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  1. Anyone used a Reolink Security NVR?

    I used to install reolink cameras.. @msgreenf has a driver for them.. but ultimately I stopped installing them due to too many failures
  2. 10" Touch Screen

    Check out knowledgebase article 2151 to update the image on the touchscreen. I have successfully brought back dead ones by reflashing firmware that way
  3. 10" Touch Screen

    Does it show up in system manager?
  4. XBOX in Rack

    I have my PS4 in my rack and the remotes work very well throughout the house.. but I also live in a fairly small home...
  5. Doorbird TV integration

    I love my DS2 Mini.. I would pick it over the doorbird. UNLESS you have to have video to your phone of whoever rang the doorbell.. then you are stuck with doorbird
  6. Heos Group Issues

    if you stick with only using Control4 to handle the grouping and playing the zones.. it works well.. but if you use HEOS in between using Control4, then I have found that Control4 doesnt always know that some speakers are grouped.. and as such plays music in a zone that you dont want.
  7. WTB: Pakedge WX-1 / or WX-1-C Wifi AP

    PM Sent
  8. Doorbird TV integration

    Thats the Control4 KB
  9. Doorbird TV integration

    KB 2115 shows step by step what needs to be done to accomplish this

    I use the IP driver.. I use it on the Q7f QLED's and the frame TV's

    I found faster response for WOL using lower case and colons in the MAC address... but for some samsung TV's.. it is still slow
  12. Audio Matrix

  13. Future of C4 forums?

    assuming they dont want a arm and a leg for the domain name, we wouldnt mind picking it up and keeping the site alive
  14. Audio Matrix

    I have a 8 zone matrix amp.. that I need to get rid of
  15. Best Door Station

    the doorbird is basically our go to .. however.. as soon as Control4 gets their intercom app out of testing, we will be doing almost only the Control4 DS2 door stations As far as adapting a old doorbell/ to make the new one work.. that is all about how good your dealer is at fabricating something