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  1. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    TheWizard, Have you released the next version yet? I'd be very interested in you LG driver if I had some of the options listed here. Thank you Sir, Eric
  2. New remotes in the pipeline??

    I had a few touchscreen remotes from back in the day...Sony Commander ( sound off if you guys remember that one...LOL ) and even the Logitech, but the SR260 is super easy the touchscreens alway take 2 hands it seems just to change volume and that's not optimal in my opinion. I hope they always keep that style remote plus with what you can program into them...just slick. And with the engravable keypads you can just walk by and tap whatever you need and change programming accordingly. Now if they make LED pads to replace the wall switches...that I can go for...high tech look and feel plus improved feedback options that fit in a single gang wall box. Add a microphone port on it and native voice control and then you can ditch the extra "alexa" style appliance and you reclaim shelf or tabletop space for home decor and not smart home control...to me the smart home shouldn't need boxes everywhere to manage the space. But hey! we are all just spit-balling here.
  3. Hikvision IP Camera Stream

    Understood. I'll start there and if I have a very specific question would you be open "as a dealer" to answer said "specific question"? LOL...I get it why they do it. I do wish that control4 would offer a course similar to what the dealers go through but leave off the adding drivers and such. I know that the idea has been mentioned in other threads but an online course/webinar I could only imagine being very good for the satisfaction of the customer base. I know I struggle with wrapping my head around variables and some of the programming. Thanks Matt!
  4. Hikvision IP Camera Stream

    Matt, Is that privileged information or can you pm me a copy of the KB article on the HIKvision cams? Thank you, Eric
  5. Power failures

    All my C4 equipment is in the basement. Still a work in progress.
  6. Power failures

    All, I would like to program my system to power down as much of my system as possible when we lose power at our house. I have an APC unit on all of the network gear and a panamax 5300 and Monster HTS3500 on the A/V. I'm planning on adding a battery backup to the A/V just to give my EA-5 time to shut down everything. Am I thinking about this wrong or has this been implemented before? As always I enjoy watching everyone skin cats differently so let the brainstorming commence. Side note: This will be my first rack build which on another thread I received tons of great advice. I'm taking before and after pictures and if I can figure it out...post them. Thanks everyone and have a Happy Thanksgiving! Eric
  7. Power failures

    I will definitely have all that on UPS. I wanted to send a all rooms off command and then power down almost everything. I can't afford a battery big enough to keep even small stuff going for more than an hour and KCPL takes an hour to even call the linemen to work...I'm just trying to maximize battery run time on things like my VOIP phone system so if I can send commands to shut down my A/V equipment and then NAS and Server... Or I can start a go-fund-me for a powerwall... Just thinking out loud
  8. QNAP

    some of the QNAP stuff has the kodi, plex, and hd station apps that you can use as a player to go direct to c4
  9. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Have you had a chance to look into this feature?
  10. composer

    If I understand it correctly...if I update the controller to 2.91 I have to update composer to 2.91 or can I still login and make changes with 2.90? Thank you All,
  11. Rack Layout

    All, I need some advice on rack layout for cable management and heat considerations. I will attach a pic with what I thought would work but any recomendations would be much appreciated to avoid problems with cabling and heat down the road. Thank you, Eric
  12. lose internet and see what happens....LMAO!
  13. Wiring a new house

    I agree with having Cat6a in every room if not two. Just thought it was interesting cable solution.
  14. Wiring a new house

    What about this? http://www.celeritytek.com/index.html Pros? Cons?
  15. Rack Layout

    @sonic30101, The thin horizontal bars that you tied the cables to at the back of the rack...what are they called so I can search for them? Thanks, Eric
  16. Rack Layout

    This rack does have wheels and it is a 4 post open frame but the hope is that it will not move. All the cables that run to my living room (upstairs) come in the top as well as all of the network cables that run throughout the house. The Game room is literally right beside it and so the HDMI and speaker wire will run out the bottom for that zone. I was trying to keep the controllers close to the receivers to minimize length of cables between all components. The EA-5 runs everything but the GUI is on the one receiver that goes to the living room. The HC800 is for the game room GUI on the second receiver and it's sources. The bottom amp will just run my outside speakers and maybe another zone off of the EA-5 directly. The TWC modem is a arris and my only reason for putting it up top was to keep a short run from it to my Gateway Since I was using full length shelves for the amp and 2 receivers I thought that would stabilize the rack and the dell server could be a little higher. *Please let me know if this is not an efficient way to wire up a 3 zone project* Thank you all again. This kind of brainstorming with lots of great suggestions and experience is exactly why I love this forum!
  17. Rack Layout

    These pics are what I was looking for. And thank you for the descriptions. All good things to keep in mind while wiring everything in. Thanks Sonic
  18. Rack Layout

    I figure if I need to expand it will be in another rack. Do you all think I will have issues wiring with this layout? Keeping power cables away from network, HDMI, and audio? Anyone have pics of the back of their rack so I can see how to keep cables nice and clean? I'm hoping to do this and not have any major changes for several years...I hope. Thanks
  19. The Driver Guys

    Ya, I've seen a few threads going around about the unifi hardware. I love mine too. I have the cloud key but having a Edge 48 port POE switch already, I can't justify the $750 to replace it with a unifi version. I wish they would let us load the unifi firmware on the edge hardware if it is identical, but probably a different control chip. I guess I shouldn't have hijacked their post...lol
  20. The Driver Guys

    zaphod, Have you ever seen your list of devices with static setup inside the Ubiquiti software randomly look like it has another address? Every now and then my EA-5 shows up as another IP address that is nowhere near my DHCP or the static I assign in my Ubiquiti controller interface. I have the latest firmware and software version Ubiquiti has but I was curious if this is a problem anyone else has seen. Thanks Eric
  21. Control 4 new user

    a balun adapter or a just add power unit would work. Mine was originally installed with a long hdmi cable but I'm getting clipping at 4k resolution so I'll be switching it to a fiber optic cable run.
  22. Control 4 new user

    First thing I would do is call Dave@coolabode. Hands down one of the best consults for my needs...I'm in the U.S. and I don't mind working with the time delay. I know there are tons of incredible installers in the states but for your situation it would be perfect. He won't oversell you and is super reasonable on pricing. PM me if you need his contact info
  23. Roomba 980 integration

    I found this link on the web and was wondering if this would make it possible to integrate my Roomba 980 (We call her Molly) into our control4 environment. https://github.com/koalazak/dorita980 There seems to be local and cloud control both available. I'm sure the cost/benefit ratio is not great but.....I like cool stuff!!! So if anyone has ideas and wants to sound off on it!!!
  24. driver remote help

    I appreciate the offer. Have a great birthday Sir!
  25. Would anyone be able to help me load @alanchow's generic TCP driver? PM me please.