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  1. Composer HE 2.9.0 Download Help

    And a dealer...
  2. Different light levels at night

    Binding them gives a much quicker response time than programming although you can get almost the same if you use on press instead of on single click. Binding is also quicker and easier for the dealer to set up and change. I have my lights bound and then use a double click to set 50% brightness (can be done in HE). The only problem with this approach is that they come on at full brightness and then dim to 50% when your controller realizes you have done a double click. You can get around this by setting the ramp up rate to the light to a good few seconds. You could program the level to be set (based on time) when the light comes on in HE and leave the bindings in place. The same problem and work around described above would apply.
  3. Sonos Announcements

    Native C4 announcements are much better (less buggy) in OS2.10 (referred to by C4 as Adan ace announcements).
  4. 2.10.0 update blocks?

    I have added a number of new drivers with no problems... phew!
  5. IOS 11 and C4 Shairbridge

    On iPad, you also need to start the music playing and then swipe down from the top. The music control center then appears above the notifications that normally appear when you swipe down from the top...
  6. IOS 11 and C4 Shairbridge

    When playing music on your iPhone (presumably same with iPad although I have not updated my iPad to iOS11 yet so can't check) pull down from the top of the screen and you will get the control panel for controlling music. Press the airplay icon to the right of the song name and your ShairBridge (and other Airplay options) should be there. This is different from previous iOS which you could access by pulling up from the bottom of the screen (note: you still access AppleTV - Airplaying movies - by pulling up from the bottom).
  7. pool control

    That sounds really great! Will there be more functionality on this than with the current drivers? Any idea when the IntelliCenter will be available?
  8. Best Door Station

    So the real question is when will the new app be available...
  9. Jandy pool pumps, RGB LEDs, heater, Aqualink

    I have a Pentair system and two different Pentair drivers and the answer on Pentai is no, not currently. I suspect that the answer is no on Aqualink also. You could probably set up your own colour Experience Buttons and have them trigger off for a few seconds (to reset the sequence) then on / off / on / off the appropriate number of times to get to the colour you want.
  10. Is your HC800 on a UPS? Is there any chance that your mains power is dropping (for a second or two) every day at 8:03am?
  11. 2.10 Considerations

    New navigation agent allows this
  12. T3 Touchscreen

    There were other work arounds pre 2.10 but they were also real work arounds. For instance I used the communications agent and a spare Touchscreen to institute a call (with auto answer) from the spare Touchscreen to the T3. As long as you set up an alternative camera on the spare Touchscreen and had the alternative camera set to the camera you wanted to pop up, this worked quite well but was a headache to set up and a waste of hardware,
  13. SNMP experts...?

    The SNMP agent had been dropped in OS2.10 and the variables agent seriously enhanced for variable analysis.
  14. HVAC Status not showing on Android

    Are you on OS2.10? A number of small bugs like this were fixed on OS2.10
  15. Collection Management Driver and OS2.10

    Thanks Gary, sounds much cleaner than my experience. I added a title and only then realized the driver had stalled and updated the IP address only to get an error and duplicates... anyway, I've taken courage from your experience and turned my laptop back on and started rebuilding the database and all looks good so far (20 movies in). Thanks!!!