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  1. Mikrotek is one of the named as vulnerable. I'm sure they will fix it... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  2. Anyone want to chime in on the russian malware issue with all the routers? What should we be looking for in the routers? Sorry if that is more for another forum but I know we have experts on here that are better informed on the ways C4 exposes our systems to the world.
  3. http://a.co/2cPY1QS and the android STB stick that Sonic talked about...might be the workaround you needed Pounce
  4. Just putting all options on the table. I've found as a salesman to throw one really expensive option out there so the rest look reasonable...LOL
  5. can you reprogram the microsoft surface hub? its 84" and 55" I think...😀
  6. ecschnei

    Weather Underground

  7. ecschnei

    Weather Underground

  8. ecschnei

    Weather Underground

    I like the price but sounds like its in that gray area. Chowmain has a $60 driver...I'm looking into that. I use it to adjust my thermostat in my house since the upstairs gets warmer in the direct sunlight and summer time. Unless I should just pick up another sensor that provides c4 with 2nd zone temp to program off of.....
  9. ecschnei

    Weather Underground

    anyone have an alternative?
  10. ecschnei

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Control4 is on Elon Musk time. 🤣
  11. ecschnei

    Flagship Store

    Maybe somebody should start a separate thread for a survey and everybody can visit a store that's close to him and then rate the experience. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  12. I'm up to donate. I've found some great info on here and found some great dealers. Also, do I have to browse the site a couple of links in to make it work or click and then I can hit the back button. I don't know how those ads work.
  13. ecschnei

    Can I configure dimmer to show as On/Off toggles?

    Can you create an experience button to do what you want? Just have the experience button trigger a toggle and have the color indicate status
  14. ecschnei

    Obihai SIP integration for DS2, DS2 mini

    I'd like to see a way to have google "broadcast" feature create a wave file to play over the control4 announcement module.