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  1. Keen to understand what you are using this for! The only way I know is via programming but the programming should be simple! To keep it clean, I'd have a variable that I set to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 depending on the button pressed. Id then do the LED settings on the variable change event.
  2. It's a great driver... sorry, I only saw your post now and I see Cy has sorted you out!
  3. That is how I do it... but I just use one extra variable called "comments" and use this for all lines of notes.
  4. Yeah... the older versions of MyMovies still work fine. As a matter of interest, they dropped the licence requirement a few months ago (around version 5.2).
  5. How quick are your repsonse times? I have anything from a half second (no problem) to 5 second delay (not cool) on the native C4 driver.
  6. There has been no update to the driver... I find that the problem only relates to certain Blu Rays (maybe 1 in 10) and I simply don't include these in my collection... very annoying!
  7. Just remember to delete all existing backups first (and ask your dealer to do the same) or this option will not have the desired effect...
  8. Especially as since OS2.9, the access agent has stopped working all together on V2 Touchscreens
  9. Thanks... that is useful. In my current setup, wall acne was reduced by hiding switches / dimmers in cupboards... not quite as neat as the panelised approach... Having read your post, I suspect my dealer is not certified for a panelized installation!
  10. Music delay - I've only noticed it on MyMusic, so suspect it is linked to DigitalMedia. Apart from Experience Buttons, the only big update (that I can recall) on OS 2.9 was the blinds / shades proxy and User Interface. They also revamped the wake up agent but this still needs some work (my view). For completeness, they also added native Alexa control (but as you know, this is available on 2.8.2) and they made the Services agent available in residential properties but I can not (yet) see any real use for this. The various announcement bugs are all still present.
  11. I am (finally) starting to build an 800 square metre holiday home (beach house) in the new year (the planning has been going on for over a year and it will be good to see foundations!). Obviously going for Control4 for the automation. One thing that I don't know / understand is panelised lighting. Should I be using it or should I be sticking with zigbee? My dealer says panelised is a waste of time. He may simply not know the product... So what I am asking is which way should I go (and why?)? Thanks in advance.
  12. Back to OPs question... I'd definitely upgrade... I've seen some bugs, but the pros out weigh the cons... main bugs I have seen are: 1. Music takes much longer to come on (but what is a 5 second delay :-)) 2. (Old fashioned) Sensors which have been inverted don't show the state correctly but triggers from these work fine. 3. The access agent has stopped working in my V2 Touchscreens so there is no restriction to what users can do on these Touchscreens. Still works on all other navigators. 4. Some bugs on the Experience Buttons but many have been fixed and it sounds like more have been fixed recently (note: you can set these to auto update with Control4s new auto update schedule - probably worth doing!). 5. The new irrigation program driver (which I love) died on me... maybe that has been updated too. 6. I am still waiting for Control4 or Alan to give us an Experience Button where we can control when the delay changes... to allow, for instance for a count down in days... Items 4 and 5 are bit a loss as you would not have these on 2.8 and the benefits of 2.9 (e.g. Experience Buttons which really are cool!) outweigh items 1, 2 and 3 (which are irritations rather than real issues). Item 6 is just my personal wishlist. But you can wait for 2.9.1 if you want and there will be new bugs
  13. Sounds interesting to me