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  1. C4 Network

    Here is my rack Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  2. there is a reason microsoft makes the windows registry difficult to get to.... And I can do plenty of damage to my system with Composer HE so........
  3. C4 Network

    It just has to be my cable or the connections but I was dumbfounded when my cable tester said all 8 wires were good. And I tested it from the port side of my patch panel to the cable end that plugs into the touchscreen... Yes, I tried different ports and they worked fine. I have always verified correct voltage on my POE ports "just in case". And I'm not offended by anyone asking me about what should be simple questions...I'm the first to admit when I have a dumbass moment. LOL, so keep the suggestions coming. Is it possible to look at a rack and estimate what it would take to tear it down test everything and rebuild it with proper cable maintenance? I'm not upset but I"m not thrilled with how my rack ended up looking.
  4. C4 Network

    It works fine if I use a patch cable so...it should be my cable that's the problem. But I put a tester on it and all connections check out.....so either I don't know how to read lights...(on is good connection, off is bad, lol) or is it possible to have a connection good enough to pass a simple tester test and not have enough to properly run a 7" t7?
  5. C4 Network

    dammit if I hadn't tried that... thanks Cyknight I should be able to tell if it's a slow connection if there are underlying issues????
  6. C4 Network

    one that i'm still having is i have a t7 in wall that refuses to connect over my POE connection. Voltage is set right and the cable checks out but I can't get it to connect on anything but wifi...LOL. It's got me stumped.
  7. C4 Network

    I have usg and I have heard the opinion that it's difficult to set up for control4. I have the usg-pro4 gateway/router and an edge 48 port POE switch with a few AP's and cloud key. Is yours a solid setup?
  8. Who changes the pump to bubbler? could you have that person send an email that would trigger the change?
  9. Software Upgrade Cost

    Yeah, I misread the dates...you have another 5 months to go..... Once they upgrade your firmware you can go download the software and install it yourself so I'd just tell them that you'll pay the $100 to upgrade the firmware and you'll handle the rest but that's me.
  10. Software Upgrade Cost

    sounds like its a terminology/communication issue. they are not actually charging you for the software, they are charging you the annual fee for 4sight subscription. * if you can install software on your pc you should install that yourself though. Then they are just charging you to upgrade the firmware on your c4 hardware which is a good idea...if they fry your project then they fix it on their dime...
  11. doc.openalpr.com/cloud_api.html Has anyone worked with the API on a LPR software? I'm curious if we can set preferences and Welcome messages for plates pulled from our IP cam. Known guest announcements..."The {insert name here}'s are arriving" Unknown plates...activates drop down turret gatling gun from porch...etc...
  12. license plate recognition in control4

    I was trying to have it load a spreadsheet with LP entries and I add the individuals name. Anyone I don't know will be unknown, then create some code to announce "user name" is here pulling values from the spreadsheet. This also would create a log file....If you wanted to go crazy have it poll results and if it's been X number of days since a LP has shown up in the log set announcement " It's been X days since "user" has been over, would you like to invite them for dinner? LOL....could be some crazy stuff here, right?
  13. echo show is more intimate
  14. Flagship Store

    I'd rather see control4 "give" dealers the equipment to put up a showroom rather than have a dedicated space. Each market is different and the dealers who work their respective territories have built their business, more than likely, out of more than control4. Provide dealers with a set amount to attend the home shows put on next to builders and homeowners. Get everyone in the same room and watch the dollars start rolling. A) builders will have to bend to the will of the consumer when said consumer knows what is possible and has a general budget in mind B ) consumers will have a more realistic idea of what they can expect and what is possible. C) c4 dealers will get exposure to many opportunities/revenue streams D) I could go on forever on the possibilities....mainly because I'm long winded
  15. Occupancy List

    Yeah, it doesn't like the virtual switch device file or device_json....so getting that switched so c4 recognizes it
  16. Occupancy List

    Do you change the type of switch it is (virtual to binary?) so Control4 recognizes the device? and I just looked at the previous posts....
  17. I want one....
  18. Control4 clear out.

    white dimmers, only need a couple. Fan control *kick some good deals to those of us who don't get customer upgrade hand-me-downs.....lol*
  19. So this netplay has a 4k60 encoder? The specs on the VTX100 say up to 1080
  20. does anyone have this module? How does it work compared to having a seperate hub such as vera? @sonic30101, you have a vera that you integrated...have you toyed with the module and direct to C4?
  21. license plate recognition in control4

    $70 hikvision cam, BI software, and OpenALPR free cloud api and it is storing a plate in a file that the api will give access too. I just don't know how to build on that. I want to pull the plate info into a database that has names tied to it...i can fill in who it is. Then have a programmed response from the name field Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  22. FS: Control4 keypads

    Corrected. Thank you vstar
  23. FS: Control4 keypads

    I have the following used switches for sale. They are all on F/W 3.19.49 and working on OS 2.91.532460 3 - KPZ-3B1 White 5 - KPZ-6B1 White *SOLD* Make me an offer. I'll ship however you prefer, you pay the shipping. Thank you, Eric
  24. Are any of these still available? NEW - Wireless Contact Relay ZCA-WCS10-R-ZP NEW - Speakerpoint Ethernet & Wireless USED - Audio Matrix Switch V2 C4-16S2-EB