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  1. With all these TV's having smart control, has anyone thought of just having the TV go to a static IP address for a live view? I use blue iris but I still have access directly. Just throwing this out to see what all of the smart people say...I like brainstorming on this forum...
  2. I'm interested in setting a text popup on my living room tv to fire off during a scheduled time to remind my son to get his morning chores done before he gets to watch tv. can anyone tell be best practice for achieving this? I have my schedule already added but I want it to show on the living room tv no matter what source he's watching and I only see option for the navigator window...I want it to be on his viewing screen. TIA
  3. I'd love to add this driver but until houselogix answers an email or phone call I'm not interested in buying anything else from them. Alan, have you heard when they are going to resume normal business operations?
  4. Now that google has released the sdk for the home, how long until we get a chowmein driver????
  5. I agree with you on all points, and I appreciate your candor. So...This is what my system looks like roughly...there have been a couple of changes and most of the dimmers, switches, and appliance modules are z-wave due to my cost restraints. I have removed the cameras from the C4 navigators because they don't always display (using the blue iris driver). I know there has to be more effective ways to deploy and achieve my goals but like I said, finding a local dealer that can come to my home and talk through wants and needs and offer suggestions has been problematic. There is tons more I could say but I like the feedback from this forum. Everyone I've encountered has been professional but still sets realistic visions. I know that due to the vast number of configurations you can achieve with a c4 system there is no "right" way to do it, but you still need to follow certain guidelines. Thank you everyone! Schneider Home.pdf
  6. I definitely could have phrased that differently. I was inferring more to the demographics of your market. I knew as soon as I posted it is should have just taken it down. I guess I have a champagne taste and a beer budget (not even a good IPA). So, sorry about my question being out of line. If I may vent, finding a local dealer to me that really wants to help me out has been a challenge. The best guy I have gotten is in Australia and that has its own challenges. So my frustration comes from my impression that since I've "only" spent $10,000 in the last 4 years, I'm not big enough to mess with. Rant over....back to life. Thanks for listening (mic drop).
  7. Completely off topic Cyknight...but since you are a dealer I'm curious. What is the median income of your control4 clientele? I bought this because I liked all of the features but I think I'm playing in the big boy sandbox and I don't have enough disposable income... this is of course a rhetorical question.
  8. Can anyone tell me what I'd be losing if I just bought the z-wave version and ran it through my vera?
  9. Thank you Sir!
  10. What variable do I use to pull the outdoor temperature that shows up in my navigator to program my thermostat from? I have a c4therm and no wunderground driver loaded but I thought there was a variable I could still use to adjust my setpoints based on outside temp. Is this the case and where do I look? The thermostat driver has 2 outdoor temp variables but it doesn't seem to be updating throughout the day. Thanks in advance! Eric
  11. I have a z-wave smoke detector connected to my vera plus. What driver can I use to pull that info into composer? For example, battery life <-- so I can send announcement to replace battery, alarm status <-- so I can set off home security system. Thanks Eric
  12. LOL, I feel your pain. My second one is 2 and is now talking to google as much as us. I don't have a lot to control in my house but a few room lights, 2 video locations, 3 audio locations. I'd love to able to get more announcements setup and some of the location based stuff programmed off of but sometimes I get resistance from the wife for making the kids lazy.
  13. oh boy.....LOL. That is so far past me I can't even see the library from here...and the book with the page in it is still at the library.
  14. No. She says that device doesn't seem to be set up properly. So I think it is not getting to IFTTT and the pushover app. I have not verified with the feedback in the driver. But if that is the case, how do I work around it so google knows I only what her to fire the IFTTT applet?