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  1. StroTek LLC

    AD-8x creating or edit a driver

    I would toss the RTI, and replace it with a Z2IO if I needed to
  2. StroTek LLC

    Lennox S30 Driver

    *cough* @Kevin L @alanchow @msgreenf*cough* seems we have a small need for this... what can we at Strotek do to make it happen?
  3. StroTek LLC

    Flagship Store

    We have a showroom thats by appointment only.. that shows off Control4, Lutron, just add power and more
  4. what is the default login for the DS2 ? admin/2n doesnt seem to work for me EDIT: nevermind.. its the usual t0talc0ntr0l4!
  5. what is the minimum OS version for this to work? I have a client who still has some HC300's from back in the stone ages
  6. StroTek LLC

    Latest Rack we are building

    its about the same.. but it does give me native spotify with full control through Control4. Thats actually the only reason it is in there
  7. StroTek LLC

    Latest Rack we are building

    We do in fact have 3 separate zones of surround sound in the home. The cabinet is a SNAPAV Rack (https://www.snapav.com/shop/en/snapav/floor-standing/strong™-fs-series-rack-system-with-dc-fans---24-depth-|-42u-sr-fs-system-dc-42u) I have a pic on my phone of the rear in progress..
  8. StroTek LLC

    ZP Mesh Problems

    the controller that is the zigbee access point is having issues...restarting the controller would be my first step
  9. StroTek LLC

    WTB two sr260rsk

    PM Sent
  10. StroTek LLC

    Latest Rack we are building

    It's approximately 10,000 sqft..
  11. StroTek LLC

    Latest Rack we are building

    Those will be in a second rack
  12. StroTek LLC

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    You can hook up a amp to the EA3 and the speakers.. but I would leave the amp on.. so you instantly hear the doorbell...
  13. StroTek LLC

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    the DS2 has a relay connection on it.. we use that to trigger your existing mechanical doorbell.. OR we just play A DING DONG sound over the whole home audio
  14. StroTek LLC

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    We are currently telling our clients that if they want access to intercom on their phones, they need a doorbird or a ring.. we literally cannot wait to sell the DS2 instead.. but until this app is out and works 100%. we will not even mention it to clients