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  1. iPhoneX

    I had to remove my system and sign back in to be able to connect after transferring my phone. I haven’t had any issues since though.
  2. Epic Systems CEDIA Flash Sale!

    Any idea when to expect the Rachio driver? I went to purchase it but it seems to still be taken down.
  3. That's odd. I have JS8500 (48" and 55") and don't have any issues with on and off. Volume on the other had is very wonky. It's very laggy when clicking/holding more than one level at a time. If you hold the button long enough the screen will sometimes turn black while the volume changes (happens on both tv's).
  4. I noticed that after installing 2.9 the panel status text with from my Concord4 works much better. When I would view the panel on my phone the status (with the Time/Data/etc) would initially take a very long time to load with a message like "updating status". Now it is working instantly.
  5. iOS 10 -- removed PPTP VPN

    By chance are you using OpenVPN on an iPhone? and if so have you tried setting up vpn on demand? PiVPN looks interesting even though I already have my vpn setup. I just can't get the on demand part to work in my profile.
  6. New Wakeup Agent!

    That's really odd. You would think most people would want to set it with their phone right before they go to sleep.
  7. New Wakeup Agent!

    hmm.. I added the agent, and the rooms to the agent but it doesn't show up on my phone. Not sure what I'm missing.
  8. FS: Control4 Kwikset Locks (2)

    I was able to get a refund from the original seller so I do not have them anymore.
  9. WTB: Yale lock or modules

    They are for the back doors so probably the least expensive: ZYA-YRLD210ZB619. Ideally looking for the modules since the locks can be found fairly cheap.
  10. WTB: Yale lock or modules

    Looking to purchase 2 Yale locks in brushed nickel or the c4 modules since my kwikset locks don't fit my door. Please send me a message if you have some for sale. Thanks.
  11. My new doors finally came in and the locks that I had planned to install won't fit since there is a secondary 'Hurricane' lock that is in the way. It seems that the only C4 lock that will work for me is the Yale versions even though they are the same height but the positioning is different. I have 2 unused C4 Kwikset locks that I'd like to get $175 each. If you have any questions please let me know.
  12. Ring.com

    You don't even need to sign in with your account. Just click on the "Shared Users" button and add a user with her email. That way she can have her own login.
  13. Doorbell Camera - RING

    There is no subscription at the moment because their cloud service is in beta. Once it goes live there will be a fee. At the moment the only thing it does is live video and takes a picture and stores it locally, no recorded video/audio. It only stores 20 pictures from the doorbell button press and 20 from motion which. You also can't manually delete them they just overlap the last image. You can record video with your NVR via RTSP but they will not allow audio at the moment because of European law. I was hoping to use the camera as both a doorbell and as an additional security camera but the quality is not good outside of the tiny video feed on the phone. According to DoorBird "The DoorBird was designed as a Video Door Station, not as a super duper security camera ". The live video is pretty good but you can only view the video vertically on the phone, it doesn't adjust when you turn th phone horizontally. The audio/voice sounded excellent. I really wanted to like the thing because it's one of the few that integrates with c4 pretty well, but to me it is far from a complete product. Both the hardware and software felt like a prototype.
  14. I installed my DoorBird yesterday but so far I'm not really impressed by it. I guess I was expecting the video quality to be much better (I must be spoiled by my hikvison cameras). On their website they don't mention that their cloud recording is not available and still in beta so no video is actually recorded, only a static picture. The motion detection is useless since all it does is take a picture which usually isn't at a good time during the motion. I was hoping that I would get better results recording in Blue Iris but the quality is poor there as well, at night its even worse. In the app it looks better but that's most likely because of the small size, which you cant get any larger since it doesn't adjust when you rotate the phone. I did setup the trial of the Cinegration driver and the driver itself works really well. Since the device itself only allows for two streams I got an error when having two touchscreens setup to be able to receive the sip call and later trying to view the video from the DoorBird app (without trying to answer on the touchscreens of course). This doesn't appear to be a fault of the driver but a limitation of the device. I really wanted to like the device as it had all the features I was looking for on paper, but everything about it feels like it's still in development. The software works but is very rudimentary. I knew that the D101 was on the large size but it feels much bigger in person, it looks out of place next to my door on my single story house. I emailed DoorBird to see if they would let me know of any software updates in the near future. Hopefully some of these things will be fixed but I have a feeling I will be returning it. The perfect doorbell in my mind would be the size of the Ring Pro but allow for recording in Blue Iris. The video quality would be at the level of an IP security camera. Obviously it would be a huge bonus if it could integrate with the C4 intercom but that isn't a huge deal breaker since you still need a separate app to interact from your phone. The Mobotix T25 without the keypad seem like the closest to what I'm looking for but its much more expensive (probably out of what I'm willing to spend) and I haven't been able to find any real examples on how well the phone app works in regards to the interaction with the doorbell (push notification/ connection speed, quality, etc). *Forgot to mention that the pictures that are recorded are also only local. If someone were to rip off the doorbell everything goes with it even if you had previously viewed them on your phone.
  15. I kind of doubt apple will ever add zigbee/zwave/etc to their devices. In doing so they would have to constantly provide updates to support other vendors devices which is why they created homekit. Lutron has aready jumped on board by first adding homekit to their lower end Caseta line and recently to their higher end RadioRA via connect bridge. There are actually quite a few homekit certified devices.. the thing that's missing is the "controller" portion which was originally rumored to eventually be part of the AppleTV.