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  1. check out these products https://coolautomation.com/. I have used the daikin version and it works great shows up on the navigators just the same as the standard control4 tstats do.
  2. i will trade you 2 new C4-WALL7-1-BL for the matrix amp..... sold
  3. The problem with having a local receiver and a remote amp for the second zone would be what you are worried about the echo effect. the local receiver will process the audio at a different rate then the remote amp. We have come across this a few times. the way we have solved this is to run the audio from the source into a audio matrix and then to the amps. So in your situation I would run the audio out of the tv down to a audio matrix (https://www.control4.com/docs/product/audio-matrix-switch-v2/data-sheet/english/latest/audio-matrix-switch-v2-data-sheet-rev-a.pdf) in the rack and get a non matrix amp (https://www.control4.com/docs/product/4-zone-power-amplifier/data-sheet/english/latest/4-zone-power-amplifier-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf) for the audio zones. I would then feed the zone outs of the audio matrix into the zone inputs of the amp. I would then take a zone out of the matrix back up to the tv location and hook it up to this Mini-Amplifier (https://www.snapav.com/shop/en/snapav/amplifiers-speaker/episode-reg%3B-digital-mini-amplifier-|-35w-x-2-channels-ea-mini-2d-35) to feed the speakers in the main living zone. there is a control4 driver for this amp that you would set up as the end points. I would use the audio matrix for the zone endpoints and volume end points for the remaining zones. I hope this will help you out.
  4. I had a client that has 2 amps and they both died a month apart from each other all of the zone lights were lit up red. I called tech support had me reboot it a few times and then issued an rma on them. I think they have a 3 yr warranty on them if I remember correctly from tech support.
  5. that is what i was thinking or maybe along the lines of a few seura waterproof tvs mounted in the top.
  6. has anyone mounted a small tv in a bartop that you would look down at while sitting at the bar. my boss has hi hopes of this and I havent come across anything like this.
  7. Yes it is possible to do I do this all the time. you would have to reconfigure the wiring at both ends of the setup. you would have to convert one of the wires to be a neutral one to be a power wire and the other to be signal wire between the switches.
  8. The load is to low of wattage. The outlet dimmer always has a little bit of bleed though voltage the the leds pick up on. the easy way to solve this is to plug a small night light bulb into the leds as well to absorb the bleed though voltage.
  9. i know this is an old topic but does anyone have this driver still. just did online chat with control4 and they sent me the driver so i added it to my post. temp_tstatnew.c4i
  10. thanks for the replys i will see about setting up the quick select for the rooms with muti screens. the house is over 30000 sq ft with 32 tv locations and 50 room locations so going through the location take way more then 5 seconds. i was just trying to make it very easy for the owners to use. i will also look into the multi screen as we have 22 touch screens through out the house.
  11. Is there a way to program the 3 custom buttons on the sr 260 to link to a room location. the current project I am working on has a few locations with 3 tvs. I sent them up as there own locations but will be using one remote in the room.
  12. We have the c4 amps I forgot about the loop out thanks.
  13. I am working on a project now that has several rooms with 2 zones of audio. What is the best way to link the 2 zones on a control4 audio matrix to mirror each other?
  14. i have 2 new in box 500 for both or 300 each