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  1. Those are not the Control4 zigbee locks
  2. how much for the shinybow?
  3. Bria only works within your network thought right? I want a solution that allows the doorbell to ring to my phone anywhere
  4. i think it does give you the new GUI
  5. get a HSIM, and use that to connect to control4
  6. PM Sent
  7. PM Sent
  8. We have tied LG washers and dryers into control4 via IFTT.. but ony for notification, so they knew that the washer/dryer was done
  9. we have used a variety of their cameras without any real issues
  10. LTS or HIKVision
  11. you can pull it off the door, and press the reset button on the back while putting in the batteries.. that will do a factory reset on it
  12. you have to download the drivers from SnapAV:
  13. Sweet! I just picked up some licenses