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  1. Thanks to all. Your info resolved the issue.
  2. msgreen, thank you very much! For my education, does the icon's temperature end up coming from the system variable that contains the temperature or is it more complicated?
  3. Most of rooms in my house have either a carrier infinity thermostat or a tekmar 552 thermostat, accessible to Control4 through the appropriate drivers. For each room, is there some way to get the room’s temperature to display in the Navigator’s Comfort icon? Thanks
  4. JoeA

    Bryant Evolution integration

    The current Bryant/Carrier thermostats still support SAMs according to https://www.bryant.com/bryant/en/us/products/controls-thermostats/systxbbecc01-b/ and https://www.carrier.com/residential/en/us/products/thermostats/wifi-thermostats/systxccitc01-b/. I found the SAMs readily available from Carrier. A SAM allows C4 to talk directly to the thermostat. If you use the new non-SAM C4 driver you lose the functions provided by the driver if the internet or the Infinity OpenAPI server is down. You need to decide if that's a big deal or not.
  5. JoeA

    Bryant Evolution integration

    As Luke pointed out, no need for a SAM when using a non-Infinity thermostat such as a C4 thermostat but you lose all of the fancy Carrier Infinity features such as variable speed. Since you purchased 3 C4 thermostats, I assume you have 3 Carrier Infinity systems that are a few year old? If you want to use the Carrier Infinity fancy features, you must use a Carrier Infinity thermostat. Then, if you want this integrated into C4, you need a SAM. Each SAM can control 1 or 2 Carrier systems. For my house, I had 3 Carrier systems integrated into C4 using 2 SAMs installed almost 2 years ago. Variable speed is great because you never hear/feel the system/fan because the system/fan run on very low speed almost all the time. I've read on this forum that the newest Carrier Infinity systems no longer use SAMs to integrate with C4 but I have no direct knowledge/experience with any of those.
  6. @RyanWorks for me! thanks for the help and keep up the great work.
  7. This is what I use to generate 1 additional skip back for each button press
  8. @msgreenf My HC800 is on device renamer 2.0.2 and auto update 4. Auto update and manual update don't get me anything newer. The update log says: --LOG START-- Wed Jul 12 04:36:52 2017 Update: util_device_renamer Sun Jul 9 04:36:52 2017 Update: util_device_renamer Sun Jul 2 04:18:56 2017 Update: util_device_renamer Wed May 3 04:23:42 2017 Update: util_device_renamer Sun Apr 30 04:23:42 2017 Update: util_device_renamer --LOG END-- My dealer says there are problems with auto update and I recall he manually updated my device renamer to 2.0.2. How do I go about getting auto update to work so I can automatically get 2.0.5 and future releases of this great driver? thanks
  9. I'm confused which is not all that unusual . Houselogix site says latest version is 2.0.2 Gary say he has 1.0.8 and msgreenf replied that's the latest mine is stuck on 1.0.7 since July 12
  10. Is Houselogix auto update ever coming back? I just manually executed auto update and the LUA activity log shows the last update, which happens to be for Device Renamer, on July 12. My C4 system shows Device Renamer at 1.0.7 thanks!
  11. Can Renamer be updated to handle this?
  12. JoeA

    Remote Programming Services.

    Finally, I'm getting the Control4 system setup & programmed the way I want. Matt does it all. He fixed some programming problems from the initial install, expanded the functionality (hardware & software) and eliminated over 50% of the original code. Very knowledgeable and quick to respond. Will certainly continue to rely on him! Thanks again Matt!!
  13. I'm upgrading a Tekmar hydronic heating system in my house. Included in the upgrade is adding wall and floor temperature sensors so I can install the new thermostats out of sight in the boiler room. I see HouseLogix has Control4 drivers for the Tekmar 482 RS232 Gateway (software vendor is Cinegration) and the Tekmar 485 Internet gateway (software vendor unknown). Both appear to offer C4 control of Tekmar thermostats. Any idea of what the differences are from a Control4 perspective, either functionality (esp. for thermostats) and/or user interface and/or software vendor reputation? Recommendations? thanks
  14. JoeA

    Ecobee Integration

    Is there any way/trick to: 1. Programmatically display the weather page and/or 2. Keep the weather page displayed instead of timing out and going back to the main page? thanks!