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  1. LOL, I feel your pain. My second one is 2 and is now talking to google as much as us. I don't have a lot to control in my house but a few room lights, 2 video locations, 3 audio locations. I'd love to able to get more announcements setup and some of the location based stuff programmed off of but sometimes I get resistance from the wife for making the kids lazy.
  2. oh boy.....LOL. That is so far past me I can't even see the library from here...and the book with the page in it is still at the library.
  3. No. She says that device doesn't seem to be set up properly. So I think it is not getting to IFTTT and the pushover app. I have not verified with the feedback in the driver. But if that is the case, how do I work around it so google knows I only what her to fire the IFTTT applet?
  4. All, I'm looking for ideas and workarounds for working with my Google Home -> IFTTT -> Composer programming. I have tried, and failed to get my google home to turn on/off lights in specific rooms. I also have setup programming (that works) to tune specific channels on my cable box, mute the TV, as well as Pause/resume the show. The odd thing is I have a routine called "goodnight" that when I tell Google home goodnight she responds and pushover gets my composer to run the code ( turns off zones, locks doors, turns off lights in specific order with delays) and all works well. I think it is a problem with Google Home trying to control lights directly and was wondering if there are any ideas to work around this. I can post screenshots of my programming for debate it requested. I'm leaving this pretty open since there is no end to the creativeness of voice control and programming so let the comments commence. Eric
  5. Thanks Matt for taking the time to answer all the questions. Wish you was here in Kansas City, MO...LOL. Is fishing that celerity cable through walls difficult? I know fiber optic cables are sensitive to bending. I wasn't sure if I could just attach it to the end of the HDMI that is there and use it to pull through. There is the possibility that I might try and DIY this part of my project. The last thing I want to do is kink a $400 cable.
  6. So what would you use for the hdmi issue? Balun? I apologize if my spelling is off.
  7. Mine has a very subtle delay (30 sec.) but.....I have the Wink driver pack installed for other reasons and run the MyQ through if you want an example of too many layers...LOL
  8. LOL. Doesn't solve the need to reboot the TV to switch between HDR and not but it answers one question. Since I will probably end up running a different cable for the HDMI, what gauge speaker wire would you run to Klipsch floor speakers that are 8 ohm at 125 cont/500 peak watts? The original installer ran 16 gauge. Also since the speaker and receiver can run Bi-Amp would you run enough cable to do so?
  9. but not the most cost effective due to my equipment rack is in the basement and the TV is upstairs. Could the 50 ft. HDMI cable running from the receiver to the TV not be HDR 4K compatible? would that cause it to randomly blink since I have noticed this happens as well?
  10. Sorry, LG TV on monitor out of Marantz sr-7011 reciever EA-5 on DVD input of reciever Samsung Blue-Ray on Blue-Ray input of reciever Even thought the blue-ray has HDR turned off in the settings, when a HDR movie is put in the TV pops up a window that says the TV needs to restart. I'd like to either set the TV so it doesn't ask or fix it so the other inputs can be "scaled up" to HDR so the TV doesn't need to be restarted every time... Thank you,
  11. Does anyone know how to setup the LG OLED B6P TV so that when you are watching HDR blue-ray movies and HDR Roku that the TV will display the control4 navigator correctly? Thanks in Advance
  12. I have to throw my 2 cents worth in....Dave really knows his stuff. Alan sent me his way when I had some specific driver requests. Very professional and extremely talented. Thanks Dave! Eric
  13. I have yet to find a 48 port POE gigabit switch that is "dumb". I also transfer large files to my 48 TB NAS so I wanted to have no loss of speed. I understand that my system is probably overkill but I have limited number of outlets where my rack is so I didn't want multiple switches when one should do it all. Thank you for pointing me in a direction to look and I will see if I can correct it.
  14. Well, update as of last night, I couldn't get my router to allow blue iris to transmit on the port i had setup. everything is green until the last step where it verifies the server pings back. It was off and on for the last month and then last night just quit. I was told that since I had a level 2 managed switch that I use none of the features of (other than the POE ports and the 2 optical connections to my NAS) that it could be filtering out and causing issues. I will provide more details as I go and if it doesn't go smoothly then I will post pictures of a server rack after 3 sticks of dynamite reboot it.....