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  1. Sleep well! I am heading off to work 😄
  2. Good luck
  3. Unfortunately they closed their doors about 9 months ago. A pity as their beta Alexa driver was streets ahead of anything else we have seen to date in terms of combining versatility with ease of use / automatic identification of devices in a project.
  4. I believe you are right although I had 3 instances working fine for a while.
  5. For anyone who comes across this thread, I got everything working again by going back to only one copy of the driver in the project. As each driver has 24 zones, I was able to get it to do what I wanted by using some zones as dummy zones to create delays between different sets of irrigation.
  6. Pentair works well although there is one minor bug in the free C4 driver. There is also a paid for driver out there which I asked my dealer to get for me but he never gets any response from the driver developer so I am not sure what's happened to that...
  7. Experience Buttons make changing the UI possible (to a degree). They are a great step forward!
  8. So, for the first time ever I have had my dealer roll back the OS version in my system. I am back on 2.9.0 and everything is stable again. I don't quite know what caused the problem but the problem related to Digital Music played from my NAS via MyMusic. It was manifesting in 2 ways: 1. Certain tracks (I have no idea what was special about them!) would not play 90% of the time if they were the first track being played. However, if they appeared later in the playlist or were added to the queue when something else was playing they would play 90% of the time. 2. If I used the track forward command (from programming - I never really tried this from the app / Touchscreen) then 2/3 of the time the next track would not play and I would have a digital music error if I looked st the Touchscreen. Having rolled back to OS2.9.0, the above all works again and appears rock solid. However, I had a new problem in that I kept having delays in processing commands... very irritating. My dealer tells me he had not been able to role my T3s back but that should not matter... anyway, to cut a long story short, I unplugged my two T3s (which are still on OS2.9.1) and the rest of the system is fully stable :-) The digital music issue worries me as I have not seen it reported by anyone else and while I don't need 2.9.1, I will want to upgrade to 2.9.2, 3.0 etc. in future. Quite frustrating!
  9. Have you told Alexa to Discover Devices? Have you activated Control4 as an add on (I cannot recall the correct terminology) in Alexa (on the app or via the website)
  10. Control4 should force this as the default. I moved to channel 25 a year or two ago based on your advice and I've had no Zigbee issues since...
  11. I recall struggling a little at first with these. I use the device specific command (do not select the "select" option) for Button on and Button off to control the button from programming. I then use the preconfigured roomname ->componentname has been switched on (or off) from the drivers main event (again do not select the "selected" option) to do the conditionals to switch a variable (true / false) that I have created for tracking the position of the switch... that probably is the same as using the Device On variable but I have never checked it! I also have an on variable change event on my own variable (in every case) to change the relevant Experience Button setting if the variable changes. This allows me to change the variable elsewhere in code and have the Experience Button follow suit. Again, it may be simpler to use the Device On variable but I have never tested this!
  12. Pretty much correct... that (deleting and re-programming) should fix it. Even if the code line looks identical, it won't be identical due to the update referred to above... Hope that makes sense!