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  1. Samsung HW-F355 Soundbar IR issues

    Hi Sean, Were you able to fix the drivers? I am having the same issue. Thanks
  2. Wireless Dimmer DIM1-zx

    Thank you so much guys 13-4-13 did the trick It's all good now Thanks again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi all, I have been trying to add the dimmers to my system. I know these are old but bought them recently from a neighbor who relocated. It is wired properly and i have reset the switch but I am having hard time adding it to the system. I have tried both options including pressing top button 4 times and adding network address, but both of them are no go. Any suggestions please.
  4. Dish Hopper with sling

    Please close this post.....I fixed it,,,had to remove and reinstall the driver. Thank you
  5. Hi all, I need some help adding and controlling dish hopper with sling. I have added the driver ( Hopper Master Driver). Did the pairing and everything listed in the document. Refreshed and even restarted controller. Pairing has been successful but still I can't control the dish receiver. Not even a single command is working. Any suggestions please.
  6. Hi all, Recently my integra receiver died and was out of warranty. I ended up replacing that with my pioneer sc 37. I have made the connections and it works fine with the video selection but with audio selection ( Listen mode) it still stays at the video input and doesn't go to the audio input. Audio devices including apple tv, hc800 and home server are going through control4 audio splitter and then to the pioneer receiver. Connection screen shot is attached. Please help me out with this issue. Thanks in advance.
  7. hi,


    Di you ever got  driver for your samsung Sound bar HW-FM45C?




    1. CrazyFire


      Sorry for delayed response. Didn't visit suite for a while. I made a driver which has some hiccups like power but volume works.

  8. updating hc300

    Thank you sir Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. updating hc300

    Thank you so much guys. Issue was the wrong driver, once correct driver was installed, it took the update without any problem. Quick question, I have a speaker point also. Can that be updated beyond 2.5.3?
  10. updating hc300

    I understand and it is not running by itself 800 is the main controller. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. updating hc300

    Thanks for the quick reply guys. This is the error i am getting. Finished site update attemptSuccessfully obtained update version information from web service: 1 update version(s) availableStarting update to version Director version is Using URL of http://services.control4.com/Updates2x/v2_0/Updates.asmxDevice Home Controller HC300( -- tried to update to the wrong device typeDevice Home Controller HC300( failed because it reported a status of wrong_device_type. Error -- tried to update to the wrong device typeDevice Home Controller HC300( failed because it reported a status of wrong_device_type. Error -- tried to update to the wrong device type
  12. updating hc300

    Hi all, I have HC 800 controller which is the primary and hc250 and hc300. The 800 and 250 have been uupdated recently without any problems. The HC300 is stuck and is not taking the update. In the message box it says, getting wrong update, update failed. So my question is Is it possible for me to remove the HC300 from the project and register as a sepearte controller and then update it individually. If possible then how can i deregister it from the project, as simply removing it from the project is not working? Thanks in advance.
  13. Samsung Soundbar HW-FM45C

    I am trying to use the sound bar as my audio source and i have the remote that came with it. If i trying to creat the driver then which device do i use in the driver creator as this device doesn't have a prebuilt driver. Thanks for helping me out, much appreciated.
  14. Hi All, Can anybody suggest, about where the sound bar to was set up where I have the receiver TV, Xbox and the wiiu. Receivers audio output is connected through optical cable to the sound bar. There are no discrete drivers for the sound bar and I will appreciate any advice. Thank you
  15. Control4 HC800 issue

    Thanks for your advise. Just contacted my dealer, he will be sending the unit for eval.