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  1. Correct, I have all of my keypads set the same, but you can clearly see, even if you take the buttons off of the keypads, the clarity/quality of each engraving seems to very from button to button.
  2. I have multiple keypads in my home and some of the engraved buttons I have are like this. Some keypads are read clear as day, and some others, not so much, or like you said, either really bright, or not so bright (when all LED settings are set the same).
  3. I saw this posted earlier on a separate site, and was waiting for someone to post here on C4 to see what the comments will be.
  4. I didn't know where to post this topic, so if you're an admin and need to delete, I understand. I recently purchased all of my surveillance equipment and the 2 bullet's I purchased (Hikvision) came in white only, and I want to paint them to match/blend in with the exterior of my home. Do any of you have any best practices on painting cameras, or any hardware like this? Obviously I need to probably tape/cover the lens completely, and then need to figure out the best way to paint. Just looking for some advice, suggestions, help, etc. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the reply, looks like I need to have the ones who installed the 2Gig system utilize the Vista panel that was put in the house when it was built. Thanks again.
  6. Since C4 is slowly incorporating Z Wave devices into the system, does anyone foresee the 2Gig Alarm Systems being able to be integrated via Z Wave? I have a 2Gig Alarm System, and would love to integrate it into our C4, but understandable if not something to count on. Thanks.
  7. Any IR that is hooked into my 800 has just recently stopped working as well, basically I power cycle the controller and everything fixes. Sounds like our 800's are slowly going down.
  8. Problem solved, I just powered down the controller and back on.
  9. This morning the IR on my master TV was constantly flashing and now I've realized that any IR that is plugged into the HC800 will not work. Luckily I have an IO Extender, but I still need to solve this problem. The HC800 seems to be working as far as controlling other stuff, it just won't send any IR signals to any of the devices. I've read elsewhere that this happened a lot with the HC200 and HC300's, and replacing the power supply on the fixed the problem. Has anyone had any similar issues, or does anyone know if replacing the power supply on the HC800 would fix this issue? Thank you in advance.
  10. Updated with TS being sold. I'm guessing since my "Intercom" and "MyHome Site" both say N/A, that means I do not have the licenses correct? So pretty much my controller, is that, a controller and that's it?
  11. Thank you for your feedback. It's the HC-800-BL, I believe that's without the license, correct? I had to buy 4Sight etc. I apologize that I do not know exactly what it's worth and the specifics. As far as price, I don't want to give it away. It's not worth much as in what? Is $300-$400 too much? I'm just asking, I don't want to list it high and get no offers, but I also don't want to give it away as I did pay for it.
  12. I have a few items for sale, the T3 is listed on eBay, the HC800 is not yet. I recently upgraded to an EA-5 and am needing to now sell my HC800 and the T3 was bought for our game room, and I'm no longer going to use (still new in box). SOLD - T3 10 Inch Black Touch Screen (New) - $900 Shipped - SOLD HC800-BL (Used) - Make Me An Offer Thanks in advance, Brian.
  13. Moderator, please delete. Somehow the topic posted twice?