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  1. Hi, I am trying to figure out how to program on HE to set my light switch LEDs to change colors or blink (ie red to blue to red to blue.....) when the front door status is unlocked. Currently, when the front door status is locked, the default is Top LED is Blue (when light switch is On) and Bottom LED is Red (when light switch is Off). I have it now that "When the Living->Front Door Status is unlocked" to "Set Top LED on the Master Bedroom Light->Simon Cans to Lime when on". I'd like to try and make the LEDs blink Red and Blue so it catches our eyes easier. So Instead of manually entering a code to change to blue, delay a second, change to red, delay a second, change to blue...... I'm thinking I need an "IF" statement to check Front Door Status and run some sort of loop w/a stop if the door status is finally locked. I'm not sure if putting a timer in there is the way to go, so I can run a timer that goes for 10seconds that checks door status and "If Unlocked" then Red, delay a sec, Blue, delay a sec, Red, ....., and STOP if LOCKED. What other methods are there? ***ANOTHER THOUGHT*** Is it also possible to dim the LED themselves, so the Top LED is BLUE and it dims to black and brightens to BLUE and dims? Is this too much of a slow down on C4 if I have this loop running? Thank you. -Simon