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  1. ecschnei

    New Home - Framing

    Molly is our Roomba 980. She turned 3 last Feb and my wife loves not carrying the vac upstairs.
  2. ecschnei

    Network Video Recorder

    I just use a rack server and run Blue Iris on it. @Audio Obsessions makes a rock solid driver for it. I do have one question for them. When you upgraded the driver to automatically import camera's for 2.9+ you seem to have dropped the feature for virtual keypads and triggers...? Am I missing something? Back on topic...you can use any camera with that NVR
  3. ecschnei

    Pics before I break the racks down and move

    these orange rings are what I was talking about...how do they finish out?
  4. Is there a way to program composer to show a button on the main navigator screen that has either different colors for disarmed, armed - stay, and armed - away...or maybe even different icons for the status? No control just a status indicator? Thanks everyone!
  5. I like to be informed and I read everything I can find on control4. I tend to research stuff after getting hosed by a couple of dealers. I screwed up by not doing my research before I made my first purchase. I've been correcting that so please don't pass judgement on me when you haven't walked in my shoes. that is why I typically keep my mouth shut and just read posts. Thank you for reminding my why I should stay fast to that rule.
  6. I've had Mitch help me out...he can attest that I am a helpless/hapless user...LOL
  7. Actually, yes. My system went down and so I call my dealer of record and they troubleshoot and we end up re-registering my controller. I get a bill for their time. Don't misunderstand, the dealer should get paid for their time, but because all this stemmed from a failed rollout I do feel as though I've been impacted. I'm currently on 2.91 so the only point that I discussed that I'm not affected by would be the forced upgrade, but I'm quite certain I'm not the only one contributing an opinion about this that has very little skin in the game...???
  8. I think some of this is because that consumers were not informed if a product was EOL. Microsoft is very clear about their EOL deadlines. Since this is a forced upgrade due to security issues you have to see both sides. Yes the PR should have been handled differently and then we could all have the time back spent on this thread. I definitely wish this had played out differently because I still want to have faith in c4 and the direction it's going. We need a company that fills the space between the high end and the diy boxes that are flooding the market. I truly wish I had some of the guys on here closer to me...it would have saved me thousands on wasted spending if my system had been built properly from the beginning. I'm still trying to not bail on this system but when things like this happen it makes me cringe to know I'm going to have to tell my wife," Well dear, I need to spend a little more on this....."
  9. ecschnei

    Pakedge zones

    Its hard for me to retort since my comment set you up too perfectly.... 🤣
  10. ecschnei

    Pakedge zones

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions...this networking thing is another endless rabbit hole!!!
  11. ecschnei

    Pakedge zones

    Very cool. I didn't figure they would make it so you HAD to use multiple managed switches to get larger systems set up. So in theory I could use the unmanaged switch and plug in 2 A/V receivers, 2 blue ray players, 2 roku's, my HD HomeRun box, 2 TV's, and my xbox. Then connect all my C4 gear straight to the managed switch along with my POE camera's, right? *This thing looks like you can assign MAC addresses to a VLAN. So I wouldn't have to do it by port, I could do it by MAC address and when the unifi AP's send data then the wireless device would get put in the correct VLAN. Am I going down the right road? This s*&%t is cool!
  12. ecschnei

    Pakedge zones

    So I'm curious how pakedge zones work... If you set up a managed SX 24 port switch to utilize the zone management and POE but then add a SE dumb switch to get the extra ports, how does it know what zones go on the expanded switch? Is that where you just set the SFP+ port to all one type of zone and only put certain hardware on it? Or is there a way to use MAC addresses to work with the VLAN? I'm doing a lot of reading but lack the real world experience in this area. I think this kinda ties into recommended network practices and how we should be budgeting and planning our networks to be more robust for Control4.
  13. Sweet. Thanks Sonic!
  14. I have a configurable keypad dimmer and the volume up and down arrows seem to take forever to move the volume. Is there a way to increase the increments they adjust the volume so each press moves it by 1 or 2 instead of a half? Thank you, ecschnei