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  1. MyQ

    I think myQ is quickly becoming one of the most discussed topic on both Control4 forums. It's insane. Just update it, and it works. At least until they break it next time.
  2. MyQ

    Same driver, different version. Either download the new version from their site, or install the auto-update driver from HL.
  3. What system software version are you running?
  4. Sounds like your diagnosis might be right. You did try another IR flasher, right? Also did you try a factory restore?
  5. I've seen where the network port fails before. The HC-800 can be repaired still. EA-5 is not silent, it does have a fan. All of the EA series controllers do.
  6. There's drivers for ZDMI and Glydea (z-wave).
  7. That's nowhere near true. The EA-5 is faster, but nowhere near that much difference. An HC-800 will run 2.9.1, but the new android navigator will only run on an EA controller or T3. Note the actual OS is not Android, just navigator.
  8. The IP driver can't come fast enough. Though with Comcast being Comcast, who knows how well it will work
  9. I didn't downvote you because you asked a question. How are you accessing update manager if you're not a dealer?
  10. Interesting. Are you using the backlight too?
  11. See KB 1578.
  12. You're reading it wrong. This means the minimum version you can upgrade TO is 2.5.3
  13. You can just update an IO extender with the device image updater. Never even have to deal with creating a project.
  14. Not sure about the Pioneer, I don't work with them much, but the Denon will allow network sources over zone outputs.
  15. Mini-touches and 10 inchers (NOT T3s) were both depreciated many versions ago. The new services will require a newer touch screen.