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  1. South Africa C4 user

    Mute not working on Media Scene with two sets of speakers

    And does changing the volume up and down control both areas perfectly? If so, mute should work too.
  2. The connections (as I understand it) will also determine what is turned on and off... but needs Composer Pro to access and edit.
  3. South Africa C4 user

    Mute not working on Media Scene with two sets of speakers

    Have you activated the media scene in programming when you turned the sound on?
  4. Your dealer would need to do this in Connections (with Composer Pro).
  5. South Africa C4 user

    Items in Security Tab

    Lots of these doing various things
  6. South Africa C4 user

    Scheduler not closing/opening all shades

    I’ve got the same problem with an RS232 connection to my jacuzzi and need to use significant delays between each command to ensure the consistent correct behavior.
  7. Composer does not know if your shades are open or closed. There has probably been a power cut or controller reboot. Opening or closing the blinds should sort this...
  8. South Africa C4 user

    How do your convert lighting scenes to advanced lighting scenes

    Then it would appear that you have no lighting scenes... just normal lights... The fact that you have lights going on and off on a schedule does not mean that you have lighting scenes. This could simply be the scheduler agent being uses to turn (multiple) individual lights on and off.
  9. South Africa C4 user

    How do i get my door station to work with Intercom app?

    You need to choose the “silent” ring tone in the app itself... if that does not work, follow MS advice in your other post with this same question.
  10. South Africa C4 user

    iOS App Crashing

    I must have a posh iPad too 😎
  11. South Africa C4 user

    iOS App Crashing

    Weird! I am on 12.1 with no issues whatsoever.
  12. South Africa C4 user

    How to see the value of a timer?

    There is no way to see a timer that I know... would be great. The timer experience buttons give you this (but in minutes not seconds)...
  13. South Africa C4 user

    System reboot

    Thanks. An interesting possibility!
  14. South Africa C4 user

    Missing Anything????

    AFAIK, the driver was free. It works well for me. Much better than the previous Pentair Integration.
  15. South Africa C4 user

    How use DSC alarm sensors to set variables in Composer

    This! I have the same set up as you and it all works perfectly in the way that you want it to work. The key is to get your dealer to bind all of the contacts etc. Then you program and your imagination is the only limiting factor!