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  1. spazz27

    Is Yale compatible or not?

    Yes, that was my worry with the Zwave, the low frequency. Thank you!
  2. spazz27

    Is Yale compatible or not?

    You mean Id have to buy direct from Yale?
  3. spazz27

    Is Yale compatible or not?

    Thanks! Im starting to get the hint with C4 and how things are done... Anthony
  4. Hi everyone, I just purchased a Yale Lock, model YRD210-NR-OBP. It does not come with a network module. I've searching up and down for the correct module. And I thought I found it, but when I went to purchase it (a Yale Z-WaveRadio Module), I was told it is absolutely not compatible with Control4. I showed this retailer the Control4 website which lists Yale locks with Real Living as not only compatible, but the first ones they list (not that that matters), but still he insists its not compatible. So, I dont know if there are other modules out there and its just the Z-Wave thats not compatible? Or if control4 makes their own module for the locks? I have no idea what so ever. Does anyone know what the truth is about these locks? It seems like many people have them so they much be compatible. Maybe someone can point me to the correct module I need? Thank you! Anthony
  5. spazz27

    4sight Subscription Issues

    Well that explains it. Thank you!!
  6. Hello all, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to subscribe to 4sight. I already have my access to customer.control4.com And when I log in there is quite big, an icon that reads "subscribe now". But when I go in its just info. It doesn't provide a way to actually subscribe. So how is this done? Thank you!! Anthony
  7. spazz27

    Music Bridge Power Cable Size

    Thanks Vstar!
  8. spazz27

    Music Bridge Power Cable Size

    Hi, I don't actually have the cable at all. It's lost some where from packing. I've given up trying to find it. So I need to buy a replacement. But I don't know the size of the plug. I know it's a 5V DC 1a, but I don't know the exact size of the plug. Under 5.5mm helps. But I may just have to buy which ever and then look for a kit. __________________________________________ Anthony Lazzaro Anthonylazzaro (at) gmail
  9. Hello, I have the C4 wireless music bridge and I need to buy a new power cable for it. If I go generic, though, I need to know the size of plug the unit takes. Does anyone know that? Is it a 5.5mmX2.5mm? I'm clueless. Thanks for your help! Anthony __________________________________________ Anthony Lazzaro Anthonylazzaro (at) gmail