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  1. Oh, yeah, through SAMBA?
  2. Have you tried an uninstall/reinstall of Adobe Air? Also, are you able to connect with any other devices, like phones, another PC, etc.
  3. You could use the relay of a controller or a cardaccess wireless relay.
  4. I just host all my music, movies, and TV shows off one server. I run Plex for video, and point to a network share for music. Additionally, it's a pain to have to physically move the USB stick in order to transfer media. A NAS is always accessible anywhere on my network.
  5. Can you ping your primary controller from the PC that myhome is installed on?
  6. There actually is a way to emulate the fireplace switch. See KB #885 for exact instructions, but it uses the PAM-1 from Air Products & Controls
  7. Managed switches aren't necessarily bad for a Control4 system, it's just that for every one person that knows how to configure one, there's 10 dealers who throw one in and then wonder why they can't use the app (hint: it's because they haven't set up inter-VLAN routing).
  8. There are no z-wave door locks that have a control4 driver yet.
  9. Yes, it is. On the main dimmer driver, adjust "ambient light profiles" to whatever you desire.
  10. I use the motion sensors on my vista panel to trigger night lights in my house. works great.
  11. Take a screenshot of your macro. I think you're nesting it wrong.
  12. create a macro with desired programming (if X, Y, and Z are in correct power state, change the LED) bind the macro to the lights involved (when level changes), the projector (projector power on/off), and the reciever (power on/off).
  13. this fixes the OLD certificate problem. The new one is only fixable by getting the primary controller up to 2.2.4 or above. Yes it will. KB 1734.