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  1. Prices Lowered Again, get this stuff out of my AV closet!
  2. Perfect, thank you for the help. I'll try this evening or tomorrow, thanks again.
  3. I'm looking for the easiest way to program in our system for when Living is turned on (whether music, satellite, FireTV, etc) the audio from Living also plays over the Kitchen speakers. I had it setup prior, but when I added my HDMI matrix into the mix, I became lost because it doesn't seem as easy as "when Living Satellite selected, turn on Kitchen". Did I make that clear as mud?
  4. Would anyone be able to remote in and help me for a quick 1-2 minute fix again? When my EA5 got added last night, it dropped out the trick that Eddy had put in to fix the issue. So right now, our Living Room setup is out of commission. Thanks in advance.
  5. I recently upgraded a few of my items and have some items for sale that have been in my rack for a little over a year (built the house in Dec 2015). Control4 HC800-BL - SOLD Binary B-500-EXT-330-RS-IP (3) - $100 Each Shipped OBO Key Digital HDBaseT Balun KD-CATHD500RX - $40 Shipped OBO Luxul XGS-1008P - $60 Shipped OBO (this was used when I purchased, not in the best shape) Feel free to ask me any questions, or PM me any offers. Thank you in advance.
  6. Thank you all for the responses and help. So, it looks like if I want integrated with C4, I buy the driver (is the easiest way). I may just get a different NVR that I know fully integrates without having to buy a separate driver. Does anyone know the cost of the 7600 Series Driver from Houselogix?
  7. Thanks, I saw that and showed him. Also, he said he doesn't think this NVR records based on motion, it's just continuous (Is prefer Motion so I can program off of motion). Does this NVR have any limitations? I saw this comment under the driver: Hikvision DS-7600 series NVR firmware only has H264 settings for the camera no mpeg settings
  8. I've recently bought all of our surveillance equipment and bought what I had thought, or was told would integrate with our C4. The NVR is as follows: http://www.hikvision.com/us/Products_1_10649_i8678.html My installer came today and said this one would not integrate with C4. Does anyone have any insight? Or could anyone tell me which 4 channel Hikvision NVR I need? Thanks in advance! Brian
  9. This item has been sold, thanks.
  10. Price has been lowered to $1750 OBO. Thanks for the replies, whether positive or negative.
  11. You can get a 8x8 4K less than that as a end user, or as a dealer? I'm sure dealer's costs are extremely lower on all items, but I felt I'd try to sell an item that not everyone is always able to acquire for a price less than MSRP. I agree with you, C4 is higher priced, but that's usually across the board, not something I can control, just trying to help a friend sell something.
  12. Some others may have more input, but any HDMI matrix, especially an 8x8, and Control4 is not a cheap device.