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  1. I imagine you've tried removing the TV and mini drivers and doing it again... I notice on the Amazon Fire mini drivers, if you choose "netflix" or "iplayer" or whatever, the source on the remote shows up as "Fire TV" i.e. the source switches to the actual device and passes commands etc. Does your remote show the TV as the source, or the mini driver? Just trying to suggest avenues of further investigation!
  2. 'Totally off' is a hold down of the power key on the original remote (which is of course the power toggle code). I did this by creating a new driver, taking an IR code for "power toggle" from a Samsung TV IR driver and setting it to repeat count 40, and saving that as the 'totally off' command. I then just bound that to one of the custom buttons on the remote. It seems C4 hasn't got a function for holding down a button, other than volume keys, unless I just don't know of it (which is super possible).
  3. Are you sure the mini drivers are 'connected' (in Composer parlance) to the TV driver? edit: sorry in previous post you say they do load the apps, so I guess they must be.
  4. timbooo

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    The bit in the release video where the happy C4 user opens the front door for the UPS man is hilarious. Who would do that?!?
  5. timbooo

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    I guess your point is a good one, however using the 2N app wouldn't include the other bits like the access to the touchscreens as intercom from outside. Possibly entirely useless of course.
  6. timbooo

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    "3rd party" seems a little strong for the 2N unit which is essentially a DS2. However I understand from a recent tech support call that the 2N API denies certain hooks that C4 use for stuff, so I think I may be out of luck. I know I can fall back to the native 2N remote app but integration would be super nice.
  7. timbooo

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Now for the weird question, to which there might not be an answer yet, will it support the OEM 2N units or just the C4 branded DS2?
  8. timbooo

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Holy crap they actually released it hahaha 😂
  9. Doing the whole house by the full Control4 method with the Triad matrix, Triad 8 zone amps (x2) and, for example, a pair of entry-level B&W in-ceiling speakers in every room would cost you in the region of £10k excluding labour. The speakers are half of that. If you did it with Triad Ones, which cost about the same as Sonos Connect Amps, you could do it one room at a time. The price would probably be a bit more, about £1k per room/zone. They do a nice rack-mount for 2 Triad Ones so you could still make it look neat, but it'd take up a lot of room. Or just stick them on a shelf.. Whether C4 or Sonos is "better" is a tough call. I think Sonos Connect Amps sound reasonably good, others will poo-poo them. One zone at a time with Sonos would cost about the same as Triad Ones but you could do it all by yourself if you don't need to integrate it with the C4 stuff and would just use the Sonos app. If you need line-ins for video-audio in rooms etc. or want to use C4 controls / touch panels then it'd need some programming. Don't take any of this as gospel, it's just an attempt to give you a ball-park figure! If your dealer says it's 30 grand I'm very sorry (although I'd suggest looking for a different dealer )
  10. edit: I don't trust my numbers, need to check. Anyway I think it'd be over a grand per zone IF you do the WHOLE house. Sonos Connect Amps would be simplest especially if you want to DIY, no real need to bother integrating it with C4 just use their app (which has better Spotify functions anyway). About 800 quid a zone with decent-ish ceiling speakers.
  11. Having just corresponded with NuVo support, yes you can. But apparently there is a buffering delay introduced if you do so. Obviously I'm posting this for future reference by other people, I imagine you solved your two year old problem but this thread tops most search strings for NuVo and Control4 problems.
  12. Resurrecting a super old thread because I have this same question. The documentation for the drivers says yes, I wondered what reality has to say about it...... The weird part is that you add one NuVo instance for every zone. So with a P3500, you add three drivers. Each of these has a line in, which corresponds to the three line ins on the box, so it sort of makes sense. But if you have a P3100 (which I also do), again you need to add three drivers. Again that gives you three lines. But the unit only has two line ins.... which ones are "real" is there a simple logical easy way this "just happens"? EDIT: That last part about 2 line ins is nonsense not sure where I got that from, both boxes are essentially 3 separate players packed into a 1U case all have their own line ins and outs and the 3 individual zones are connected via ethernet.
  13. If by "they" you mean the homeowners, everything is bang up to date. The driver still works. If you mean Sonos then yeah I'm with you. Just thought I'd update the thread with the fact that the old drivers are still functional today. Anyway I ascertained they're not using the navigation so I installed the new certified drivers to be safe (for now)
  14. Just inherited support of someone's system and have updated to 2.10.1 no worries, Sonos drivers 8.0.6 still working in full. Now I have the difficult decision of whether to "up"grade them or not. How long until they just suddenly get frozen out...
  15. In case anyone is interested or stumbles upon this with the same problem, the cause was having one of the many touchscreens set to "monitor mode". If any touchscreens have monitor mode or auto answer enabled, the video preview does not work. In the end the lovely chaps at C4 support helped me out with that solution. Isn't it great when the solution is so simple it makes you feel completely stupid, even though there's not really any way to know unless you "just know"...