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  1. New 8 channel amp

    When paired with the new AMS, you can wire a 3.5mm cable straight from the AMS to the amplfier to get almost instant power-on.
  2. Win10- login issue

    Adobe Air & Flash should both be running version 26. There's no issue running the Control4 app version 2.9.1 with a system running 2.8.2 It's the same deal as the mobile app. Everyone who's 2.6 or above should be running version 2.9.1 of the mobile app.
  3. EA3 primary with HC800 secondary

    Agreed. Generally you would want the 800 as director, unless it doesn't have a site license.
  4. Multiple load switch location

    Hold up. Y'all are missing a very important question. OP, are you in a 240 volt country? 2.9.1 introduced dual-load dimmers and switches for Europe/Asia. Of course, if you're in a 120 volt country, feel free to ignore me.
  5. Control4 has a TL-280 (and IT-230) driver using the "security panel" proxy, AKA the one that lets you pop up a keypad. They don't have an IT-100 driver supporting that, but Domosapians does. https://www.houselogix.com/shop/dsc-powerseries-serial-driver-it-100
  6. nx584 vs nx587 with a nx8 system

    Add the "NX-584 RS-232 Automation Module" driver to a virtual project. All the programming fields are in the documentation for that driver.
  7. DSC Neo

    You have to use the third party driver from Domosapians. https://www.houselogix.com/shop/dsc-powerseries-serial-driver-it-100
  8. Denon amp w/ HEOS + Heos

    As the HEOS driver says right inside of it...
  9. If you're using the zone2/3 on an AVR, you should be using the local source driver. See KB 1663.
  10. Ecobee Integration

    It took almost a year for me to finally say I've achieved what I wanted with an ecobee driver. Blackwire's driver has experience buttons for the temperature sensors, programming so I can put the thermostat in away/sleep when I arm the alarm, and best of all they're very responsive. A+ would buy again.
  11. I took a guess as to which model that is, but according to the user manual (page 7/8), the K wire isn't supposed to be used. So not sure what your installer was doing there.
  12. Do you have a heat pump or a regular system? Because you're reading the heat pump labels.
  13. battery status

    It's not "normal", but I've seen it before. Reboot the remote and the battery should show full again.
  14. Best add-on used controller? HC300 vs HC200 vs HC1000

    I agree. If you just need to control a TV, Roku, and cable box, a z2IR would be a good fit here. Just make sure the room has zigbee coverage from existing controllers.