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    Top Golf / Control4

    Vegas is Crestron.
  2. Does anybody know if I can use the reciever from a C4-LTPTP kit in lieu of a LU1/LU1E reciever on a Leaf matrix?
  3. klaue2

    FS CXM-RCR1-B Contact Relay Extender

    Yes, it is still available.
  4. klaue2

    FS CXM-RCR1-B Contact Relay Extender

    Firmware version screenshot attached. Was pulled from a 2.8 system
  5. FS - Contact Relay Extender, pulled from working install. $50 shipped to continental US.
  6. Inital configuration doesnt require a dealer at all. Just go to the amazon echo site, add the control4 connection, and configure what you want accessable from your my.control4.com account. Things available natively include scenes, lights, fans, volume, and thermostats. If you get a little more creative you can easily add programming events. I.e. call a scene "Party Mode" and have it turn on music and set the lights when invoked.
  7. If you have the C4 Audio matrix - you can program it to switch sources when it detects input from a source, e.g. switch the room over to the Dot when it speaks and switch back to the existing source when it is done.
  8. These are what I have been using around the house. Not the cheapest, but they work really easily.
  9. klaue2

    Speaker point

    You might have to take the controller down to 2.5.3 or 2.2 in order to update it. Or, if you know your way around linux, you can copy the recovery images over and DD them to the correct partitions.
  10. Does this include the ability to index and trigger Program Add-ons aswell?
  11. Can you post a link to the trial driver download? Homeation is giving me grief when I try to download/check out.
  12. Direct interaction is easily possible if you get a little creative with programming. Use the Maker channel on IFTTT to get things in and out. On the Control4 side for receiving commands - grab the WebEvents driver from UntestedHacks (http://untestedhacks.com/2013/web-events-driver/), give yourself a DDNS and forward the appropriate ports on your router. For triggering actions, grab Alan Chow's TCP Command driver (http://www.chowmain.co.nz/generic-tcp-command/) and set it to send an HTTP GET request to the Maker channel. If you want to do some basic Amazon Echo integration (turning things "on" and "off"), setup the Amazon Echo HA Bridge (https://github.com/armzilla/amazon-echo-ha-bridge) on a spare computer or Rapsberry Pi and have it trigger an HTTP GET event to the WebEvents driver. Ex: Name a switch in the Echo HA Bridge "Living Room TV" - have the HA Bridge fire off an HTTP GET to http://controller_ip:8080/TVON (or whatever you decide to title your trigger action in Composer) and have Control4 turn on the TV, Reciever, etc. Both are a little primitive, but they require no knowledge of Driver Editor.