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    Bathroom Fan Control Question

    My understanding is that the C4 fan switch provides a variable A (hot) output for direct control of an AC induction motor fan. Here we need a simple contact closure across the control input of the fan. A switched or variable hot output does not seem to be what is needed by the fan.
  2. Installing a C4 system and master bath reno at the same time. The bath contractor will be installing a NuHeat in-floor electric heating system. This is simply to warm the toes, not provide room heat which is part of a separate HVAC system. Normally, the 120VAC heat mat would be connected to a NuHeat 120VAC thermostat. There is also a '10k' temperture sensor from the NuHeat system that is installed within the mortar bed (thinset). This sensor normally is attached to the NuHeat thermostat which controls the floor temperture rather than room temp. I've seen all sorts of postings about people using C4 switches and relays to cut-off the circuit from the Tstat to the floor; this does not give one floor temp control from the C4 system and is a bit of a kludge. I was thinking of the following: Install a C4 Thermostat and wire the NuHeat temperture sensor to the remote temp sensor input of the C4 Tstat. The C4 Tstat appears to use a 10k standard sensor which is the same as the NuHeat. Set the Tstat to use the remote sensor for its input. Wire the Tstat to an electric floor heat relay like the following (we will also have to separately wire in a 24vac transformer to power the Tstat/relay): http://www.aubetech.com/products/produitsDetails.php?noProduit=41&noLangue=2 There are also similar relays with the xformer built in, but these are 240vac only and we will likely use a 120vac heat mat. Then wire the relay to the floor mat. This should give complete C4 control via the Tstat. Any thoughts/comments? db
  3. Installing a C4 system and master bath reno at the same time. We would like to use a DC motor fan with continuous ventilation (low speed) and have high speed triggered by the C4 system (through a wall switch and on scenes with the room lighting in connection with delayed off). The fan we would like to use is a Panasonic: http://business.panasonic.com/FV-11-15VK1.html#prefn1=ventfan_fan_type&prefn2=ventfan_motor_type&prefv1=Fan+Only&prefv2=DC&nextIndex=0&start=3&cgid=products-hvac-ventilationproducts-ventilationfans The problem is this fan uses continuous power to support the continuous ventilation option (including other options like humidity sense), and accepts a contact closure input for high speed. There is no info on what voltage/current this high speed input is based on, however from the wiring diagram one side is connected to neutral; thus the switch input connects neutral to the high speed input for high fan speed. As the C4 switch is a switched hot and not a simple relay that can be wired between the two inputs, this will not work. ftp://ftp.panasonic.com/ventilationfan/installation/ventilationfan_0511vk1_1115vk1_0511vks1_eng_install.pdf See the wiring diagram on page 5 for the 'control switch'. Thus, I am speculating that the easiest solution is to use a C4 switch to power a 120vac relay which completes the fan "high speed" circuit. Has anyone done anything like this? What relay did you use? Is there a more elegant/simpler solution (e.g., a C4 wall switch that is just a relay rather than a relay already wired to switched hot? db
  4. I am a homeowner working with an integrator on a C4 implementation in my home. At the same time, we are renovating a Master Bath (complete gut) and I am looking for control/integration ideas and best practices for the master bath project. The bath will have dual sinks, a separate tub and shower - pretty standard mid-high end. Heated towel rack Heated floor (NuHeat - for warming the toes only - actual heat for the room is tied into the second floor HVAC) There is a TV in the adjacent MBR with DirecTV - likely with a C4 controller. Lighting has several circuits: 1)Over tub 2)Over shower 3)Sconces by mirrors 4)overhead cove lighting (skylight well) Exhaust fan likely automatic (motion sensing) and not hard switched. So - here are the thoughts: 1)C4 touch panel in bath. 2)speakers in bath ceiling part of C4 whole house audio setup - related matrix audio switch will likely have Sonos, C4 controller for native C4 audio sources and MBR TV output as inputs (among others); so in the bath we can listen to just music or route the MBR TV audio. 3)Lighting scenes activated from a keypad (or touch screen). 4)C4 controls circuit for towel rack heat and floor heat (floor controlled as cutoff of fixed setpoint NuHeat Tstat) based on time, occupancy and outdoor temp. Some questions: 1)Can the C4 touchscreen tolerate a bathroom environment (steam, etc.) 2)Should we hide the switch bank (there will be a linen tower adjacent to the entry) only exposing the touch screen and keypad? 3)Other thoughts for features or programming in a master bath? db
  5. dbbarron

    Carrier Infinity v2 driver calendar

    Can someone post a link to this driver information. Does it interface via WiFi to the Carrier Infinity Tstat or through RS-232 (or enet) to the SAM module? db
  6. No dimmers are in closets. Why is this relevant? Are Caseta dimmers RadioRA2 compatible (I thought they were not)? I'm feel as though I'm missing something. db
  7. Some back of the envelope calculations: If I assume 17 dimmers (mix of ELV adaptive phase and CL - LED type), 14 switches, 7 remote dimmer/switch and 9 keypads (roughly my home; give or take....), the total RA2 cost including a main repeater and aux repeater is $6200 (assuming 33% discount which seems about the max discount level available for a large order). C4 works out to just over $8k at list price. Each would have a certain amount of programming cost; but the Lutron programming would be done by me, so let's assume the C4 programming v. Lutron integration costs are roughly the same. It would take a roughly 25% discount on C4 for the costs to equate. However, discounts are less available on C4 relative to Lutron. Thus, at list price C4 is $1800 more expensive. From feedback on the forum, likely some amount of this would be used by increased programming; so the actual crossover in cost is probably around a 10% discount on C4.
  8. I was thinking of controlling costs by installing a RadioRA2 system throughout the whole house myself before the automation vendor takes over. (already taken the course, downloaded the s/w etc., research dimmers, etc.) Still sounds like there will be some minimal programming costs on the C4 side. Through local electrical supply shops there are substantial discounts available on RadioRA2 relative to discounts on the C4 controls. The net price of the dimmers is much less with RadioRA2. That being said, there is still infrastructure (Repeaters) cost with RadioRA2. Thinking I have to run exact numbers, but my gut is RAdioRA2 will net some decent savings. Fyi, home is about 50 controls total, maybe 2/3 dimmers and 1/3 switches. Perhaps 6-10 keypads. db
  9. I have a quote for $20 per C4 light switch to program/integrate, so it sounds like RadioRA2 integration is roughly the same.
  10. I am considering a C4 system and two integrators have specified different lighting. One swears by C4 espousing the greatness of the simple integration and no need for separate system programming or main repeaters, etc. The other espouses the quality and reliability of Lutron (and the dimmer costs are somewhat less, but you then must add in the Repeaters, etc.). The system will ultimately have perhaps 50 controls. I am curious as to the setup and programming complexity of one system v. the other. For instance, is the Lutron integration really twice the programming work given that the controls need setup in their own system/network and then integrated into C4? Are there other considerations? If I was only considering programming and setup costs, what is the relative labor for one v. the other, both being integrated into C4? That being said, same question if the Lutron system is already installed and setup (within the Lutron system, not C4) and the C4 installer just needs to integrate? So C4 lighting setup v. C4 lighting integration of existing Lutron RadioRa2 system? Thanks db
  11. Another option: Given that there is likely going to be an HC-800 in the system and only 3 zones of audio, can I use the HC-800 audio outputs to feed a multichannel amp instead of getting a matrix switch? I have little need for the inputs to the switch as we generally only use basic online streaming like Spotify. Can the HC-800 control the volume of the analog audio outs? What about the digital out (I would have to run this to a small DAC before the multichannel amp)? This raises four potential multi-zone audio options: 1)Keep Sonos as installed and control with EV driver. 2)Install C4 matrix switch in front of existing multichannel amp and drive with C4 audio output and/or Sonos 3)Install C4 matrix switch/amp to get some more audio channels for future and simplify the setup. Drive with C4 and Sonos as inputs 4)Use HC-800 controller outputs to existing multichannel amp. Use C4 audio sources and/or Sonos input to the HC-800 as sources Items 1 and 4 are essentially zero cost (a little programming). Items 2-3 add significant additional cost. Any thoughts? Thanks db
  12. I think the integrator may be confused thinking the Sonos is behind something rather than feeding the amp directly. We have a meeting soon to discuss. db
  13. Is the Tstat able to control dehumidication (in my case by activating an input to the air handler) AND humidification (in my case by activating a separate humidifier on the furnace). Many Tstats can only do one OR the other. I am guessing from the above that I1 & I2 are for humidification, etc. So, can you assign I1 to humidification and I2 to dehumidification? db
  14. I am considering a C4 system for my home. I have HVAC as follows: Basement: Pair of Fujisu mini splits - plan to control with Airtopia unit or EV Universal IR controller First Floor - Carrier Infiniti system with Bryant Wifi thermostat Second floor - Trane 2H2C system+Eheat with conventional Tstat (2H2C) For the first floor, I have seen so many posts and issues with the Bryant/Carrier Tstat that it seems perhaps better to just replace it with the C4 Tstat. I will lose the variable staging (replace with 2 stage) control of the Carrier Tstat. I also have dehumidification and a humidifier in the system. What is the output of the c4 Tstat for humidification and dehumidification? I have not been able to find wiring info online? For the second floor, the C4 Tstat makes sense. Now the interesting question. In the summer, the first floor system takes a long time to cool - large open space. The 2nd floor system will really help the 1st floor if run at the same time. There is a common space for both systems and the 2nd floor system removes the heat from the high points of this area. So, Is it possible to program C4 logic to run the 2nd floor cool if the first floor system is greater than x degrees above the 1st floor setpoint? That way the second floor (bedrooms) is not normally cooled during the day, but if we say return home and there is alot of cooling needed, the second floor system setpoint can also be lowered to help? Same question but time based - say the 1st floor system does not satsify the call for cooling for 15 min, can the c4 logic be programmed to lower the setpoint on the second floor system until the first floor is satisfied? db
  15. We are planning a Sonos installation in our house and are getting quotes from different vendors. We have 3 existing Sonos zones in the house; 1 Connect amp zone (using its amp) and 2 Connect zones with each Connect feeding a few sets of speakers through a 12 channel amp. The vendor insists that C4 can not properly control my Sonos system as it stands and that he must add a C4 matrix switch between the Connect units and the multichannel amp (and hook the current Connect AMP speakers to a spare channel on the existing multichannel amp as well, ditching the Connect amp). He would use the existing Connect units as inputs to the C4 matrix switch. When asked why he needs to do this he insisted that C4 can't directly control Sonos volume without the C4 amp. He also thought that having multiple room speakers (we have an open plan so the whole first floor is on one Connect zone, but using different amp channels for each set of speakers - we balance the volume through the amp trim) would cause issues with C4's notion of rooms. Any thoughts/comments? What is conventional in this instance?