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  1. Temp Limits of a C4 switch

    i have one in my attic in here in arizona with temps over 130 and no problems
  2. Kwikset Locks / Hc-250-BL1A

    1 Deadbolt and 1 Hc 250 still available
  3. Pentair Pool Integration

    Control4 will not work with an Easy touch panel regardless if you have the protocol adapter or not I have been that route.
  4. Pentair Pool Integration

    Control4 does not work with the easytouch has to be intellitouch panel i7 or higher
  5. Kwikset Locks / Hc-250-BL1A

    For Sale New In Box $150 each plus Shipping 1 x Kwikset SmartCode 910 Keyless Entry Deadbolt (Venetian Bronze) - 99100-003 C4-KSDB-Z-VB For Sale New In Box $150 each plus Shipping 1 X HC-250 Controller C4-HC250-BL-1A
  6. check out these products https://coolautomation.com/. I have used the daikin version and it works great shows up on the navigators just the same as the standard control4 tstats do.
  7. 4 zone matrix amp

    i will trade you 2 new C4-WALL7-1-BL for the matrix amp..... sold
  8. New Install audio question

    The problem with having a local receiver and a remote amp for the second zone would be what you are worried about the echo effect. the local receiver will process the audio at a different rate then the remote amp. We have come across this a few times. the way we have solved this is to run the audio from the source into a audio matrix and then to the amps. So in your situation I would run the audio out of the tv down to a audio matrix (https://www.control4.com/docs/product/audio-matrix-switch-v2/data-sheet/english/latest/audio-matrix-switch-v2-data-sheet-rev-a.pdf) in the rack and get a non matrix amp (https://www.control4.com/docs/product/4-zone-power-amplifier/data-sheet/english/latest/4-zone-power-amplifier-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf) for the audio zones. I would then feed the zone outs of the audio matrix into the zone inputs of the amp. I would then take a zone out of the matrix back up to the tv location and hook it up to this Mini-Amplifier (https://www.snapav.com/shop/en/snapav/amplifiers-speaker/episode-reg%3B-digital-mini-amplifier-|-35w-x-2-channels-ea-mini-2d-35) to feed the speakers in the main living zone. there is a control4 driver for this amp that you would set up as the end points. I would use the audio matrix for the zone endpoints and volume end points for the remaining zones. I hope this will help you out.
  9. C4 power amp

    I had a client that has 2 amps and they both died a month apart from each other all of the zone lights were lit up red. I called tech support had me reboot it a few times and then issued an rma on them. I think they have a 3 yr warranty on them if I remember correctly from tech support.
  10. in counter top tv

    that is what i was thinking or maybe along the lines of a few seura waterproof tvs mounted in the top.
  11. in counter top tv

    has anyone mounted a small tv in a bartop that you would look down at while sitting at the bar. my boss has hi hopes of this and I havent come across anything like this.
  12. Dead end three way

    Yes it is possible to do I do this all the time. you would have to reconfigure the wiring at both ends of the setup. you would have to convert one of the wires to be a neutral one to be a power wire and the other to be signal wire between the switches.
  13. The load is to low of wattage. The outlet dimmer always has a little bit of bleed though voltage the the leds pick up on. the easy way to solve this is to plug a small night light bulb into the leds as well to absorb the bleed though voltage.
  14. i know this is an old topic but does anyone have this driver still. just did online chat with control4 and they sent me the driver so i added it to my post. temp_tstatnew.c4i