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  1. Brownbatsbreath

    Fan Controller Wiring help

    The wire you have circled in red is the switchleg (load) for the 3 way switch in the middle of the box.
  2. Brownbatsbreath

    Apple TV

    That’s disappointing. I always picture you as Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.
  3. Brownbatsbreath

    What’s your perfect XBMC streamer?

    This is literally my daily goal.
  4. Brownbatsbreath

    Distributed Video Help

    I use the NFL SundayTicket app. It’s a stand alone account. Used it before I even had Directv Now.
  5. Brownbatsbreath

    Distributed Video Help

    Yes we get all the local channels with directv now. Local/regional sports too. They have a zip code lookup on the website that’ll give you the exact channel listings.
  6. Brownbatsbreath

    Distributed Video Help

    Ah yeah... I think with Sling you could get local NBC and FOX channels. Don’t think you could get ABC. Not sure about CBS. We get all the local network affiliates with Directv Now.
  7. Brownbatsbreath

    Distributed Video Help

    I haven’t been all that impressed with Directv Now. The interface is clunky, kind of buggy at times. Not terrible or unusable, but if someone is used to a cable or satellite guide, it takes some getting used to. You should check out Sling too. I had them for awhile and they kept making improvements, I thought they were pretty good. Might offer more streams. Most of these services offer free trials and no contracts, so definitely consider trying them out.
  8. Brownbatsbreath

    Distributed Video Help

    Also NFL Sunday ticket has its own native streaming app. So if that was your only reason for getting Directv, you can just sign up for Sunday ticket and stream it that way. Then do cable, Sling, Directv now or whatever for TV.
  9. Brownbatsbreath

    Distributed Video Help

    No. It’s a native Directv Now app. Has nothing to do with Samsung TVs. Available on Appletv, Fire tv, Roku, etc. As Wap asked... do you really need more then 3 streams at the same time?
  10. Brownbatsbreath

    Distributed Video Help

    I use the NFL Sunday ticket app. Stream it using Apple TV. No directv needed. I also use directv now on Apple TV. It’s *ok*. I had sling and liked that better... but sling doesn’t have the weather channel and directv now does... and I love the weather channel. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Brownbatsbreath

    Distributed Video Help

    You can also change rooms on the remote and use the same remote in different rooms if maybe you have some lesser used rooms. Not all that elegant, but a functional option if you wanted to wait before purchasing new remotes.
  12. Brownbatsbreath

    Distributed Video Help

    Nah, slightly bigger screen, few more custom buttons, button layout is slightly diffferent. Nothing that would warrant replacing the 250’s you already have, IMO.
  13. Brownbatsbreath

    Distributed Video Help

    The 250’s are a solid work horse of a remote. The 260’s add different color options for text and a cool hour glass icon that you’ll see a lot of.
  14. Brownbatsbreath

    Eaton HALO LED compatibility with APD120s?

    The model number you supplied is just the housing it won’t be on any lists. You can use a number of Halo LED modules with this can. As long as the modules/trims are dimmable you *should* be fine. FWIW, I’ve used a ton of Halo LEDs in the past with C4 and lutron dimmers without issue. Also I believe Cooper makes Halo products, and they have a few on the compatible list. I wouldn’t sweat it too much if you don’t find the exact model you’re having installed on the list.
  15. Brownbatsbreath

    Lighting Control & Design Question

    Exactly. It’s been a long time since I’ve dealt with this stuff, but I seem to remember a tipping point. Also remember the individual dimmers/switches communicate wirelessly. So you’ll need to consider wireless coverage, meaning control4’s own zigbee network, not wifi. The panelized modules will be physically connected to the main processor over the network and then you can have wired, or wireless keypads. Are you planning on using Control4 remotes for AV control? This is something to consider when laying things out as the dimmers and wireless keypads will strengthen this wireless network. If you’re already planning on installing c4 dimmers throughout then zigbee coverage should be less of an issue. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a floor plan and what you expect scope wise to a dealer.