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  1. EdgeRouter PoE

    The Edgemax and UniFi line are "identical" hardware wise between the USG router and ERL/POE router. They are managed differently. UniFi access points will work fine with the Edgemax line of routers, but you won't have a single pane glass of management.
  2. Lennox S30 Driver

    Is there a trial for the Lennox iComfort Driver? I have the zoned iComfort system integrated in Control4.
  3. I find it hard to believe this is killing your cell service, if you look closely you will find these antennas on top of buildings everywhere, especially major metro cities. What your neighbor is using it for, legally or not, I don't know. If he's sharing his ISP with the community I can image that being within the TOS. I'm curious to see how this plays out.
  4. New Ceiling fan recommendation?

    This is the reason I have the driver, so I can control my fans from wall mounted touchscreens. Haiku fans require their own wall switches, and for whatever reason weren't installed in my home leaving me only the Haiku app to control my fans. This obviously leads to a sub-standard experience for guests or anyone wanting to control the fans. I also think their wall control switches are just another edition of wall acne.
  5. New Ceiling fan recommendation?

    I have Haiku fans and they integrate perfectly with C4.
  6. Schedule your HVAC contractor and C4 dealer at the same time. Let them dual.
  7. What resolution do you recommend scaling down to?
  8. Pakedge vs other

    I had a Luxul ABR440 router, Luxul PoE switch, and a Luxul unmanaged switch all put in by my dealer. I had sporadic issues, so I took out the router and PoE switch and replaced them with an edgerouter lite and a PoE edgeswitch and it has been rock solid since. I left in the Luxul unmanaged switch because it looks great in the rack and I haven't had any issues with it. The premium price for Pakedge/Luxul is just not worth it IMO. With that being said, read up on the Ubnt gear. It is not for the faint of heart, it's not plug and play and there are occasionally firmware bugs such as 5.4.9 for the UniFi AP line that was released then pulled a few weeks later.
  9. SOLD - NO LONGER AVAILABLE x1 New in box Wireless Keypad Dimmer (white) $150 x2 Used Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmer (white) $125/each x2 Used Wireless Switch (1 white, 1 snow white) $100/each x5 Aux Keypad (4 snow white, 1 white) - $50/each
  10. This should be in "Wanted / For Sale" section @admin
  11. UniFi NVR Driver

    Currently I have different thumbnails for streams and snapshots. Ideally the snapshot overlays the stream, so let me know if you get it working that way.
  12. UniFi Drivers Coming Soon - Ideas

    It "depends". Theoretically yes, but in the real world with firewall rules etc, ~900Mbps is probably more realistic (without bridging LAN ports). Here's a good review on it, but note that this is with 1.0.2 firmware. http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/lanwan/lanwan-reviews/32012-first-look-ubiquiti-edgerouter-lite?showall=&start=1 You can run OpenVPN on ERL but it will require you to use CLI: http://www.forshee.me/2016/03/16/ubiquiti-edgerouter-lite-setup-part-5-openvpn-setup.html https://community.ubnt.com/t5/EdgeMAX/Private-Internet-Access-Open-VPN-Step-by-Step-Configuration/m-p/1711643#U1711643
  13. UniFi Drivers Coming Soon - Ideas

    I'd like to know too then. Maybe reboot devices from touch screens? Can't think of much more.
  14. UniFi NVR Driver

    Not a dealer but use UniFi G3 cameras and NVR. Using some generic driver but would be willing to try.
  15. 48 Port UNMANAGED Switch

    I am using both a managed and unmanaged switch in my C4 system. I have all my core C4, Sonos, wall jacks going to an unmanaged switch and WAPs, Cameras, Touch Screens to a PoE managed switch. No porblems here.