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  1. I took a guess as to which model that is, but according to the user manual (page 7/8), the K wire isn't supposed to be used. So not sure what your installer was doing there.
  2. Do you have a heat pump or a regular system? Because you're reading the heat pump labels.
  3. It's not "normal", but I've seen it before. Reboot the remote and the battery should show full again.
  4. I agree. If you just need to control a TV, Roku, and cable box, a z2IR would be a good fit here. Just make sure the room has zigbee coverage from existing controllers.
  5. Also note that using an HC-200, 300, or 500 for any audio streaming will disable advanced audio. I would say at this point, consider an HC-250 for a secondary controller.
  6. you have to have a relay driver added to the project and bound to the DS2.
  7. only when armed away. armed stay remains off.
  8. Well, the first generation of it was pretty bad. When it started causing fires they replaced it with a new alloy that's better, but I still don't like the stuff. That said, it's still used in modern homes for larger service feeds and such. It's generally fine when left alone, but the issue is it heats up at a different rate than copper, so when you connect it to copper improperly they can work themselves apart. Another issue is if you don't coat it, it will oxidize over time and increase resistance, thus making the heating issue worse.
  9. SiriusXM doesn't have a native Control4 driver.
  10. you really should be running 2.5.3 Use the device image updater (KB 1734) to put it on 2.5.3 then reload the project.
  11. Yeah... I'm only planning on replacing one dimmer, so I'm probably going to get some of alumiconn connectors and fix this box. I'm not sure I trust the purple wire nuts.
  12. I tried to replace a switch in my room the other day and discovered it's switch-leg wiring. OK, I can deal with that. I then start disassembling the switch, and I learned my place has aluminium wiring. Now I have a whole new can of worms to open.
  13. Does it show up on the network? (either with an IP scanner or in DHCP leases)? What's the OSD showing?
  14. Exactly. There's certain functions that are prohibited, including (but not limited to) closing garage doors, unlocking doors, disarming security systems, turning on fireplaces. Create a scene, then create relevant programming. That's all there is to it (apart from discovering again) If you need to change what happens with an existing scene, go into programming, find the existing scene, then edit the actions.
  15. It's not copyright, it's that they have to pay extra money to build in DACs for zone2. That's why you only see it on higher end AVRs with Denon, for example. I'm not sure about Yamaha, but with other companies, if you can't send HDMI to zone 2, you also can't send coaxial digital. You'll need your dealer to make any changes to the project, but if you want two separate audio paths to an AVR, they can use the local source driver to have both HDMI and analog paths.