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  1. LDZ-102 firmware

    Well.....shoot. It's been struggling to connect to my EA-5 and my HC800 is down until I can get a dealer to send it in to refurbish it. but based on what your saying I'd still need a older unit.
  2. LDZ-102 firmware

    how do you update the firmware on a c4 dimmer? LDZ-102?
  3. MyQ IFTTT Channel

    Sonic, I have an EA-5 with all of my ports open except the serial 1 port...runs to my Honeywell CBM module. My garage doors are both MyQ and I know there are drivers but they need internet to work. I'm looking for a solution that is instantaneous. The Cat5 cables run back to my switch which is also right next to my EA-5. I seen on the internet there is a way to "patch into" the back of the on-wall door control boxes but I wanted to hear what the professionals say.
  4. Control4 3.0

    No it's not...just watch the news. Muahahahahaa...<--------I should have quoted it.
  5. Energy Monitoring

    isn't there a GE Z-wave wall recepticle replacement that does energy monitoring that is now supported by the Z-wave C4 module?
  6. Control4 3.0

    No it's not...just watch the news. Muahahahahaa
  7. MyQ IFTTT Channel

    I'm going to use this thread for a simple question that my overly simple mind is struggling with... I have cat5 run close to both of my garage doors. How do I hardwire them so I get status (open/closed) of my door and control? Thank you,
  8. MyQ IFTTT Channel

    You mean it doesn't have open option.....
  9. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    That's what I was asking but you were definitely more clear in your phrasing. Thanks VINCELdUB
  10. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    That would be very helpful but I haven't found a way to direct the GUI to pull the front door camera up from the security tab in the gui interface. If there is a way to do that then I can reset back using the snapshot driver once a timer finished and my wife could see who was at the door. My scenario is front door camera detects motion. c4 announcement that someone is at door. then Living room tv shows front door camera live feed so she can walk by it on her way to door. then return tv to previous state. The camera is an Hikvision and it is also loaded into blue iris which I have a driver the brainstorming begin!
  11. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Does that give you live video or just a pic?
  12. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Not for toast messages. I know there is a web browser integrated into the LG Web OS so I didn't know if a specific web address could be input and showed in a PIP or just change the screen and flip back to original programming after a set time. Just a thought since C4 won't let you, to my knowledge, switch to a live view of a camera in response to a triggered event and then return to previous input. I heard that was removed in one of the latest releases.
  13. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Have you tried a PIP window popup with a local IP website? Say, a IP camera link?
  14. Honeywell 21IP c4 help

    All, I had my honeywell security guy install outdoor gate/door sensors and add them to my vista panel. He added them so they wouldn't trip the alarm since the wind would wreak havoc...LOL. But I cannot get the system to import those zones into the c4 interface. They show up in the navigator but not in the zone list on the panel driver. Therefore I cannot change the normally open or closed or program off of them. Are there restrictions on what type of zone the driverworks can import? I can post more if needed but it's still registering the status of the zones that are there correctly. Any help is appreciated. Thank you,