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  1. South Africa C4 user

    Steam Room Driver

    And this one!
  2. South Africa C4 user

    Steam Room Driver

    I like this idea!
  3. South Africa C4 user

    Alexa in Multiroom Control 4 Automation

    Some people (not me, I started down this route but moved on to testing the audio sensing route) have had succes attaching a light sensor to the ring of their Echo Dot and thus picking up when the blue light comes on. And yes, it probably is overkill and it would be so much better if Amazon would simply expose the Identity of the Echo being spoken to - but I am not holding my breath.
  4. South Africa C4 user

    Alexa in Multiroom Control 4 Automation

    You can also run the output from each Alexa to an audio input on, say, an EA controller and then use Audio sensing to determine which Alexa is active and use that to add the logic to the programming. The other option is a light sensor next to the echo to pick up when the blue light lights up. Neither route is easy to accomplish, but both have been done.
  5. So far, I’ve seen no change since upgrading to 2.10.2. Nothing better and nothing worse. But I am one of those who follows JFH’s second train of thought (I.e. best to stay up to date all the time).
  6. Hope you came right. Mine took the normal amount of time. Probably 10 minutes without my EA5 and an hour to get everything updated and rebooted.
  7. Just over 3 months to CEDIA... I believe the intercom app will be (was?) launched there... 🤣
  8. South Africa C4 user

    Energy Meters

    Also interested in an update and will it work in South Africa?
  9. My dealer has started the download remotely as he is on site tomorrow anyway to fix a few minor things for me... But I have no idea what it does... nor does he... but hopefully by the time he comes through tomorrow he will be able to tell me what I get with this download 😀
  10. South Africa C4 user

    Door Unlocked - LED blinking to visually alert

    Yeah. Should work although Zigbee can be a bit slow if you are trying to adjust too many LEDs at the same time. I tried to get all the LEDs on my 100 plus keypads/dimmers to flash (probably 400 or more LEDs) at the same time once and that was a disaster but for one or two LEDs it should be easy. There are also a few drivers that do this. The Domosapiens one being the latest.
  11. South Africa C4 user

    Steam Room Driver

    Yeah, my dealer was happy to install the steam room speaker in the roof but adamant that the sauna speaker had to be installed low down for heat reasons. I ultimately went with the “its a steam room, audio quality is not the most important thing” and said we should install both low down and minimize the risk of damage. In our main home, we have dual coil speakers in the kids bathrooms and the quality is fine. We also have a steam room and sauna in our main home and I do wish they were both automated (linked to C4 with, at least, on and off functionality). I find that an hour is needed to get the sauna up to temperature and while the steam room can be used quicker, it is nicer with an hour to an hour and a half eat up time as that warms up the granite bench and wall tiles and gets the air temperature up to (a very pleasant) 50 degrees Celsius. My dealer plans on hacking the units we are putting in at the coast to get this functionality as we have had no luck finding a driver.
  12. South Africa C4 user

    Steam Room Driver

    Yes, my steam room is a 2m by 2m separate room with an L shaped bench seat and the plan is to have waterproof speakers and a separate zone. Similarly, the sauna is a separate zone, in both cases, the speakers are under the seats at floor level where the heat is less intense. I like the Experince Button integration idea. In your case, I would also recommend a separate zone. My theory is that is always easier to merge zones (setup) than split zones (wiring and hassle).
  13. South Africa C4 user

    Steam Room Driver

    I’m a month or so away from installing a Tylo heater in the sauna and Helo steam generator in my steam room at my new beach house. Both have pretty cool native apps, but I’d love to see them integrated to C4!
  14. South Africa C4 user

    Integrating reclining sofa

    I hate to think what you automated them to do...? If person x sits down Wait for them to finish, stand up and then flush if person y sits down Start repeating timer (toilet) - 20 second timer When repeating timer (toilet) expires Flush violently 🚻 💩 💣