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  1. Thank you for the replies, I'll probably need to have someone else read/decipher this and figure out if these options will work for me. You guys are a huge help. I don't have the fibre TV, basically just switching my internet provider, keeping DirecTV, switching from Cox to Windstream Fiber, hopefully.
  2. Hey Guys, another amateur question from me again. I currently have my internet through Cox and my C4 system is on that network, and I'm thinking of switching to Windstreams new Gigabit service. Mainly for reliability, but also to get fiber, and to get the speeds that come with fiber, will be an extra positive. My Cox internet was connected via a Motorola modem, and a Asus router. The problem is, Windstream uses their own all in one modem/router and my C4 system is connected via the old network. I got the fiber installed, and before disconnecting my other service, I wanted to verify I can get everything working (mainly C4 with Windstream before disconnecting Cox). Will I be able to use this so called Windstream all in one modem for my C4 system, or should I bridge their modem and use my Asus router? Or is there a route that will allow me to have Windstreams fiber, but also connect my C4 as well. I hate to miss out on fiber because I can't figure out how to configure the C4 system with Windstream, then again, Im not going to switch network providers if I can't get my C4 system switched over too. The guy who handles all my installs said it will be a mess, and that's if I can even switch it from Cox to Windstream. Clear as mud? I'm hoping someone here can help me out and guide me into allowing to get the fiber network, but also get my C4 on that network. Thanks in advance, Brian.
  3. Thank you for the responses. I got the 6280 today and was able to install fairly easily. The main thing was just finding which address the panel was assigned to, but I got it. Thanks again guys, I appreciate the help!
  4. Understandable, thank you. I know which address the old unit was on, etc. So I'll just need to determine if the programming will need adjusted, thanks again.
  5. I'm in the process of getting our alarm system integrated into our C4 system, and I know it's not needed, but I'm replacing the basic Honeywell 6160 Keypad, with a Honeywell 6280 (touch screen keypad). Am I able to simply just disconnect the 6160 from the wall, and reconnect the 6280? Does anyone have any expertise with alarm keypads. I'm hoping it won't trip the alarm/sound the siren (and contact the company who monitors my alarm system), and I'm also hoping I don't need to put in a service call for something as simple as swapping out the keypads.
  6. Which is the best and free FireTV driver?

    LOL thanks, I figured it was going to be a simple one already offered that was overlooked.
  7. When I last had work done on my system, for some reason my dealer couldn't find a FireTV driver that would work. W What's the easiest driver that allows me to control my FireTV via the SR260? I have a HDMI matrix, but am only able to use my FireTV with the actual FireTV remote (so it must be carried room to room, rather than using the SR260 remote). Thanks in advance, Brian
  8. Prices Lowered Again, get this stuff out of my AV closet!
  9. Perfect, thank you for the help. I'll try this evening or tomorrow, thanks again.
  10. I'm looking for the easiest way to program in our system for when Living is turned on (whether music, satellite, FireTV, etc) the audio from Living also plays over the Kitchen speakers. I had it setup prior, but when I added my HDMI matrix into the mix, I became lost because it doesn't seem as easy as "when Living Satellite selected, turn on Kitchen". Did I make that clear as mud?