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  1. IP driver information for Panasonic TV

    Annex4 has a driver for it... I can install it for you, if you need it
  2. Sonos still best for multi-room?

    same here, as well as google play music
  3. WTB: Binary 300 8x8 matrix switch

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  4. Sonos still best for multi-room?

    Heos is what we use.. and airplay for the other sources.. works well
  5. WTB: 12x C4-RWB57C-P

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  6. your dealer should be able to see if it shows as online in control4 using its IP connection.
  7. this is literally the myq web page.. so it will control the gates as well as the doors
  8. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    It's a pop-up message you can display on screen..I use it to let me know if someone is ringing my doorbell while I'm watching a movie
  9. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    I am using this driver with many of the new 2017 model LG tv's and it works VERY well
  10. Temp Limits of a C4 switch

    I have mounted switches outside in metal "water tight" housings in the direct sun without issues... But a attic in houston does get to a nice 120-130 degrees almost daily for 8 months a year... From your attic, there are a few spots where it would be easy to get the romex down into a interior wall in your AV closet.. and thats where I would put the switch
  11. annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver

    I would love to test this for you guys

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  13. IR Emitter that works with dual control systems

    I can source these from a couple of my suppliers, I can get some for you, if you want
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