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  1. EA3 vs EA5?

    I’d strongly recommend an EA5 for this size of set up. Worth the extra spend to get the horse power.
  2. New YouTube AppleTv App

    Seeing a few other funnies with the IP driver recently. E.g. music starts playing randomly. I think this is when the stop buttons is pressed once too often but have not really tested...
  3. Multiple Load Configurable Keypad

    Would be great!
  4. DS2 + T3

    They can not be customized. It is a driver setting (in monitoring / system design). If you tick something like sound door chime then you get “ding dong”. If you don’t tick this then you get a ring tone when the door station calls the touch screen. You probably need to make sure auto answer is off although I am not 100% sure of this. If you are on 2.10.1, then it is probably ok to use this approach. I use a similar approach (for different reasons). Due to bugs in Os2.10.0 it was extremely unreliable and kept falling over. OS2.10.1 seems to be much more stable but has not been out for long enough for me to be sure that this is now a reliable approach.
  5. DS2 + T3

    You can choose between a ring tone and a ding dong... but that’s about it at present for the reasons you give. A bit of a work around (which I wouldn’t recommend) would be as follows: 1. Set the driver property to have the call button initiate programming only (I.e. it initiate a call). 2. Play the announcement you want. 3. Put in a sufficient delay to allow the announcement to finish. 4. Initiate the intercom call between the door station and the T3(s) from programming.
  6. Alexa programming tips with Epic's driver

    And a separate amazon account for each one if you want them to be location aware. If you don’t want them to be location aware and want each echo to behave identically to the others when voice commands are given then you only need one driver (and one amazon account).
  7. Control4 DS2 Door Station (C4-DS2FM)

    As long as you have something (e.g. a Touchscreen) on each floor for it to call, yes this is possible. Or, as long as you have different zones on each floor, you could program an announcement to play a doorbell sound on the relevant floor.
  8. Dummy Light switch

    I know that this question has been asked and answered before but I can’t seem to find a thread on it. Is it possible to add a light switch of some sort to the project that does not actually control a light and then trigger other programming of this dummy light switch when it turns on or off. If so, what driver? The reason I cannot use an Experience button for what I want to do is that I specifically want to control something from the lights page.
  9. Announcements Bug

    To close the loop on this for other users, an end delay fixed the problem. The length of delay needed depends on your system and the number of zones you are using. Essentially the start delay provides time for the various zones to turn on before playing and the end delay provides time for the zones to switch off (and not get other audio channels bleeding through... not really sure why the bleeding happens and thus this is necessary, but it does and is). Interestingly, when I use all my zones (14, I think) in an announcement, I need a 5 or 6 second start delay if i want to hear the whole announcement in all zones (from a cold start) and 5 or 6 seconds as an end delay. I guess I probably need a new faster matrix (or amp or something) if I want to get this down to 1 or 2 seconds!
  10. Security Camera mini app

    Page jumping with the navigator agent is cleaner and more flexible
  11. Security Camera mini app

    Lots of programming needed though
  12. Security Camera mini app

    Quite correct... or in this case, one of the user defined buttons on the SR260 could be a good option.
  13. Security Camera mini app

    Sort of... using a timer and the Navigation agent you can achieve this. It is not automatic but it can be programmed.
  14. My first C4!

  15. Control4 Intercom between Touchscreens Down?

    I’d try rebooting the controller and waiting 10/15 minutes and re-checking. I had this problem when upgrading to 2.10.0 and a reboot plus a 15 minute wait fixed it for me.