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    Heos Group Issues

    For some reason C4 doesn’t seem to ungroup when I turn off zones or turn off everything. Is there a certain order to turn off master/secondary zones?
  2. I’m having troubling figuring out when control4 has removed a zone from a heos group or not, causing unexpected behavior. I have two zones that are denon receivers (built in) and two that are individual heos speakers. Any tips on settings I might be missing or another way to ensure zones are always removed from heos grouping on OFF? Thanks!
  3. I have a 6 camera setup using a Luma 500 DVR (analog). I have been struggling to get events/motion back to C4. I have it setup in the DVR web interface, and i can see the events on the DVR itself, but cannot get it to speak to C4 (all connections from DVR to motion drivers are there). Is it something with the Event Port setter on DVR driver? Mine was set to default (7000), but unclear what to do with that. Thanks for the help!
  4. Generally have this working but there is only a pulse option in this driver. Is there a driver that will keep the relay open or closed using card access?


    Is there a trick to using advanced lighting with a Lutron phantom button for scenes? I'm experiencing the backup problem when sending commands to the individual lights.

    Upgrade options

    Hc-800 will give you much better performance than the hc-250 if you make it the primary controller. I made the same upgrade about a year ago. PM me if interested in an 800...I have one sitting around. BL-1
  7. No extra antennas to go unfortunately. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks for the help. Now on to the feet!
  9. Anyone willing to part with the 4 silver feet for an hc-800 and the green connection block? Mine seem to be long gone. Willing to trade for hc-800 rack mount or whatever is reasonable. Thanks!
  10. Turns out I had radiora v1 drivers installed for all the switches and dimmers. Got them updated to v2 and we're back in business.
  11. The relay is to open only. Gate opens and stays open when relay is closed. Closes automatically.
  12. Quick question. I have a driveway gate that currently can be opened by a card access relay installed in the box outside (ie. shows open in the UI when relay is activated). I also have a honeywell contact sensor that tells me when the gate it opened with the button or car sensor. is there a driver that can somehow combine the two so i get feedback and control instead of having 2 driveway gate drivers? My dealer seems unsure...so we have 2 different "gates" on the UI, one for status other for control.
  13. BPFUNK

    Hidden camera

    In a perfect world it would mount in a corner and not look like a camera but more like a security motion sensor or something. I'll check out both these options. Thanks guys.
  14. BPFUNK

    Hidden camera

    sorry to resurrect an old thread...but has anyone come across a decent hidden POE IP camera with native C4 support? was hoping hikvision had something that looks like a motion detector or something, but haven't been able to dig anything up. needs to be white for my use (wife wasn't too psyched about the hik mini bullets)...