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  1. What does it take to get a dealer?

    Have you tried Strotek? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  2. Pics before I break the racks down and move

    Love to watch projects unfold. Something fantastic from nothing. Thanks for bringing us on the journey Sir!
  3. Kodi Full Chowmain driver

    So I have @alanchow 's full kodi driver. I used to have functional shortcuts to specific movies for my boys. They stopped working and now I cannot browse to the movie I want to add the programming back in. Any thoughts?
  4. button push cycle's stations

    LOL, my 3 year old is already fluent in sr260 etiquette
  5. button push cycle's stations

    On OS 2.91 how can I program one of my C4-KD120-WH buttons to cycle through 3-4 stations for my wife? for example... 1st push turns on 98.1 2nd push turns on 101.1 3rd push turns on Sirius channel 8 - 80's on 8 (I have a tuner not OS 2.10) 4th push --> starts the cycle back over and selects 98.1 again... Thanks all!
  6. button push cycle's stations

    Thank you sir! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  7. Garage Clean Out

    My lawyer says it never hurts to ask and you did put OBO on the end of it...so the door was open. I'll let him know and see what he says. Unless I add another room to my house personally I'm good on controllers...lol
  8. I'm still trying to get away from bulbs. I'm planning on going centralized lighting when I finish my basement
  9. Still have a lot of old Dimmers, keypads

    Any white dimmers left?
  10. Garage Clean Out

    I have a friend i'm trying to get hooked on c4. Does that ea1 have a remote?
  11. IP Camera (Hikvision)

    understood...I struggled with getting the individual stream settings correct so it worked across all devices without sacrificing quailty
  12. IP Camera (Hikvision)

    I have Chinese camera's and I have no issues. Some I run through blue iris and some are direct. I know I went to IP Cam Talk forum and got my settings in line with what blue iris needed and that probably helped c4 out.
  13. Wireless Outlet Dimmers

    So the z-wave dongle is working well? I have a 2 story house with z-wave scattered through it. If I could drop my wink and maybe my vera box I would. I would need the dongle and module for my ea5 correct? MSRP? not counting programming, obviously
  14. Looking for some clarification on this. I have a MyQ garage door opener. I have heard since 2.0+ security (which mine have) that you cannot wire a relay directly into the opener or the wall controller. It causes it to lock and not open or close. I have seen a spare remote opener used with the contacts soldered to cat5 and run back to the controller (ea5/hc800/etc). how do you wire this up so the Garage Door controller UI driver can trigger the door to go up and down. I have the sensors in place so it knows when the door is closed and it shows status fine, it's only getting the relay to trigger the garage door remote. I know that a houselogix driver or others are possible but I'm looking for a non-cloud based connection and I already have the remote and cat5 in place... Thanks, Sorry if this is a newbie question and has been answered in a previous post.
  15. Networks in the real world

    and I'm not a dealer so I wouldn't be invited to the prom anyways...LOL
  16. Networks in the real world

    Admittance is the fist step right @msgreenf. I know you can get CNA training material, is there something from the control4 side that is used to train AV guys about packaedge that would help guide me to making my network more Control4 friendly? PDF that is ok to share with the masses? Or am I making this more complicated than it should be? There is already a link with how to dumb down a switch but I sure wish there was a "networking for control4 AV for dummies" book.
  17. Networks in the real world

    My issue is I meddle with settings on hardware above my pay gade....no elaborate issues.
  18. Vehicle/Person recognition driver?

    Definitely, but the cool stuff too. I had her wake up to our song since it's our anniversary today. I had google read her a message from me. Little stuff make life big. Now if I could just get my roomba to do a choreographed dance while music played...I'd be almost there.
  19. Mute room when iPhone or voip rings?

    What about the VOIP option? I have a google voice account with obihai hardware on my network. I thought about trying to setup SIP but my knowledge is coming up way short. I'd like to get it to put the caller id on the navigators too. Any ideas?
  20. Vehicle/Person recognition driver?

    I am fascinated by this topic....I have blue iris software and several cams so I could really freak my wife out #lifegoals
  21. Garage Clean Out

    wish i could afford that c4 amp...LOL
  22. any of this still available?
  23. Networks in the real world

    I need to have one of you guy's scope out my network...I have a USG-pro and edge POE 48 port router that I'm not getting throughput where "I" think it should be. I've had Ubiquiti chat on it but they only go as far as my USG-pro since they don't talk to edge equipment...It's like right twix/left twix at Ubiquiti.....LOL
  24. HDMI distribution

    completely off topic... My wife had an issue the other day, she was listening to Pandora through the EA-5 in my living room and the SR7011 receiver. she used the remote and did "watch", "netflix" and the screen blacked out long enough she thought something went wrong and she "all off" and restarted in netflix. I duplicated it and it required almost 5 minutes before my netflix user screen popped up? Any idea's? *this is fed into a LG OLED 65" B6 TV and I had to replace the cable because it was losing enough signal to drop video but with the new cable it hasn't, so I wasn't sure why the delay in that scenario.
  25. HDMI distribution

    it's a marantz sr7011. I'd have to dig back into the setting to see if it would let me.