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  1. Latest Rack we are building

    It's approximately 10,000 sqft..
  2. Latest Rack we are building

    Those will be in a second rack
  3. Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    You can hook up a amp to the EA3 and the speakers.. but I would leave the amp on.. so you instantly hear the doorbell...
  4. Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    the DS2 has a relay connection on it.. we use that to trigger your existing mechanical doorbell.. OR we just play A DING DONG sound over the whole home audio
  5. Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    We are currently telling our clients that if they want access to intercom on their phones, they need a doorbird or a ring.. we literally cannot wait to sell the DS2 instead.. but until this app is out and works 100%. we will not even mention it to clients
  6. IP Control device list

    Im sure every dealer has a list of equipment that they prefer to work with, I know we do.
  7. IP Control device list

    All 2017+ samsung models in the US, Sony XBR tv's, and LG tv's with WebOS 3.0+ through a 3rd party.. thats the list of IP controlled TV's currently
  8. Review of the Triad One

    we do them alot in smaller rooms, and in places like back yard TV's etc
  9. Triad One question

    all sources plugged into the TV for switching and the optical from the tv to the triad one.. that would work for all sources, and audio should be in sync
  10. Budget Wireless Garage Door Integration

    Holy thread revival Batman! the 22/2 goes from the sensors on the side of each door to the motor section.. they are wired in based upon the opener specifications. As for the 22/4 it is wired in at the opener side just like a dumb garage keypad button, once again as per opener specifications the other end of the 22/4 at the rack gets wired to relay contacts on the back of the controller .. you then add a generic garage door driver and bind it to the controller relay and voila.. you have control of the door..
  11. AV Receiver 4K IP Recommendation?

    Denon AVR-x1400h ... We sell one a week, I have literally had zero issues with them
  12. WTB: EA5, matrix, 7/10" T3, SR260, Pakedge

    Some of us operate in multiple markets.. and even possibly in the OPs market.. imagine that