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  1. Kartheekbhashyam

    Alexa Driver Install

    Looking for an Remote Integrator to Install Alexa Echo Driver and do so some Custom Programming for Alexa Driver
  2. Kartheekbhashyam

    zappiti - driver?

    do you have related driver?
  3. Kartheekbhashyam

    zappiti - driver?

    is there any control 4 driver for zappiti 4k box? http://www.zappiti.com/
  4. Kartheekbhashyam

    Roku 4 Driver

    Roku driver is not working with new roku 4 device.Any thoughts?
  5. Kartheekbhashyam

    Amazon 4k device

    we do have a 4k 6x6 leaf Matrix with HDbaseT. However there is a issue specifically with the Amazon 4k media player is no display on 1080P tv's
  6. Kartheekbhashyam

    Amazon 4k device

    Does any one experiencing a issue with fire tv second generation on leaf 4k matrix switch?
  7. Kartheekbhashyam

    New Apple TV 4

    so far i noticed the play and pause buttons are not working in netflix and plex apps.
  8. Kartheekbhashyam

    New Apple TV 4

    Play & pause,Rewind,Fwd buttons are not working in apps through IR
  9. Kartheekbhashyam

    Chowmain - Plex Media Server Driver

    Hello, i bought Plex media server app from houselogix but unable to setup it up properly can someone help me with the Driver Installation. Thanks