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    Dune and Plex best choice?

    I'm implementing a control4 setup in the coming weeks. I'm trying to assess the key pros and cons of Kodi vs plex. I want my control4 setup to be able to swap over to plex and dim lights / blinds etc but I'm quite happy to use the onscreen interface to navigate, I don't think I NEED the library in control4, on the screen it looks great in plex. We will be using a leaf 6x6 or 8x8 to distribute audio and video through the the house in case that's relevant. Also planning a NAS for storage and happy to make it a good one. What are the major pros and cons Kodi vs plex - I understand Alan Chow Writes both drivers so I'd love to know. I have read the chowmain site and the lists of functionality however I'm after the 'experience' difference.