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  1. The Control4 driver works fine with the newer Pentair panels also (i10). Same bugs but they are relatively minor (document elsewhere in these forums - search Pentair). The new (paid for) driver looks good but my dealer has tried to get a key for it a couple of times with no success (strange as he had no problems getting keys for all the other drivers I use).
  2. Pentair
  3. I had a similar situation... mine was when I rolled back from OS2.9.1 to 2.9.0 (due to another bug on 2.9.1). The T3s could not be rolled back and this mix between 2.9.1 and 2.9.0 caused the problem. It disappeared when I unplugged the T3s from the wall and was fixed when my dealer factory reset all my T3s... Having said all that, I doubt that your problem is the same?
  4. Aha... that is what I am seeing is the security driver using the security proxy to call one of its own screens. Would be nice if all drivers exposed screen calls for their particular proxy. One could then do screen calls for most things (admittedly this would not be centralized so would be messy!)
  5. Bookmarking on T3s like one could on V2s has been something users have wanted for a couple of years and is theoreticallly (my understanding) not possible (yet). I noticed something very strange yesterday. My dealer and I have been going through all my drivers and making sure that my system is working perfectly following the need to replace my EA5 director as it died. When we were looking at the security driver (Domosapiens - DSC - a great driver) we noticed an option that (I am 100% sure) was not there previously. This is a check box that (if chosen) will flip the chosen T3 screens to the security menu and show the exit delay countdown when arming. The two things I found interesting about this are: 1. Surely this means bookmarking is possible and someone just needs to write a driver? 2. This is one of the two main uses I had for bookmarking on my V2s (the other was to throw up cameras on command). The only difference is that I don't really always want it to show the exit delay. If the system auto arms at, say, 11pm at night I don't want to show the exit delay... whereas if the system is armed by a user pressing a keypad button, I do want to display the exit delay. The good thing is that I now have workarounds (80% perfect) for my 2 previous uses of bookmarks... now we just need native bookmarking or a driver and I will be sad to throw my work arounds away :-)
  6. Up and running and loving being automated again. Kudos to my dealer and Control4 head office for great support.
  7. @msgreenf did you complete this project? My system has been down for a few days but will be back up tomorrow (that is faith in my dealer). I am off for a weeks holiday on Sunday but would love to play with this driver before then If you have got it to completion?
  8. Someone else turned the circuit breaker back on for you
  9. Thanks Derrick, PM sent!
  10. I must say that I don't know enough to really point you in the right direction. I suspect MyMovies will do this for you (check out their website here: If that works for you then integration to C4 is about 95% (or more successful). Others (e.g. @Cyknight or @diamonddesign) would be able to give more authorative advice!
  11. Unfortunately he did not... which I found very irritating... I did suggest moving it to one of the HC800's. Apparrently that is a 'big' job and I will lose some functionality (which I understand as I am probably using every available output and input on most of my controllers...) My understanding is that he will do this on Wednesday if he does not simply get a new EA5 from Control4 that morning. I can live until Wednesday but not much beyond then. Very irritating lieing in bed with all my keypads back lights on full brightness (which lights up the whole room and hinders sleeping)... clearly I am a very sad camper at the moment! It is also my eldest daughter's 18th birthday party (at our house) on Saturday evening so he has fully committed to getting the theatre and outside speakers all working by then even if we don't get a new EA5... I am praying that C4 simply gives a new EA5 and saves the hassle of lots of interim fixes!
  12. You can search these forums for lots of options besides the ones I listed above.
  13. You are going to need to use some other software and a driver to achieve what you want.
  14. I am keen to know the answer to this too... I have had that error once or twice over the years (and I don't write drivers etc.). It always terrifies me although everything still seems to work after running the repair...
  15. Unlikely...