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  1. New Driver: Battery Agent

    So, do you think there's a possibility you can post the driver here? We looked on drivercental.io and the revision history only has version 1002 when you even posted 1003 here. I'm a paid customer of this driver and would like to get the newest version as even the 1003 version wasn't detecting my axxess motion sensors. You've moved away from houselogix so it won't auto-update? But if you can post it here I can get my dealer to install it. Please...?
  2. New Driver: Battery Agent

    Cinegration, Is it possible to post the newest version of the driver so we can get it included? The last version here was 1003 and you mentioned there was another change. I don't see the new version anywhere...? Thank you! Don
  3. New Driver: Battery Agent

    Cinegration, I'm still not seeing my Axxess motion sensors in the selection list... The driver name is "axxess_motionsensor.c4i" and not the one you listed above with "_MS-C4ZB-11" tacked on the end so it's not picking them up. is there any way you could update your driver to pick this up? I don't think the 1003 version is upon houselogix yet so the auto update isn't working either... If you can post the new driver, I can get my dealer to install it though. Thank you, Don
  4. It seems that every time my HC800 reboots, the security spy cameras have to be re-associated in composer. The cameras in security spy are still working but C4 is not able to display them until we re-select every camera under the Channel Selector field in the C4 driver. Has anyone else seen this? Is it a known problem? Thank you, Don
  5. New Driver: Battery Agent

    I wanted to follow up on this... you seem to be checking for a driver named axxess_motionsensor_MS-C4ZB-11.c4i but the driver downloaded from the Axxess web site is named axxess_motionsensor.c4i. That is the one my dealer installed. So, the battery agent isn't finding my Axxess motion sensors. Can the battery agent driver be modified to check for this driver? Thank you.
  6. New Driver: Battery Agent

    Question... if you d/l the axxess driver from here for their motion sensor http://axxind.com/about/automation/download-drivers/ the file it installs is called axxess_motionsensor.c4i and not the one above. As a result I'm not seeing any of my 3 axxess motion sensors in the list of devices for battery monitoring. The version of the battery agent installed is 1003. What's not right? Also, can you monitor the portable T3 touchscreens?
  7. New Driver: Battery Agent

    If you're referring to my post, I don't think so. Thank you for the quick response!
  8. New Driver: Battery Agent

    Quick question - we updated to this latest version above (1003) as I have 3 axxess motion sensors in the project but we still don't see them in the selection list. The driver name in my project is "axxess_motionsensor.c4i" and not the one listed above. Is that the problem? I'll ask my dealer but thought you could answer it here pretty quickly.
  9. New Driver: Battery Agent

    I'm giving this driver a try - sounds great! Yes, if you could add Axxess, that would be great. Don
  10. I am considering installing a whole house fan like the one in this link: https://quietcoolsystems.com/wp-content/uploads/docs/owners/qcs_installguide_classic_2017_email.pdf The fans have 2 speeds - it can be wired with 1 speed but if I wanted to use all the features, is there a way in C4 to wire it up and have it work with either speed (high or low)? I also noticed on the larger units that the wattage would have to be watched for... the big unit draws over 600W on high. What do the experts think? Thank you, Don
  11. What is the reason experience buttons/timers can't be put in lighting? Why is that the only category that seems to be excluded as a valid location? We're using relay to light drivers to control power outlets that control equipment ... but, also some remote lights. I'd love to put a timer experience button to control some outdoor plug in lights on my ubiquiti power outlet and have it in "lighting," but can't. I guess I'll have to do it with a timer and programming instead.
  12. I'm using this mFi driver from Houselogix as well. Under 2.8.2 I never had a problem. I was using the Houselogix Relay to light driver with the mFi driver to get the lights to show under "lighting." As I said it all worked well under 2.8.2. Now that my dealer upgraded to 2.9, I'm seeing the same thing... the status isn't reflected correctly upon reboot (never happened under 2.8.2. Also, it seems that I have to cycle the switch once on-off-on to get it to come on. Then, for a little while it will work normally. However, wait an hour and the same on-off-on behavior is required. We thought it could be the relay to light driver, but my dealer put in some of the experience buttons as well as the regular relay and we tried that - same behavior. So, it seems to be the mFi driver. I'm hoping someone from Houselogix will see this and be able to replicate. Of course my dealer has been notified. Trying the 2 pronged approach...
  13. SecuritySpy Resolution

    Anyone have any experience with this? What do cameras look like that are hooked directly into C4 and not through SS? High resolution or not?
  14. I have SecuritySpy installed on my Mac with Y-Cam IP cameras. Works well and get full resolution when using an app on my iPhone (or on the computer.) However, in the C4 touchscreen, the resolution is definitely not 1920x1080. Is that a limitation of the C4 interface? Is there a way to increase that so it looks better via C4 (app or TS?) Thank you!