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  1. Just wanted to add an update, the driver updated itself and problem seems to have gone away for the most part. This is what is in the driver Documentation tab: 1.0.5 July 2015 Updates to connection method as gateway will randomly go offline. Note driver will always appear offline in Composer - this is not an error.
  2. I never said you were having a problem. Go back and read the OP if you like. I'm simply telling others looking at this solution to beware. Had I known what I know now, I could have saved a 10k mistake. Hopefully it's just a bad gateway. If the next one is just as buggy then we'll know.
  3. Just because you arent having a problem doesnt mean i am not. Maybe I have a hardware failure. Nobody seems to really know. Will replace the unit and setup everything from scratch again. Just saying the HD gateway for me has been very buggy and a big disappointment so far.
  4. I was using the Hunter Douglas app today to remove a shade from a room. The app crashed. Now I cannot access the gateway using the app anymore. Tried resetting my phone and rebooting the gateway. Nothing. Pings ok. Hunter Douglas had no idea. Will probably have to reset everything, thus erasing 50 scenes I have setup. I hear HD has a new gateway coming out. A good thing, since this one is junk.
  5. No I'm not trying to use the serial connection with the IP driver. As a test I did try connecting the serial cable to my PC and was able to operate shades with no problems and of course since its serial the connection doesn't drop. That was why I was inquiring about creating a serial driver, seems that would be more reliable. The HD gateway is physically sitting on top the C4 HC-800. I understand what its like to have a dealer network, I owned a very successful software company for 22 years and we had plenty of dealers. We didn't have any problem advertising the price because it didn't matter what dealer you spoke with the price was always the same. You choose not to do that so each dealer can charge whatever they want. Thats fine its your business, all I'm saying is if I can't (as a consumer) get an MSRP from a manufacturer then its not a place I want to do business with. I'm not trying to be snide or anything of the sort, its just how I do things and I don't mean to insinuate you are doing it wrong. ... I'll figure it out eventually, even if it means replacing all the HD shades with some other product that can be integrated into C4. Having users push buttons that do not work is not an option.
  6. Theory only sell to dealers. I was somewhat put off by their curt response, didn't even get a price. HD has their app, it works and that's as far as you get with HD. Control4 tech support so far has not been helpful or responsive. Clearly the driver is not working properly. Mine worked well with only a couple scenes. I have about 40 scenes now, and the problems seem worse when you have many scenes. You have to create 3 scenes for every shade, its not hard to get to 40+ scenes. Do you know if one can write their own serial driver without spending $$$$ for the SDK? I have programming skills. All I need to do is send a couple of commands its shouldn't be so difficult.
  7. The Hunter Douglas gateway really does not work with Control4. The connection drops constantly. Any commands sent while the connection is disconnected are just 'dropped'. Looks to be a problem with the extra vegetables driver (which I believe was written by Hunter Douglas). Nobody seems to have any idea or be of much help. Just FYI for any of you thinking of going this route. Here's the driver log in case anyone is interested. It does work intermittantly. The Hunter Douglas app works flawlessly (which of course doesn't go through C4). There is nothing between the gateway and C4 that would cause a connection to drop. 05/06/15 16:51:03 : Setup Connection 05/06/15 16:51:04 : Connection Established OK Gateway is DISCONNECTED Gateway is DISCONNECTED 05/06/15 16:52:10 : Failed to Connect - will retry 05/06/15 16:52:40 : Setup Connection 05/06/15 16:52:40 : Connection Established OK Gateway is DISCONNECTED Gateway is DISCONNECTED 05/06/15 16:53:02 : Failed to Connect - will retry 05/06/15 16:53:32 : Setup Connection 05/06/15 16:53:32 : Connection Established OK Gateway is DISCONNECTED Gateway is DISCONNECTED 05/06/15 16:54:38 : Failed to Connect - will retry 05/06/15 16:55:08 : Setup Connection 05/06/15 16:55:09 : Connection Established OK <...> 05/06/15 17:01:08 : On Connection Status Changed:6001 now OFFLINE Gateway is DISCONNECTED 05/06/15 17:01:13 : EVQ - Failed to connect on connection 6001: check IP address 05/06/15 17:01:13 : On Connection Status Changed:6001 now OFFLINE 05/06/15 17:01:13 : Failed to Connect - will retry Gateway is DISCONNECTED