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  1. is that powered via POE?
  2. Please note that you WILL need a dealer for the initial setup of your control4 system, after that you can do some changes with HE
  3. Ring? Doorbird? Control4 DS2? SKybell?
  4. PM Sent
  5. This is more of a AV installer question. But what is everyone using for cable trays or snakes? to keep the wiring nice and tidy everywhere? I am specifically looking for something that is flexible, but protects my wiring, and can move as my rack gets pulled out and pushed back into the closet
  6. I can provide you with composer HE..
  7. Those are not the Control4 zigbee locks
  8. how much for the shinybow?
  9. Bria only works within your network thought right? I want a solution that allows the doorbell to ring to my phone anywhere
  10. i think it does give you the new GUI
  11. get a HSIM, and use that to connect to control4
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  14. We have tied LG washers and dryers into control4 via IFTT.. but ony for notification, so they knew that the washer/dryer was done