon (before CEDIA 🤫).
  14. South Africa C4 user

    Dimming a Scene

    I think that the right way to do this is to bind the scene to the button... but that requires a dealer with Composer Pro. A remote dealer can confirm if this will work and do this for you in a couple of minutes.